This post is written by Baseball Jobs Overseas Career Counselor, Michael Calkins. To learn more about Michael and the service he provides our members, you can visit his bio here

Though this topic may be far less appealing than where to travel and what to see overseas, it will help ensure your transition from traveling the world playing baseball/softball, to joining the workforce is seamless.

While overseas, players often find themselves with an abundance of time. After going from 5 practices and 3-4 games per week in college, the more relaxed schedule overseas can often leave players wondering what to do with all the extra time…

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered! Below we have listed 5 different ways to utilize your time overseas to set yourself up for a good transition back into the working world!

  1.       Graduate Degree

BBJO has partnered with Troy University to give you the opportunity further your education while traveling the world. More information is to come about the opportunities we now have for you to further your education while overseas, but for now if you wish to learn more, email me at and I can get you more information.

  1.       Building your skillset

Traveling the world can be a unique conversation starter, but it doesn’t always make your resume jump out to hiring managers. While you have the extra time overseas, why not take some time to learn a new skill or two? The skills listed below, won’t only make you more marketable when you look to get back in the job market, but may even allow you to create your own side business while overseas!

·         Coding

·         Video production

·         Copy Writing

·         Graphic Design

·         Writing/Editing

·         SEO/ Data analytics

·         Digital Marketing

·         Translating

·        Excel/Word/PowerPoint


  1.       Get more involved with your team overseas

While we all know those early morning youth practices/games may sometimes feel more of a burden than a blessing, getting more involved with your baseball/ softball organization can be beneficial for you professionally.

Small organizations are often great to start a career because they allow you to get your hands on all types of different aspects of the business.

-Interested in working in digital marketing? Talk to your organization about becoming part of the social media team, some teams will even let you take over the entire account.

FACT: Long-term BBJO consultant Owen Reid volunteered as a digital marketer with Perth Heat back in the winter of 2012-13 while playing in the state league. This eventually led to a Director of Operations position with the Heat and a Regional Development position in Western Australia, jumpstarting his career in baseball off the field.

-Interested in working in Sports management? Talk to the organizations president about you taking on a larger role in scheduling the youth games, helping with concessions and coordinating the overall day to day of the field. You will gain marketable experience and may even be able to get some extra side cash for helping within the organization.

“Digital marketing director” has a bit of a better ring to it than “Baseball Player/Coach” ehh?

  1.       Working on your resume and professional social media platform(s)

No no, not your Instagram. Though I’m sure that’s on point right now with all your extravagant travel photos. The platform I’m talking about is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is Facebook/ Instagram for professionals. And if you’re not on it, you’re missing out on possible job opportunities.

It takes minutes to set up and gives you simple step by step instructions of how to make your profile more likely to be viewed by recruiters and hiring managers. We will have a future blog post about the secrets to a strong LinkedIn profile, but for now just know that having a profile is better than not having one, so sign up and get yourself connected to a new world of possibilities!

  1.       Build your network and better your existing network

With all the traveling you will be doing over the next few summers with BBJO, you will meet many people who can positively impact your professional career. While you might think that a connection half-way around the world (literally) might not be that valuable, you never know what doors it may open for you.

The International Stars tournament team provides a great networking opportunity for BBJO imports in Europe

Since returning to the states, I have had multiple professional and personal opportunities stem from the connections I made overseas. These connections can sometimes help in the business world but regardless, they will always help make for a better international experience.

But…while you’re out traveling the world don’t forget about the people back home. Family and friends are important, you will realize that even more while living away from them for 6-12 months at a time. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family to keep in touch, even the friends that you’re not close with.

After returning to the states, I had one friend help me get my job, and another help me find housing. No matter how far you stray from home, never forget your roots and never forget the people that you’ve met along the way. Building those relationships will be incredibly rewarding not just professionally, but personally!

Travel the world using baseball or softball as your ticket

Our baseball and softball members get paid to play or coach overseas year-round, mostly in Europe and Australia.

There are a variety of levels overseas which present opportunities for both the college grad and the established professional.