LH Hitting MIF/RHP, 2019 Summer LBMQ All-Star Shortstop Award, League Leader In Hits (57) & Runs (50), .382 BA, 5 HR’s, 29 RBI’s (SEEKING CLUB FOR 2020 SUMMER & 2020-21 WINTER) | Baseball Jobs Overseas

LH Hitting MIF/RHP, 2019 Summer LBMQ All-Star Shortstop Award, League Leader In Hits (57) & Runs (50), .382 BA, 5 HR’s, 29 RBI’s (SEEKING CLUB FOR 2020 SUMMER & 2020-21 WINTER)

Name: Drake Yoshioka

Height: 5'7"cm

Weight: 170 lbskg

DOB: December 2, 1994

Date Available: January 1, 2020

Bats: L

Throws: R

Positions: 2B, SS

Positions (alt): SP, RP

College: Cabrillo College (Juco)/Mayville State University (NAIA)

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Finished 2019 Summer in 1st full season overseas with the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Pirates in the Ligue De Baseball Majeur Du Québec (LBMQ) in Quebec, Canada. Won All-Star Shortstop Award and led the league in Hits (57) & Runs (50). AVAILABLE FOR THE 2020 SUMMER & 2020-21 WINTER SEASON. All stats are updated from this past 2019 Summer season and I have couple videos from this 2019 off-season and 2019 season in the Other Game Highlights section.

2018 Summer season as a Rookie with the Napa Silverados in the Pacific Association of Professional Baseball.

Drake Yoshioka is a starting 2B and leadoff hitter out of nationally ranked Mayville State University (NAIA). In his 2017 senior season Drake led his team in runs scored (60), stolen bases (26), hit-by-pitch (17) and walks (31). In his senior year he had a batting average of .311 with an OBP of .446 while playing 56 of 58 games. These numbers were no fluke as his junior year was very similar and in fact in many ways more successful with a .357 batting average while showing more power with 3 home runs. 

His 6.7 60 yard dash combined with hitting from the left side make Drake a threat to get on base every time he is up to bat. Drake has a proven history of utilizing multiple ways to get on base and advancing.

In high school Drake was a successful pitcher and was named Pitcher of the Year in his senior year. In junior college he was told to focus on playing middle infield because of lack of depth within the team.

Drake studied sports management in college and has plans to coach baseball once his playing career is over. Therefore he is open to coaching in addition to playing while abroad.

Any club interested in a middle infielder and leadoff hitter to jump start their offense and pressure the opponent’s defense is encouraged to reach out to Drake with any questions or expressions of interest.


2019: LBMQ All-Star Shortstop Award And League Leader in Hits (57) & Runs (50)

2018: California Winter League Breakfast Club Gold Glove Winner

2018: California Winter League Champions, Washington Blue Sox

2017: North Star Athletic Association Champions, Mayville State University

2017: First Team All Conference 2nd Base (Article)

2017: Mid Atlantic Collegiate League Champions, Titustown Titans

2016: First Team All Conference 2nd Base (Article)

2014: Coast Pacific Conference Champions, Cabrillo Seahawks

2013: Coast Pacific Conference Champions, Cabrillo Seahawks

2013: Second Team Coast Pacific All Conference Infield (Article)

2012: Oahu Interscholastic Association White Player of the Year (Article)


Playing Experience

2012-2014 Cabrillo College (Juco) Coast Pacific Conference 2nd Base, Shortstop Batting: Leadoff, 2, 8, 9
2015-2017 Mayville State University (NAIA) North Star Athletic Association 2nd Base Batting: Leadoff & 2
2016 Titustown Titans Mid Atlantic Collegiate League 2nd Base, Shortstop, 3rd Base Batting: Leadoff, 2, 9
2018 Washington Blue Sox California Winter League 2nd Base, Shortstop, 3rd Base Batting: 2, 6, 7, 8 & 9
2018 Napa Silverados Pacific Association 2nd Base, Shortstop, OF Batting: 2, 7, 8, 9
2019 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Pirates Ligue De Baseball Majeur Du Québec (LBMQ) Shortstop, RHP, Leadoff Hitter

Coaching Experience

2018-Present Baseball Instructor Athletic Edge Spokane Baseball Facility Baseball instructor in Spokane, Washington -Instruct Hitting, Fielding, & Conditioning
2019-Present Assistant Baseball Coach Northwest Advantage High School Club/Travel Ball Team Competitive and developing program helping high school players prepare and get ready for the next level


