David T. Burns (me) interviews David J. Burns on his experience playing baseball in Italy. He explains how he went from the verge of hanging them up after college to using his Italian heritage as a ticket to a professional baseball career in one of Europe’s top baseball countries. For those of you who qualify for duo citizenship in Europe, David provides a good tip on speeding up the process. I also pipe in before the interview with some info on the value of players with duo citizenship, and also why Canadian and Australian baseball players are of high value to many leagues around the Europe.

Being one of only two professional leagues in Europe, David takes us through the lifestyle on and off the field and what playing professional baseball in Europe has to offer.

We then take the interview in a direction on careers off the field and David’s current role in professional baseball and how he stood out from all the other professionals seeking jobs within professional baseball.

At the end of the interview, David provides some of the most solid tips I have heard on my podcast to date.

At the end of the interview I ramble on more about other options for playing baseball internationally.