At the end of every season overseas, we like to recognize our members who were playing around the globe for their performance on the field.  For this the following rankings, we take a look at the 2019-20 winter season where we had 104 members overseas, mostly in Australia and New Zealand.

In order to measure the performance of each member as fairly as possible given the different levels of play across leagues, we used the following algorithms and criteria for the rankings.

TOP BATTER RANKING ALGORITHM:  ((AVG x 9) + (OBP x 10) + (SLG x 8)) x league strength

Qualifying criteria: Must have had a minimum of 70 at-bats.

TOP PITCHER RANKING ALGORITHM(League Rank x (League rank – ERA) + (SO/BB)

Qualifying criteria: Must have pitched > 40 innings

TOP TWO-WAY PLAYER RANKING ALGORITHM: ((AVG x 9) + (OBP x 10) + (SLG x 8)) x League Rank) + ((League rank – ERA) + (SO/BB)) x League Rank)

Qualifying criteria: Must have had a minimum of >50 abs and > 20 innings pitched.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Are members who deserve recognition but just missed the cut, did not have enough stats or became members after signing for the 2019-20 winter.

Congratulations to all of our members for a great season overseas and for doing a great job at growing the game internationally.

*note: Only regular-season stats were considered. Second division state leagues were not considered. 

Top 20 Batters

*league does not publish stats, team submitted late

Batters – Honorable Mentions

Top 15 Pitchers

Pitchers – Honorable Mentions

Top 5 Two-way Players

Two-way Honorable Mentions

Top Softball Batters

**Only two had enough publicized stats

Softball Pitchers

**Only two had enough publicized stats