Athletics Bologna

Club Name: ASD Bologna Athletics

Country: Italy

League: Italy Series A2

Division: Division 2

About Our Club

The Athletics were born in the early eighties, on the initiative of some fans who then filled the tribune B of the Bologna stadium “Gianni Falchi”, which decided to abandon the contemplation and give life to their team. The writing A’s was chosen as the emblem, immediately discarding the elephant, which in America is also the symbol of the Republican Party.

The first teams, who played the championships from 1984 to 1987 at the Centro Sportivo Barca, put together “old glories”, with the A1 series behind or even the national team (among them, Gianni Lercker and Roberto Saletti), and young “promises” without too much talent: the latter gradually surrendered to the evidence, but did not abandon the field and completely wore the shoes of the leaders.
The stay at the boat, however, soon proved to be difficult, due to repeated disagreements with the custodians of the camp, aimed more at rest than at work: therefore, as soon as the San Donato district provided land to build the camp, the company he threw himself headlong into the adventure, and within a few years, thanks to the work of many people (managers, technicians, players, parents, simple sympathizers), the gaming system of the Pilastro Sports Center was built.

At the same time the leadership was highlighted organizing important events immediately, such as the first tour of the national baseball team in 1988, an event between the politician and the athlete who catapulted baseball in the front pages of all newspapers, with titles to nine columns in newspapers such as Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, La Stampa: all by self-financing and without any support, not even in terms of press service, by Federbaseball, who lost a big chance and even a face in the situation.
The company set up, in a short time, a large youth sector, also achieving good technical results.
In 1992, the first team reached the B series, but a year later, worn out in the internal diatribe between those who wanted to give space to the nursery boys and those who wanted to reach the highest possible levels at all costs, the Athletics did not and they had to be refounded by what is still today the ruling group.
Over the past ten years, the company – which works closely with two other clubs, such as Virtus and Cus Bologna – has continued to work in neighborhood schools and has resumed its traditional activity with young people, some of whom are managed to reach the various national youth representatives. In 1997 is back to participate in the B championship and in 1997 began the adventure of indoor baseball, a movement that the Athletics have carried on with obstinacy, between general skepticism, and that in a few years has instead given great results in terms of participation.

In 2004 came the first success with the seniors of the Italian Cup of Serie B, while in 2009 the Under 16 team has graduated Campione d’Italia.

From 2011 the seniors team takes part in the Serie A2 League.

In 2020 will play in Seie A League.