What happens after registration?

  1. Fill the profile form (auto emailed to you)
  2. We put your profile together and start marketing you to clubs around the globe

What does “signing support” mean?

All of our members enjoy the support of BBJO staff and have access to their experience and knowledge 24/7. This is particularly helpful when deciding on offers from multiple leagues, insurance and visa questions and contract guidance. 

A major benefit our members have appreciated and take full advantage of is the feedback we have collected from former imports of a club that they are considering signing with. Often we can even connect them with former imports so they can hear from someone who has experienced it first hand.

BBJO staff is also proactively in contact with clubs around the globe on a daily basis recommending members as prospective import candidates.

Members who sign contracts overseas receive additional exposure through being featured on our social media accounts and youtube channel. This short video highlights a few of our members overseas in recent years.

How can I be sure I will get any offers?

Compared to pro ball in the U.S., it is much easier overseas to get paid to play. There are many leagues and not near as many players competing for jobs as the prerequisite for many leagues is much lower and there are hundreds of clubs around the globe that offer paid contracts. If you want to be more certain before registering, we invite you to fill out the pre-registration feedback form (link) and we will follow up by email on what your chances are and where.

Am I guaranteed placement in a league?

Unfortunately not. Registering with us is similar to a tryout, however, instead of watching you perform, we showcase you to clubs overseas through your profile. They then decide on who they want to make an offer based on what they see within your profile (previous performance, level, video, testimonials, etc). However, there are so many levels overseas which offer professional opportunities to play and coach, that there are opportunities for both the aspiring and the experienced professional. So the chance of receiving an opportunity to continue your career overseas is much greater than anywhere else.

Can I contact clubs as well?

Sure. We have an extensive database of clubs for our members to browse (370+ baseball, 330+ softball) and growing. Included are links to their social media, emails and video. We are regularly in contact with clubs making recommendations, however being proactive on your end is also a good approach.