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Young Strength & Conditioning Coach with Baseball/Softball Experience looking for International coaching opportunities

Name: Evan Weinstein



DOB: May 20, 1997

Status Available

Date Available: May 12, 2019



Positions: Coach

Positions (alt):

College: SUNY Cortland

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I am a hardworking and driven individual that is looking for an opportunity to continue my coaching career and gain experience coaching at the professional level. With my experience as a strength and conditioning coach and my background in baseball, I feel that I can help fill a dual role position to help a club be successful and win a league championship. Being a young coach I can provide a unique perspective and also help recruit players to the team using my network of coaches who hold positions at all levels of Collegiate Baseball as well as some who coach at the professional level.

S&C Coaching information

As a current Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach, my job is to make sure that the athletes that I oversee are gaining strength with the proper techniques to make sure they can stay healthy on and off the field to help the team accomplish its goals. At SUNY Cortland I am responsible for the creation and implementation of workout and rehabilitation programs for the Track & Field and Softball teams. With my background knowledge of Exercise science and some pieces of Strength and Conditioning technology, I can help a club with making sure their players are healthy and strong throughout the course of a season.

Baseball/Softball Coaching Experience

Throughout the past 8 years, I have coached both Collegiate Baseball and Softball as well as Travel Baseball. I have filled roles as an Assistant Pitching for a Junior College that made it to the World Series 2 out of the 4 years I was a coach there. Our team had an overall ERA of 3.51 through my 4 years. While I was a coach at Suffolk County Community College, as a staff we had 5 pitchers move on to Division 1 baseball teams. While we had countless others move on to Division 2 and Division 3 schools. Next, I served as an Assistant Coach with the Bayside Yankees, my main responsibilities were to run the pitching staff and help with recruiting players for the organization. While I was with Bayside we were the only team from the Northeast invited to the Texas Premier League. Now I currently serve as an Assistant Softball Coach for SUNY Cortland. SUNY Cortland is a top 10 division 3 softball powerhouse and has been for the last 25 years. My responsibilities are to work with the catchers and infielders as well as be the strength and conditioning coach for the team. Last Year we made it to the conference championship where we unfortunately lost.

Playing Experience

2015-16 SUNY Cortland NCAA Division III Relief Pitcher (Injured midway through spring season)

Coaching Experience

2011-15 Assistant Pitching Coach Suffolk Community College NJCAA (Baseball) Assisting the Head Pitching coach with player workout programs, throwing programs and mechanical work. In charge of bullpen during games.
2017 Assistant Coach (Pitching and Recruiting) Bayside Yankees Travel Team (Baseball) Recruitment of prospective players, I was in charge of going to showcases and other camps to evaluate players that the organization was interested in having play for them. The building of game/practice schedules, spoke with coaches and players to help create an effective practice schedule. Spoke with other teams and an umpire organization to set up games and make sure that all necessary items would be available for the games. Organizing and preparing for team trips, write inventories and packing lists for players to make sure that they had all personal items that were needed for team trips.
2017-19 Assistant Coach SUNY Cortland NCAA (Softball) Help with day to day operations such as the set up and break down of practice/games. Maintenance of the fields which includes the dragging, mowing and lining of the fields prior to practice and games. Responsible for pre-game stretch and creation of rehabilitation and workout programs.


These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Phillip Wiltshire

SUNY Cortland, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Evan started with me as a volunteer for strength and conditioning, but I was able to and felt comfortable going out on a limb to get him a paid position with the track and field team as their weight room manager. Evan showed that he is a very dedicated coach and was ready to show up on time and as often as needed. He also took the initiative to ask me multiple times if there was anything on my to-do list that he could help with. Evan is my go to guy for anything with technology and he is constantly looking for ways to expand his knowledge of strength and conditioning. Evan does need a little work being comfortable in front of large groups of athletes, but he has been willing to work on that and I have been putting him in front of as many groups as I can. I have no doubt that the players will enjoy Evans coaching style and that he will be a very reliable person. He will do whatever he can to help the athletes get better and he is going to be ready, willing, and excited to learn your process.

Julie Lenhart

SUNY Cortland, Head Softball Coach

Evan is a baseball “junkie” – can’t get enough of it. He is willing to do anything and everything asked of him. He is a student of the game and continually makes an effort to learn more by attending clinics and talking to coaches. His hard work and work ethic are second to none. His positive enthusiasm is contagious and makes everyone around him better.

Craig Everett

Concordia College, Head Baseball Coach

You could not find a better person to work with. Evan is a hard dedicated worker that will always do extra to help someone out. I have worked with Evan on many occasions and every single time I’ve received nothing but positive feedback. Evan is always willing to learn and grow within the the game aswell. If you need anything else please let me know.

Additional Info

Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with a host family


Status: Long term relationship


Prior engagements: No


Ever convicted of a felony? No


Recent injuries/illnesses: No


Traveling with a companion: No