Verified Two-way Player. MILB ERA of 3.10 through 145 Innings. Set Austrian All-Time Strikeout Record with 169. Seeking Australia club for 2020-2021 | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Verified Two-way Player. MILB ERA of 3.10 through 145 Innings. Set Austrian All-Time Strikeout Record with 169. Seeking Australia club for 2020-2021

Name: Miguelangel Bastidas

Height: 6'1" / 185cm

Weight: 200 lbs / 90.7kg

DOB: August 3, 1995

Date Available: July 6, 2020

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: SP, RP

Positions (alt): Utl, 1B, 3B, SS, OF, RF, CF, LF


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Miguelangel Bastidas is a Venezuelan pitcher out of Caracas, Venezuela. In 2014, Miguel signed a professional contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. In his rookie season, Miguel saw time as a reliever in the Venezuelan Summer League. He threw 23 innings and had a very respectable 3.10 ERA. The following season, in 2015, Miguel saw time as both a starting pitcher and a closer. He pitched 43 innings and held an impressive ERA of 2.7. After two seasons playing with the Phillies in Venezuela, Miguel got the opportunity to play in the Dominican Summer League where he led the team in innings pitched with 79. Throughout his professional career with the Phillies, Miguel through a total of 145.1 innings, had a record of 12-8 with 5 saves, and a combined ERA of 3.1. Unfortunately, after the 2016 season, Miguel was released from the Phillies. Unwilling to give up the game he loves, Miguel continued to play in professional leagues in Venezuela and overseas in Spain. In the summer of 2017, pitching for San Inazio, Miguel led his team in pitching throwing 76+ innings with 90 strikeouts and only allowing 57 hits. He then spent 2018 and 2019 in Austria as a two-way player and was amongst league leaders in multiple batting and pitching categories.

Now he is looking to continue his career and travel the world. He is looking for a team in 2020 who can provide flights, a place to live, and a monthly salary to cover living expenses or a job. He would be a great addition to any team who needs an established starting pitcher.


2016: Pitching Leader of the Liga Paralela de Venezuela

2016: Pitching Leader of DSL Phillies

2018: Set Austrian record for strikeouts with 169

2019: Austria Mvp Regular season East

2019: Austria batting champion


Playing Experience

2014-2016 Philadelphia Phillies Rookie
2017 Trujillanos BBC Liga bolivariana de Venezuela
2016 Águilas del Zulia Liga Paralela de Venezuela
2017 San Inazio Spanish Division de Honor
2018, 2019 Traiskirchen Grasshoppers Baseball League Austria Starting pitcher, Left fielder, Clean up. 169 k's set an Austrian record
2019-2020 Tiburones de la Guaira Professional league of Venezuela Pitcher


Pro Batting

2018 Traiskirchen 26 90 18 35 7 2 4 23 3 14 5 0 .389 .412 .644
2019 Traiskirchen 24 102 24 48 10 2 5 36 7 5 12 1 .471 .513 .755

Pro Pitching

2014-2016 Phillies 3.10 18 0 145.1 141 84 66 12 68 50 12 8 0 1.42
2017 San Inazio 3.76 9 0 76.3 57 90 40 10 34 32 3 5 1 1.27
2018 Traiskirchen 3.54 13 9 104.1 90 169 40 11 51 41 8 5 0 -
2019 Traiskirchen 4.52 11 2 69.2 50 106 38 10 42 35 5 5 0 -
2019-2020 Tiburones de la Guaira 0.00 2 0 0.2 1 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0
2016 Aguilas del Zulia 1.35 8 0 46.2 27 36 9 2 9 7 4 1 0 0.77


Angelo Palumbo

Former Teammate

Miguel is a good teammate, he likes to work hard to achieve the goal that is to reach the big leagues like all the players is a good player always plays strong baseball knows the rules very well and meets them is a good person off the field I hope that help him get a job so we can continue fighting for the dream of all of us the players who did not give us the opportunity to continue in the organizations.

Jose Romero

Former Teammate/Coach

Miguel Bastidas, is a good boy on and off the field I can vouch for that he is one of the players I could recommend for any league because I know he will do the job a humble boy with a responsible personality in all aspects ... he has something to his please that is maturity since it performs well in the field of play and can do things as any team wants a mature person and able to learn more about it and teach at the same time their friends who want to know about the many things that note that I could fill a book on the humility of this boy and as I said before is one of the most responsible I could recommend as he delivers everything on the ground and outside the tambiem ..... and help him as a friend as a companion and as a coach and I can say that a boy who aspires to many good things for the future at his age is very mature and knows what he wants for his life ... greetings and whatever else they can communicate with me.

David Burns

Opponent Coach in Austria

I got to watch Miguel play against our club once in 2018 and in the Austrian All-Star game in 2019. Miguel throws hard (I had no clock on him but could be touching 90) so the Austrian hitters mainly struggled with his velocity. His out pitch was a the curveball which he only really needed to use against the better hitters in the league. As a batter he obviously performed very well and I think is an excellent two-way option in leagues similar to Austria and even a step up like in France, Germany or state league Australia. As a person he was very friendly at the All-Star game with enough English to participate in conversation. From all appearances, he was well liked by his teammates and management in Traiskirchen and the fact that he was brought back for a second season in 2019 speaks for itself.

Additional Info

Financial arrangement: If a club pays for Miguel’s flights and accommodations, he would be willing to work if they help find him a job

Availability: I am available at all times

Living arrangement preferences: Apartment to himself or a shared living space with own room

Summer playing preferences: Anywhere

Winter playing preferences: Anywhere