The International Baseball Community (IBC) ranking is a bi-annual recognition of the members of the Baseball Jobs Overseas website who were playing or coaching around the globe during the most recent season.  For this top coaches ranking, we take a look at the 2018 summer season.

Qualifying criteria:

  • Must have been a member of Baseball Jobs Overseas who signed overseas using the website as a tool, directly or indirectly resulting in their 2018 signing.
  • Must be an import player (ie. not a BBJO member who is a homegrown player of the local team)

Choosing the ranking is more challenging than it is for players, which is purely statistical and an algorithm calculate the ranking for us. For our coaches list, it is more objective using the following ranking criteria.

Ranking Criteria

  • Returning overseas coach with a reputation of rolling up their sleeves
  • Returning to the same team indicates doing a good job
  • Won a championship
  • Made advancements through divisions
  • Assumed multiple coaching roles
  • Overcame adversity (ie young team, grassroots club/country, poor or lack of facilities)
  • Exemplifies the “ambassador of the game” moniker
  • BBJO has received positive feedback about the coach
  • Player-coaches who also made significant impacts as a player (challenge to balance personal success with coaching)

Congratulations to all of our members for a great season overseas and for doing a great job at growing the game internationally. Anyone who feels they have been overlooked, please feel free to contact us with your personal coaching success story in 2018 as we may not have been aware.