Whether opening for Green Day or pitching at Dodgers Stadium, there is one thing for certain about Scott Radinsky…….. he always brings it. In this episode, the former MLB pitcher and coach —who doubled as a punk rock singer for his band Pulley during the MLB offseason— talks about his simple approach to the game, whether facing Ken Griffey Jr. in his heyday or coaching a pitcher back from the edge of being sent down to the minors and onwards to a long MLB career. His approach —and punk rock attitude— proved successful, making him a fan favorite at both Comiskey Park and Dodgers Stadium during the height of his pitching career which saw him throw five of his 11 MLB seasons with a sub 3.00 ERA as one of the most used arms out of the pen.

After a brief discussion to start the podcast about his other side gig as the owner of one of the biggest indoor skate parks in California, the talk turns baseball and never goes back as Scott uses his storytelling skills to share some cool MLB stories before diving deep into his approach to the game as both a player and a coach, balancing his two lives at a musician and professional athlete, and ending with some fun rapid fire questions about his playing, coaching and musical career.

Today, Scott continues to tour with his band and is a free agent looking for a coaching or managing career in Europe. You can follow his band on Instagram under the handle @pulleymatters. You can also see the video I put together of them playing at Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia here.

We invite you to listen to what we consider our best episode to date.