Once again it is time to recognize the members of the Baseball Jobs Overseas website who were playing around the globe during the 2017-18 winter.

For the following ranking, we use our knowledge of the level of play in the various leagues to best put a ranking on performance. For the first time, we have come up with an algorithm for the ranking:

Player ranking points = ((AVG x 9) + (OBP x 10) + (SLG x 8)) x league strength

Using the Australian Baseball League as a ranking of 10, we collected rankings of the various state leagues from a number of imports who have played in multiple state leagues and Australian players, coaches and managers. 

use our knowledge of the strength of the various leagues to assign a league strength using a scale of 1-10. We use a combination of feedback from imports over the years who have played in a number of these leagues and the number of imports within the league per team to determine the strength of the pitching the batters face. There are many other outside factors within an individual team, league, ballpark, schedule, etc that can determine the outcome of these stats, but for simplicity, we are going with this. 

Other qualifying criteria:

  • Must have had a recent membership with Baseball Jobs Overseas OR are a grandfathered member
  • Must have started > 20 games
  • Must be an import player (ie. not an IBC member who is Australian and playing in their local league)

Congratulations to all of our members for a great season overseas and for doing a great job at growing the game internationally.

Top 20 IBC Batters: 2017-18 Winter Season

*Based on regular season stats. Playoff stats are not considered





















Honorable Mention

Does not qualify because he is a local player but we want recognize: