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LHP Looking to Take His Career Overseas in 2022

Name: Anthony Vlahovic

Height: 178cm

Weight: 91kg

DOB: August 1, 1997

Date Available: February 1, 2021

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: L

Positions: SP, RP

Positions (alt): SP, RP

College: University of Indianapolis

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87-90 fastball velo and only increasing, 2800 true spin on curveball and 11-inch vertical break which are both higher than the major league average. Throw FB, CB, slider, and changeup. 



Overseas goals:

  • Extend my career a little longer before hanging them up
  • Use overseas as a stepping stone into professional ball in the U.S.

Playing Experience

2016 Eastern University NCAA DIII - MAC Starting/Relief Pitcher
2017-18 Chestnut Hill College NCAA DII - CACC Starting/Relief Pitcher
2019 Winnipesaukee Muskrats New England Collegiate Baseball League Starting/Relief Pitcher
2020 University of Indianapolis NCAA DII - GLCV Starting/Relief Pitcher


College/Amateur Pitching

2016 Eastern 7.75 7 0 36 53 9 31 2 37 31 1 3 0 2.33
2017 Chestnut Hill 11.57 0 0 4.2 6 1 6 0 6 6 0 1 0 2.57
2018 Chestnut Hill 12.66 2 0 10.2 17 9 12 1 17 15 0 2 0 2.72
2019 Winnipesaukee 10.05 1 0 14.1 23 7 18 2 24 16 0 3 0 2.86
2020 Indianapolis 4.26 1 0 6.1 5 5 4 0 4 3 0 1 0 1.42

Video Highlights


These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Landon Hutchinson

University of Indianapolis, pitching coach

Garrison Roy

Tread Athletics, pitching coach

Anthony is the epitome of a class act player and man of integrity. He does whatever it takes to improve his game and he takes ownership in his development, I'm honored to have worked with him over the last 3 years. He not only is willing to put in the work on the field but he's also taken on jobs while training in order to put himself in the best position possible to succeed. His willingness to help others around him is also a great attribute as well. I think he would be a great addition to any team that decides to take him on, not only as an arm but as a leader and role model for others around him.

Adam Vasil

University of Miami of Ohio Baseball, Director of pitching development

Anthony is a fantastic person. We first met in 2017 while training at the Florida Baseball Ranch in Lakeland, FL. We were both clients at the time, I was there for a weekend evaluation, he spending a few weeks of winter break there. Anthony is a quiet guy, until you become more acquainted. Although he didn’t say much, in my two days at the Ranch Anthony stood out to me due to his crazy work ethic, like the dude goes HARD in with his throwing and workouts.

Fast forward a year later and I find myself back at the Ranch, this time as a trainer. Anthony arrives for summer program again as a client. We develop a relationship by working together nearly everyday. Anthony was quickly a staff favorite - not just because of his laid back personality, but because he was the definition of a gritty, hard working, lead by example kind of guy. Oh and it helped that he threw 88 with debatably the best 12-6 curve I’ve seen. Works very well off of his FB and CH, solid arsenal.

So as that summer of 2018 came to a close, I was named Graduate Assistant pitching coach for University of Indianapolis. We were still looking for some arms and I gravitated towards AV right away. I knew he was looking for an opportunity and long story short it all worked out. He was my first recruit lol so we share a close bond til this day about that.

From a pitching stand point:

Plus IQ. Knows the game, understands how to pitch more than the average guy. He’s a finesse pitcher that will buzz hitters with a 90+ FB. (I don’t know his metrics lately, but I’ve seen him sit 88-90 in spring 2019.) developed a be try serviceable change up in Indianapolis. It is a true pitch not just a show me. 3 pitch guy.
Very coachable!! Learner of the game. Growth mindset guy. Fantastic for a pitching staff and team as a whole. Asks questions and challenges processes in a constructive way.
He is not going to be a rah-rah type of leader, but his consistency of attitude and effort will be an outlier of any team or organization he lands.

To put it simply, Anthony is as genuine as they come. Big team guy. Works tirelessly on his craft. Loves the game and his teammates. I recruited him for all of those reasons, and he’d be on the top of a short list for me of candidates to be a director of player development at a program.

Hope this helps. Reach out any time for more information.

Additional Info

Playing Preferences: Europe (Summer), Canada (Summer), Asia (Summer)


Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with teammates in a shared bedroom


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Prior engagements: No


Recent injuries/illnesses: Just returned from Tommy John surgery 


Traveling with a companion: No