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Two-Way Player out of Texas Looking to Play Overseas in 2021/22

Name: Jeremy McKinzie

Height: 190.5cm

Weight: 84kg

DOB: October 25, 1995

Date Available: July 1, 2021

Will Pay Flight

Bats: S

Throws: R

Positions: 1B, RP

Positions (alt): 3B, SP, RF, LF


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Career highlights

2013- TAPPS 5A State Champion (Liberty Christian)
2017- Led Texas Titans to Fall League Semifinals (DFWABA)
2019- Participated in MLB tryout for the Philadelphia Phillies as a First Baseman
2020- Member of team (DFWABA Mets) that ranked 2nd in runs scored (behind team who won League Championship in Fall 2020; won 13th League Championship overall)


What I bring to the table

I began my baseball career at age 7 during 2nd grade. Played in Little League and Select baseball until age 18. Played High School Baseball for 2 years (one in 2011 during my Freshman year and one in 2013 during my Junior year. I played very briefly at Keller High School my Freshman year and Liberty Christian School (Argyle, TX) my Junior year in 2013. During my High School years (2010-2014), I also played on the following select teams (Colleyville Cobras, Colleyville Knights, Dallas Tigers). In 2011, I participated in a Showcase League (MSL Dallas).

After High School, I attended Texas Tech University & Tarrant County College from 2014-2016. During those years, I took time off from baseball due to personal reasons. Post High School, I began my baseball career in 2017 with the Texas Titans (DFWABA & Liga Del Norte Fort Worth; Adult/Semi-Pro Baseball Team). Went on to play for them up to 2019. I also attended the University of North Texas from 2016-2019. After graduation from UNT, I participated in an MLB tryout for the Philadelphia Phillies in August of 2019. I participated in the tryout as a First Baseman. After my tryout, I took time off from baseball again due to personal reasons. I returned to baseball again in 2020 during the Fall and played for the DFWABA Mets (18+).

As of 2021, I participated in a practice/simulated game with the FWMSBL White Sox & Pirates (25+) and am currently playing for the DFWABA Cardinals (25+). Throughout my playing career, I am grateful to have played with and against players that have played in each level of the game (Little League-Professional). Throughout the past few years (Post High School), I am grateful to have competed with and against players in the DFWABA/Liga Del Norte and practice with players in the FWMSBL that have played in High School, College (Juco-NCAA Div 1), and Professional (Indy Ball-MiLB/MLB).

As a baseball player, my positions are 1B, RP, 3B, LF, RF, SP. As a right-handed pitcher, I have the ability to throw a Four Seam Fastball, Curveball, Slider, Changeup, and Two Seam Fastball. I have the ability to locate pitches on both sides of the plate and am able to develop good movement on my offspeed pitches. As a hitter, I am able to hit for contact and power. I am also able to hit to all sides of the field. One thing that has helped me become a successful hitter is being aggressive at the plate. Another thing that has helped me become more successful with hitting is adjusting my mental approach prior to my ABs. I began experimenting with hitting left-handed in 2019 but have yet to hit in a live game. As a fielder, I am able to play both corner infield (1B/3B) and corner outfield (LF/RF) positions.

Secondary Positions – 3B, LF, RF, SP

•Growing up, my primary position in baseball was 3B. Due to my success as a Third Baseman growing up and a recommendation by a coach, I was fully converted into a pitcher beginning my 8th-grade year. In high school, I didn’t play a lot of 3B until my Senior year. During practice for a select team, I played 1B and due to a lack of ability at 3B, I moved over to 3B, was given practice reps, and then given an opportunity to be the starting Third Baseman. Post High School, I have played 3B very little for versatility purposes.

•Throughout my baseball career, I have played both LF and RF in both primary and secondary positions. I have experience playing LF/RF in Little League, High School Select Ball, and Post-High School Ball. Playing in the outfield (LF/RF) has helped me become more versatile on the field and a more reliable teammate.

•When I fully converted to pitching my 8th-grade year, I primarily became a starter. In both High School and Select Baseball, I mainly started and only relieved in few games. Post High School, I have pitched as a starter for a secondary position as opposed to primary.

