This giveaway is part of an effort by Baseball Jobs Overseas to promote the embodiment of what an import player should be to their new club, given the fact that they have been presented with an amazing opportunity to represent the game overseas. We will be giving away a free, custom baseball or softball glove made by Llerandi Gloves, a custom Spark Bat, and Baseball Jobs Overseas merchandise to the three BBJO players or coaches who best represent the “Ambassador of the Game” moniker. To receive this title, the BBJO members must possess the following characteristics:

  • Embraces the role as coach or mentor to players of all ages within their club
  • Exhibits leadership qualities, motivating those around them to reach common and/or personal goals
  • Exemplifies the characteristics of a quality teammate and sportsman/woman
  • Conducts themselves in a professional manner, on and off the field
  • Is a contributing member of the club off the field
  • Performs on the field

How will we determine who wins? First off, they need to be a recent Baseball Jobs Overseas member who signed to play overseas in 2019 as a result of their membership. From there, we will narrow the possible candidates based on the criteria above using a combination of feedback we accumulate over the course of the season and our own personal observation. Once narrowed to 5 candidates, BBJO staff will present the candidates for a public vote. The public vote will have measures in place to ensure the right person wins and no possibility of fraudulent voting.


At noon, central European time on November 1st, 2019, voting will halt the three winners will be selected. First place will make their choice of either a free custom glove, a custom bat or Baseball Jobs Overseas jersey + cap. The second place will then choose one of the remaining two prizes and the third-place finisher will receive what is left over.

Special thanks to our sponsors Llerandi Gloves, Spark Bat and 3n2 Sports for the prizes.