Collegiate Two-Way Player who can hit for AVG and Power; Seeking team for 2020-21 Winter | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Collegiate Two-Way Player who can hit for AVG and Power; Seeking team for 2020-21 Winter

Name: Jesse Spangler

Height: 152cm

Weight: 93kg

DOB: February 13, 1995

Date Available: May 1, 2020

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: SP, RP, CF

Positions (alt): SP, RF, LF

College: Presentation College

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Spark plug in the lineup. Gold glove outfielder. Played college ball at Presentation College. Broke 13 offensive school records in my career. 3-time NSAA all-conference award. 2015 NSAA Center field gold glove. Pitching, fastball is 87-89 plus curve, slider, cutter, changeup. High average, good pop when hitting. Junior and senior year at PC hit over .400. You won’t see anyone play harder or have more fun on the field.



Overseas goals:

  • Extend my career a little longer before hanging them up
  • Use overseas as a stepping stone into pro ball in the U.S.
  • Experience new cultures and meet new people
  • Use my knowledge and experience to help grow the game globally


Pitching Video:

Playing Experience

2014-19 Presentation College NAIA 1,2, or 3 hitter, starting CF. Also pitched in starting and relief roles Junior and Senior year
2019 Medford Rogues GSCBL Two-Way Player
2018 Hub City HotShots Expedition League Two-Way Player

Coaching Experience

Head Coach 14U Holbrook AZ Little League
Head Coach 13U Aberdeen SD Smittys Legion


College/Amateur Batting

2015 Presentation 55 187 34 56 9 0 7 28 15 35 9 1 .299 .364 .460
2016 Presentation 53 178 35 68 8 3 5 23 12 35 8 1 .382 .433 .545
2017 Presentation 8 28 7 11 2 2 0 8 4 4 1 0 .393 .469 .607
2018 Presentation 43 147 46 60 11 3 8 34 20 38 13 1 .408 .497 .687
2019 Presentation 39 145 36 58 12 2 8 28 15 30 4 3 .400 .464 .676
2019 Medford 43 103 24 40 6 3 3 25 13 15 10 8 .388 .472 .592
2018 Hub City Hot Shots 43 166 40 50 6 2 8 34 17 25 5 3 .301 .383 .506

College/Amateur Pitching

2016 Presentation 28.59 1 0 5.2 12 4 10 3 20 18 0 1 0
2017 Presentation 0.00 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1.00
2018 Presentation 7.71 0 0 2.1 2 4 1 2 4 2 0 1 1
2019 Presentation 5.47 2 0 26.1 26 31 9 5 18 16 1 2 2
2019 Medford 3.80 4 0 26 21 30 17 5 12 11 2 1 0 1.46
2018 Hub City Hotshots 5.03 0 0 19.2 15 22 7 3 11 11 1 0 0 1.12

Video Highlights


These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Sean Gallagher

Playball Prospects, Owner & Gashouse Gang, Head Coach

Jesse is an outstanding ballplayer and would be an asset to any baseball organization. I took on Jesse to develop and expand his arsenal as a pitcher last year so that he can make a last effort of making it to the MLB. He is a great student of the game, is not only an extremely talented center fielder, but has worked tirelessly to develop his skill set on the mound. He has a great understanding of both pitching and hitting mechanics. I run Playball Prospects, which is a facility dedicated to developing talent from the ages of 7 to 24 years of age. Jesse, while working on his own skill set, has been learning our ways and helping train and coach our youth travel teams. He is great with the kids and commands respect in practices and on the diamond. He is a positive player/coach and does everything with the upmost enthusiasm.

Michael Dahl

Dickinson State University, Head Baseball Coach

Jesse is hands down the most talented athlete I’ve had the pleasure of coaching throughout my career. His leadership and abilities allowed him to be an “everyday guy.” He can play every position in the outfield but his skills are best in CF. He has the incredible speed to track down any fly ball and also has the arm strength to throw out runners (having multiple assists each year when runners tried tagging up and advancing). Offensively, he was our best hitter. He rewrote the record books while at Presentation College, having multiple career and single-season records. As a hitter, he has all the tools: power to hit the ball out of the park, consistency to go gap to gap for extra bases, and plus speed to leg out infield singles. He also transitioned to a pitching role, primarily as a closer. We clocked his velocity at 87-90mph, T92. His fastball has a natural 2seam movement, a slider that is nasty and falls off the table, and he learned a cutter near the end of his career that was deadly. Jesse’s work ethic was never an issue as he pushed himself every day to become the best he could be. He not only showed commitment on the field but also off the field with his academics. He’s a great young man, very involved with his family, and honestly just an overall great person. Any organization that gives this young man a chance will not be disappointed!

Jesse Eikum

University of Northwestern, St. Paul, Assistant Coach

I recruited Jesse to Presentation college in South Dakota and was his head coach for 3 of his years there before I took another job. He grew a ton during that time both as a man and on the field. He turned out to be the best player I coached at Presentation. I’ve played in college and have seen tons of outfielders in my coaching career. He is the best defensive outfielder I’ve ever seen! He hit for a high average and has tons of speed. He also makes solid contact and hits for power as well. He ran a 6.6 60 when he was at Presentation. Just an all around great player. He works extremely hard, has a great attitude and he cares. His baseball IQ is also very high. He knows the game and is willing to learn. I highly recommend Jesse in any team that wants a great athlete and team player. He will not disappoint.

Additional Info

Playing Preferences Australia (Winter), New Zealand (Winter), Latin America (Winter)


Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Prior engagements: No


Recent injuries/illnesses: No


Traveling with a companion: No