In an effort to showcase the lifestyle of our members playing or coaching abroad, we are assembling a promo video and we want to feature our members of the International Baseball Community website, past and present. In return for helping us out, we are offering prizes to the top 3 videos that best showcase the adventure side of things that comes with taking a baseball or softball career overseas.

Top video entries

We will be revealing the winner on Monday, February 19th after a week of gathering feedback from our staff and extended international baseball and softball veteran coaches and players. We will list the participants here and we welcome any feedback on who you think should win. Either comment on the Facebook post or email us.

Jeremy Howard – Video collage of his adventures playing overseas 


Signing through IBC: La Rochelle Boucaniers (France), Manly Eagles (Sydney, Australia), Adelaide Angels (Adelaide, Australia), Hard Bulls (Austria)

Jack Shannon – Video of his travels while playing with the St. John Alpines of New Brunswick, Canada (TIED THIRD PLACE)

Signing through IBC: Cologne Cardinals (Germany), St. John Alpines (Canada)

Chris Kuno – Top five moments while coaching baseball in China (TIED THIRD PLACE)

Signing through IBC:  Team Awesome X 2 (Shanghai, China)

Chelseas Cohen and Tyler Krobetzky – Video collage of their adventures playing together overseas (FIRST PLACE)

Signings through IBC: Tyler; Golden Grove Dodgers X 2 (Adelaide, Australia), Hannover Regents (Germany), Therwil Flyers (Switzerland), Maitland Giants (South Africa) / Chelsea; Therwil Fylers (Switzerland), Kenfac Phillies (South Africa)



Contest info

Start date: February 5th, 2018

End date: February 12th, 2018 (11:59 pm PST)

Video request:

  • Video of current or past members of International Baseball Community members who played or coached overseas as a result of their membership with us
  • We are searching for video of you partaking in adventures off the field while abroad for baseball or softball. It could be anything from clubhouse/dugout shenanigans or celebrations, to diving with sharks, to running with the bulls in Spain.
  • Judging criteria
    • Members doing cool stuff in cool places will receive the best scores
    • Video showcasing new cultural experiences are also at the top of the list
    • Championship celebrations are also highly considered
    • Video that makes us laugh with an awesome backdrop in some exotic location

Video length: Preferably under one minute but send what you got

Video use: Some of the submitted video will be used in a professional promo video that we will use to promote our website and service. We may feature some of the submitted video in a Globetrotters episode as well. By submitting the video, you are giving us full editing and commercial rights to it.

Video submission: send to If it is too large for email, we suggest, google drive or


Winners can use the prize for themselves or give to a friend:

We can come up with some alternative prize options to a free membership based on our Sam Bat and 3n2 stock, partnership discounts and your location (shipping involved).


Email Founder David Burns at