As a teammate, I am described as someone who is:
•Willing to Learn
•Fiery Personality
•Wanting to Win
•Works Smart

Overseas Goals

With Overseas, I am hoping to get an opportunity to play professional baseball. I am open to whatever opportunities I can get to play baseball overseas. Whether it would be in Australia, Europe, or elsewhere, I am open to whatever opportunity I can get. Like many other players, I still dream about being a professional baseball player and am fighting to keep that dream alive. With traveling as one of my personal hobbies, I am amazed about the possibility of traveling the world and playing baseball simultaneously. I would also like to help grow the game of baseball globally based on my knowledge, passion, and experience. I believe that this is a great opportunity to grow the game of baseball through areas around the world that have little or no baseball knowledge. Although I have no coaching experience, I would also like to become a baseball coach sometime in the future.


Staying in Shape

For staying sharp and in shape, I have focused on improving my Training Routine, Exercise Routine, and Nutrition.

•Training- My training consists of improving my hitting, pitching, fielding, throwing, and mental game. For training, I work out at a baseball training facility (DBAT DFW) to practice hitting, fielding, and throwing. I’ll also practice outside either at a recreational park or open baseball field. For improving my mental game, I focus on developing a better approach (Hitting and Pitching), better plate discipline, vision (Ex. reading pitches), figure out how to slow the game down, and develop good reaction. Beginning in 2020, I started attending a baseball group/event in the DFW area called Friendly Baseball. This event/social group has allowed me to not only have fun playing a sandlot-based game of baseball but has helped me in a way get a bit of extra practice in simultaneously.

•Exercise- For exercising, I usually work out 3-5 days per week. My workouts consist of improving my cardiovascular health, upper body strength, core strength, lower body strength, flexibility, and range of motion. I focus a lot on core and lower body exercising due to the physical demands and movements that the core and lower body are used for baseball.

•Nutrition- For nutrition, I have taken my diet a bit more seriously. I focus on making sure I have a good amount of protein, more fruits and vegetables, controlling my intake of junk food, and taking vitamin supplements when needed.

Playing Experience

2017-19 Texas Titans DFWABA 1B/P/3B/OF
2020 Mets DFWABA 1B/P/OF


College/Amateur Batting

2017 (Unverified) Titans 25 51 11 18 3 3 1 10 - - 5 - .353
2018 (Unverified) Titans 23 65 10 21 3 1 0 14 - - 4 - .323
2019 (Unverified) Titans 1 4 1 1 0 0 0 3 - - 0 - .250
2020 (Unverified) Mets 9 29 10 11 6 0 0 2 - - 1 - .379

College/Amateur Pitching

2017 (Unverified) Titans 6.75 3 - 16 - 13 6 - - 12 1 1 0
2018 (Unverified) Titans 0.00 0 0 1 - 1 0 - - 0 0 0 0
2020 (Unverified) Mets 3.82 1 0 3.2 - 2 6 - - 2 1 0 0

Video Highlights


Dakota Boll

Head Coach, DFWABA Mets

Jeremy is dependable, good teammate, high effort, and loves the game!

Additional Info

Playing Preferences: Europe Semi-pro (ie. Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France etc.), Europe Pro (Italy, The Netherlands), Australia Semi-pro (State Leagues), Australia Pro (Australian Baseball League), New Zealand Semi-pro, South Africa Semi-pro, Asia Pro (Japan, Korea, Taiwan), Canada semi-pro (Intercounty Baseball League, NBSBL, QSBL, etc.), Latin America pro (Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, DR, etc)


Living preferences: Private living arrangement (apartment to self), Shared living arrangement, own bedroom, Host Family


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Prior engagements: N/A


Recent injuries/illnesses: 2019- Diagnosed with patellar tendinitis in both knees, Diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder; Formerly known as Asperger’s)


Traveling with a companion: No


Educational background: Graduated with Bachelor of Science Degree  in Recreation, Event, and Sport Management (RESM) with Sport Management focus from the University of North Texas (Spring 2019)