Seasonal Player or Coach Membership

$99.00 every 6 months

What happens after registration?

  1. You fill out a form for your profile and we get it started for you
  2. We email you login info to edit your profile as you see fit
  3. Your profile is listed under the “imports” tab on the menu
  4. Clubs visit the website seeking their next import and view your profile
  5. IBC staff proactively tries to get you signed
  6. You can also be proactive contacting clubs by utilizing our database
  7. Interested clubs will contact you
  8. When you receive offers, we are available to help with the decision process, contract
  9. After signing we offer opportunity for further exposure on our social media and blog




Q: How will I know which leagues are the best fit for me?

A: We highly recommend informing yourself before entering into any contract overseas. Here are three best practices:

  1. Use our database of clubs to easily access more info about individual clubs
  2. Use our blog to learn more about baseball in the various countries overseas
  3. When you receive offers, IBC staff is available to guide you in your decision

Q: How can I be sure I will get any offers?

A: Compared to pro ball in the U.S., it is much easier overseas to get paid to play as the prerequisite for many leagues is much lower and there are hundreds of clubs around the globe which offer paid contracts. If you want to be more certain how you measure up you can do two things:

  1. Fill out the pre-registration feedback form and we will be in touch with info on what we think your chances are and in which leagues.
  2. Check out our signed baseball or signed softball players lists to use as a benchmark

Q: Am I guaranteed placement in a league?

A: Unfortunately not. This is similar to a tryout, however instead of watching you perform, we showcase you to clubs overseas through your profile. They then decide on who they want to make an offer based on what they see within your profile (previous performance, level, video, testimonials, etc).

Q: Can I contact clubs as well?

A: Sure. We have an extensive database of clubs for our members to browse. Included are links to their social media, emails and video.


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