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Scouting Service Testimonials

“The 3 lads you sent me have been absolutely amazing and have really stepped up and are seizing the opportunity. I just wanted to say a big thank you and tell you that during this process, it felt like you and Jimmy and I had been mates for years, when we have never met.”

Mick – Woden Rebels, Australia (Repeat client)

“Season over in Canberra and once again a huge thanks to you guys for helping us source the right guys. We had some time pressure at the last minute and you guys were awesome in providing options. Players fit perfectly… we had a super side. We have used your services many times over the past 5 or 6 years and have always been impressed with the results.Thanks again for putting in the effort for us when it counted.”

Graham - Ainslie Bears (Repeat client)

“We’ve been using the BBJO premium service for four years, and have brought in multiple import players in dialogue with the International Baseball Community professionals. These guys know baseball, and get what it takes to have a successful experience overseas — between the lines, AND outside the lines! We highly recommend the premium scouting service at BBJO to other European clubs who are looking to develop. It’s money well spent!”

David – Metz Comets, France (Repeat client)

“The scouting service made our life a lot easier. We found an import that is a perfect match for the club, both on and of the field, without having to put lots of time in it.”

Bart – Merchtem Cats, Belgium

“Will is probably the best thing that could have happened to us. He is a very polite, educated young man, smart and even has perfect table manners (he lives with my family). As a player he is just amazing. He fit in perfectly and was able to adopt to this kind of ball right away.”

Ralf – Rosenheim 89ers, Germany

On behalf of the club, I’d like to thank you for the help and diligence you showed in helping us in our process of finding another player! Thanks a lot! You are doing a great job.”

Ronny – Namur Angels, Belgium

Scouting Service Frequently Asked Questions

How do you communicate with us?

In a nutshell, our team works closely with your recruiter(s) via a Google spreadsheet consisting of a ranked list of candidates (SEE VIDEO OF HOW IT WORKS). We exchange feedback and updates on each individual candidate through the comment feature within the spreadsheet. We also offer to hop on the phone, Whatsapp, Skype or any other medium that is preferable whenever needed.

How many imports will you find us?

The price is the same whether you want us to find 1 or 2 imports. If you want us to find a third import. We will follow up with a second invoice for another $100 USD once we have started communication. 

What happens after registration?

We will follow up with a Google form to fill out to gather the information we need to get started with a list. We also will highly recommend that we hop on a Zoom or Whatsapp call to chat about your club and how the import(s) should fit in.

Do you build your list only with BBJO members?

Our proirity is getting every one of our members signed. With that being said, if we are unable to find a strong match and a win-win situation with one of our members, we will look outside of our website by utilizing our network around the world. This is ONLY offered to clubs that hire our scouting service and only in this situation where we are unable to find a quality match within our current database. 

However before we would look outside of our current list of free agents, we would first dive into our database of former members.

How do you verify skill and character?

Probably the biggest hidden value of the service is our ability to check abilities and character. For any legitimate import looking to play overseas, we can easily find a number of former teammates, opponents, or coaches who can speak to their character and abilities.

Do you provide support with the contract?

Yes, we do. Although we are not lawyers, we do have a contract template drafted by one that we utilize for any clubs that do not have one. We also have been in the middle of club and import negotiations for years and know where the pitfalls are and what to include in the contract. 

If an import is injured or for whatever reason the agreement falls through, do you find us a replacement?

Yes, we do. We are here to support until the season is finished. 

If the import turns out to not be a good fit, do you offer a refund?

Yes, depending on the circumstance. We are so confident in our ability to find a match that we offer a full refund if it turns out to be a bad fit. The definition of a bad fit would be character and/or skill-wise he underachieved greatly. 

In the situation where an import performed at a satisfactory level and added some value in other ways, such as coaching or simply being a good role model and teammate, we would not offer a refund. 

Everything between the two above examples is up for discussion. 

Luckily, to-date, we have had a very good track record with outstanding results produced.