Mission Statement

Baseball Jobs Overseas provides a dependable, specialized service for aspiring and established professional baseball and softball players and coaches looking to take their career overseas. From day one our objective was to help others to do what we have been so lucky to do, travel the world playing the game we love. We believe we have been consistent in providing honest and genuine advice to both prospective and registered members. Given the variety of opportunities around the world and the sometimes drastic differences within the game from country-to-country, we do our best to educate our members and prepare them for their overseas baseball adventure so they can best represent themselves and the game of baseball. 

It is also our objective to simplify the import recruitment process for organizations around the globe by providing informative profiles and prompt recommendations to import related inquiries. 

Our end goal is to make a major impact in the growth of both baseball and softball on a global scale, thus doing our part in advancing the game we all so dearly love.