Fast infielder who is a competitive player with outstanding leadership skills. Played in Germany in 2019 | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Fast infielder who is a competitive player with outstanding leadership skills. Played in Germany in 2019

Name: Jennifer Michuda

Height: 5'3"cm

Weight: 58.9 kgkg

DOB: August 13, 1996

Date Available: October 15, 2020

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: Coach, 2B, 3B

Positions (alt): SS, OF

College: Carthage College

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As a softball player I am a positive team player who brings the energy to the team. I will always be cheering my teammates on no matter what. I am a natural leader on and off the field. At Carthage College I was assistant team captain my junior year and team captain my senior year. As a team captain I would lead the team through stretching and warmups. Off the field I would organize team bonding events as well. On the field I am a leadoff batter that primarily hits for contact. However, I can hit for power as well. I am very patient at the plate which has led to numerous walks. With 2 strikes I put up a fight and keeping battling until I get my pitch. I have had 12 minute at bats with pitchers throwing at least 20 pitches. My senior year I had 2 strikes and kept batting until I got my pitch, which ended up being the game winning hit. I run a 2.8 from home to first, and am quick and precise enough to bunt for a hit. I pay close attention to where the corners are playing and make adjustments from there. If second base is playing back as well I will do a push bunt. If the situation allows for a sacrifice bunt, I am willing to give myself up for the sake of the team. I am a quick and smart baserunner with a time of 2.6 stealing from first to second. This allows me to successfully steal bases. On the bases I play close attention to the fielders and take advantage of their mistakes. As a fielder I mainly play 3rd base. With my speed I am able to throw the fastest batters out including slappers. As a senior only one batter bunted for a hit when I was playing 3rd base. Since I have been playing softball for my whole life I am able to recognize situations and adjust my positioning accordingly. Having speed and range at 3rd base allows me to field balls that might normally go through the 5-6 hole. My senior year I successfully dove for 2 balls and threw the runners out from my knees. Also, as a senior  I had the most assists on the team. Overall, I am a player who will never give up and will be a valuable asset to any team.

Abilities summary: I am a competitive player with a lot of energy. I am a natural leader on and off the field. I am a leadoff batter and a contact hitter. However, I can also hit for power. At the plate I am able to draw walks as well. I am patient and wait for my pitch. With 2 strikes I battle off the bad pitches and wait for my pitch to hit.  I run a 2.8 home to first. With this speed I am able to bunt for a hit and I pay close attention to where the corners are playing. If the situation calls for it I will put down a sacrifice bunt for the good of the team. As a baserunner I am smart and quick on the bases. My speed allows me to steal bases and I take advantage of the fielder’s mistakes. As a fielder I primarily play 3rd base. My speed allows me to field bunts and throw the batters out including slappers. I pay close attention to the situations on the field and adjust where I am play accordingly. Overall, I am tough energetic player that never gives up no matter the situation.

Game footage:

Playing Experience

2020 Chicago Glory WFSA (Amateur) SS/2B/OF
2019 Karlsruhe Cougars German Softball Bundesliga 3B/SS/OF
2014-2018 Carthage College NCAA D3 2.5 year starting 3rd basemen
2018 Bloomington Lady Hearts Played 3rd base
2017 Northern Illinois Lightning Summer travel team Starting 3rd basemen, leadoff batter
2016 Bloomingdale Blast Starting 2nd basemen
2015 Palos Power Starting center fielder, leadoff batter

Coaching Experience

2020 Softball Instructor Dbat Mokena all ages I give hitting and fielding lessons and run softball clinics for players of all ages and levels.
2018-2020 Graduate Assistant Strength Coach Illinois Wesleyan Women's Softball College I give the girls sport specific exercises to help them improve their hitting power, throwing velocity, and their speed and agility
2017 Clinic Instructor Carthage College High School As senior in college my school hosted clinics for high schoolers on the weekends. I took the girls through hitting and baserunning drills
2017 Assistant coach Palos Power 9u Helped the girls get excited about the game and taught them the basic fundamentals including how to properly field a ground ball and have heads up baserunning
2016 Assistant coach DuPage Pumas 18u Mainly worked with the infielders on improving their current skills and helping them get recruited to play in college
2015 Private lesson instructor Independent Youth I worked with 4 girls aged 9-13 individually on the basic fundamentals of the game


College/Amateur Batting

2018 Carthage College 41 103 13 28 9 0 0 11 14 28 5 0 .272
2019 (In progress) Karlsruhe

Video Highlights


Amy Gillmore

Head Coach, Carthage College

Steve Purvin

Head Strength Coach, PSP Fitness

Tiffany Prager

Head Coach, Illinois Wesleyan University

Jen is currently working with our team on the strength and conditioning component of our game. As a player, Jen exudes toughness and passion on the field. Her fearless play defensively at third along with her ability to challenge any pitcher each at bat make her an exciting player to watch. She is always ready to battle for her teammates and coaches. As a person, Jen is hard working and dedicated to pursing greatness in all aspects of her life. It has truly been a pleasure to be able to get to know Jen on and off the field.

Additional Info

Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with a host family

Status: Single

Prior engagements: No

Ever convicted of a felony? No

Recent injuries/illnesses: No

Traveling with a companion: No

Undergraduate Education 2014-2018: Carthage College, exercise and sports science major

Graduate Education 2018-2020: Illinois State University, exercise physiology major

Career outside of softball: Strength and Conditioning Coach at PSP Fitness and Illinois Wesleyan University (Certified Functional Strength Coach)