As European spring training approaches, imports from around the globe will begin landing in Europe and settling in with their prospect clubs. Without a doubt, any club that has imported for a number of years has encountered some issues with regards to imports and more likely than not, some of the items on this list will be all too familiar.



He won’t pick up a rake because it isn’t in his contract



He doesn’t know how to boil water



He is homesick after a week



He asks for an advance on his first months pay



He pimped the shit out of what he thought was his first home run



He took time off for traveling within a week of arrival



He messages in the group for a ride to practice when it is a 10 minute walk



He is 60 pounds heavier than his profile pic



He passed out in the clubhouse the night of the first home game



He doesn’t shower after road games


Keep in mind that although this list was put together to make you laugh if you are in an import recruitment role, it was also a reminder to do your due diligence when importing a player. Just because their stats are flying off the paper doesn’t mean they are the right import for your club. Also, keep in mind, you can always use the IBC Scouting service as our experience in these matters can help to avoid disasters and maximize the value of your investment.

If you have any dud import stories we want to hear it, and if funny enough, they may just make the next top ten list!