Pro Batting

2018 Napa Silverados 46 130 21 34 5 2 0 11 17 25 9 4 .262 .368 .331
2018 Washington Blue Sox 19 36 6 12 0 0 0 2 5 4 6 2 .333 .415 .333
2019 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Pirates 43 149 50 57 11 1 5 29 19 26 10 1 .382 .499 .575

Pro Pitching

2019 Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Pirates 4.07 0 0 10.33 16 7 8 0 10 6 2 1 1 .340

College/Amateur Batting

2013 Cabrillo College 42 137 25 34 5 0 0 15 21 19 2 0 .248 .401 .285
2014 Cabrillo College 42 150 20 28 1 3 0 10 20 32 3 5 .187 .341 .233
2016 Mayville State University 58 196 51 70 7 1 3 28 29 23 15 4 .357 .455 .449
2017 Mayville State University 56 193 60 60 7 1 0 21 31 24 26 4 .311 .446 .358

Video Highlights


These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Chase Glaum

Assistant and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Cabrillo College

I had the pleasure of coaching Drake when he attended Cabrillo College. Drake stood out right away not because of his size but because of his skill set. As a player he is very disciplined in his routine and how he plays the game. He will play the game harder than anyone on the field and any given time. As his coach, I felt like he would “jump off a cliff” for me. I can’t speak any higher of Drake’s character. He is a phenomenal person and teammate. He is extremely respectful and always said “yes coach” or “yes sir.” He will practice harder than some guys play in a game and as a coach I had the utmost confidence that he would get the job done in any situation. Drake is a type of player that every organization needs because he provides so much value to the game of baseball and to any team that he is on. The team that is able to get Drake is going to be lucky and the rest of the teams that had a chance to get him and don’t will truly regret it. Chase Glaum, MS, CES, PES Southern Nazarene University Assistant Baseball Coach

Billy Tomblin

Assistant, Recruiter and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Mayville State University

When Drake Yoshioka arrived at Mayville State, we knew a few things: He could play second base at a high level His stats in junior college did not show what he was truly capable of His grades were so bad that I don’t know how/if we will ever get to see him on the field – it was a miracle that he even got in Drake had to redshirt his first year for academic reasons, he was short credits and his gpa was too low. He had dug himself a big whole in junior college and it was going to take a lot of work to get himself out of it. After his redshirt year was completed – Drake decided to stay in North Dakota for the summer, play summer ball up here, workout in our summer workout program to make sure he was ready for his junior year and most importantly, take some more classes. Drake went on to have a fantastic two years with us batting in the leadoff spot, a two time all conference player, posting a .334 batting average, a .451 on base percentage, reaching 85 times on walks/hit by pitches and stealing 41 bags. The kid is a gamer. What he lacks in size, speed, arm strength, etc. he makes up with pure grit. He has the ability to lead the team, not with his words, but by the way he carries himself on a daily basis on the baseball diamond. Drake finished out those two years here as a very successful baseball player, but more importantly, he got his degree. The kid that NOBODY, not even himself, thought had a chance to graduate from college did it. The determination he showed in the classroom was second to none. I have not seen a kid in a bigger whole than Drake and he had to work so hard to accomplish this goal, but it was important to him and his family and in his mind, it wasn’t an option to fail. If you are looking for a true team guy, someone that will play with a ton of passion and grit, with leadership capabilities that can truly light up a team and just a flat out gamer – this is your guy. Billy Tomblin Assistant Baseball Coach / Recruiting Coordinator HPER Instructor Mayville State University

Jared Abreu

Assistant Coach, Waipahu High School & American Legion Coach

I’ve known Drake since he was a freshmen at Waipahu High school. He came in as a very quiet but confident young man. He was given much responsibility as a starting freshman on the Varsity team. I believe he could handle the situation and he handled it as if he was a veteran. No game or situation was too big for Drake. He handled pressure well from a very young age. He blossomed into a leader and made his teammates accountable. Stats don’t lie as Drake had a successful four years at Waipahu High School. I was glad he got an opportunity to play at the next level because I knew whoever got him would be lucky. His work ethic is second to none and he is always looking to get better. His infectious smile and willingness to work rubbed off on his teammates. If you need a leader, great teammate, and hard worker Drake is that one player.

Additional Info


Education: Universal Studies

Hobbies and Interests: Beach, fishing, diving, hiking, going on adventures

Post baseball career plans: Coach/Baseball Instructor 

Relationship status: Drake is single and willing to travel

Recent injuries or illnesses: None


Drake would like his flights paid, accommodations provided, and enough of a salary to cover his living expenses while abroad. He is available immediately and has not future commitments that would require him to return home.

Other Game Highlights:

2019 Summer Season/Off-Season Videos: