Former MiLB Catcher with the St. Louis Cardinals, Power Hitter with ability to play 1B/3B available 2022-23 | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Former MiLB Catcher with the St. Louis Cardinals, Power Hitter with ability to play 1B/3B available 2022-23

Name: Diego Andres Velasquez

Height: 180cm

Weight: 92.5kg

DOB: March 25, 2002

Date Available: December 23, 2022

Rookie ball experience

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: C

Positions (alt): 1B, 3B


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Diego is primarily a catcher, but he can also slot into the lineup at first base or third base.  He played a complete season in the Dominican Summer League as a first baseman, and he also has the arm and reflexes to be effective at third base.  As a catcher, his arm is very strong, with a pop time often as low as 1.7 to 1.8 seconds.

As a hitter, he has power and excellent bat speed.

Diego brings much energy to a club and is always deep into the games – always looking to help teammates in any way possible.  He works out and trains regularly at a baseball academy, with the goal of continuous improvement.

Fernando Diaz, a former teammate in the St. Louis Cardinals’ organization, says, “Diego is a very complete player, has great ability when catching, knows how to lead a game very well, and has an above-average arm, power, a great ability to run, and great character.”


Career Highlights

  • Former player in St. Louis Cardinals (MLB) system

    • Four years of experience

      • Dominican Summer League

      • Florida Complex League

      • MiLB Rookie League


Overseas Goals

Diego wants to keep playing and perhaps eventually get another opportunity to play professionally in the U.S.  He says, “by playing overseas, I can continue playing against good competition,, travel, and have new and great experiences.”



Diego Velasquez MiLB Profile


Playing Experience

2019 DSL Cardinals Blue, DSL Cardinals Red MLB Rookie - Dominican Summer League
2021 DSL Cardinals Blue MLB Rookie - Dominican Summer League
2021-22 FCL Cardinals MLB Rookie - Florida Complex League


Pro/Overseas Batting

2019 DSL Cardinals Blue 15 52 8 13 0 0 1 6 3 23 0 0 .250 .333 .308
2019 DSL Cardinals Red 13 45 2 9 3 0 0 2 7 16 1 2 .200 .321 .267
2021 FCL Cardinals 5 14 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 3 1 0 .143 .200 .143
2021 DSL Cardinals Blue 15 36 6 4 0 0 2 3 7 10 2 1 .111 .304 .278
2022 FCL Cardinals 9 15 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 6 0 0 .000 .118 .000

Video Highlights


Fernando Diaz

MLB Player with the St. Louis Cardinals

Mr. Diego Velazquez, Due to your experience as a professional athlete and your good achievements, as a friend and witness I am aware of your good numbers in the sport of baseball. Thanks to the great experience we lived together in the St. Louis Cardinals organization. I, Fernando Diaz, as a professional athlete in the Cardinals organization, recommend you as a good athlete and colleague with great discipline in sports. Diego is a very complete player, he has great ability when catching, he knows how to lead a game very well, he has an above-average arm, he has a timely power hit, a great ability to run and a great character to play.

Additional Info

Playing preferences: Europe Semi-pro (ie. Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France etc.), Europe Pro (Italy, The Netherlands), Australia Semi-pro (State Leagues), Australia Pro (Australian Baseball League), Asia Pro (Japan, Korea, Taiwan), Canada semi-pro (Intercounty Baseball League, NBSBL, QSBL, etc.), Latin America pro (Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, DR, etc), Im open for any opportunity.


Living preferences: Private living arrangement (apartment to self), Shared living arrangement, own bedroom, Shared living arrangement, shared bedroom, Give me a floor, pillow and a mat to sleep on, Host Family


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Prior engagements: No


Recent injuries/illnesses: No


Traveling with a companion: No


Educational background: High school graduated