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Hitting Coach Mike Varga

Practice plans, team lectures, coaching consultations, video analysis, content packages, post-season evaluation

Baseball teams around the world, it’s Coach Mike here! If I had to boil what it takes to be a good offense down to one word, it would be AWARENESS. Awareness of the strengths and weaknesses within each individual player, team awareness in the best way to produce runs consistently, and program awareness in how to create a sustainable, winning culture. As your hitting coach, I look maximize awareness while guiding you towards a balance between polishing physical skills, and harnessing a successful baseball mindset. Check out my video to find out more about who I am, my style of coaching, and why I make a great fit as your team’s next hitting coach!

My BBJO Team Hitting Package includes a 20-minute pre-season live consultation, six offensive team practice plans, twelve, one-hour live team lectures or coaching consultations, twenty player video analysis, twelve team content packages, and a post-season evaluation.

$275.00 / month for 6 months

Jordan Folgers Team Power Hitting Program

Custom Strength and Conditioning Program, Video Analysis

Jordan is a former NCAA 1 baseball player and a certified Performance Specialist. Jordan utilizes his expertise in strength and conditioning to help baseball players become stronger, faster, and more powerful, taking their game to the next level. 

This program starts off with an initial consultation with your coach, so Jordan can perform deep dive into your team’s performance goals. Jordan then develops your customized team workout program which is laid out within the TrainHeroic app, inclusive with videos for all exercises.

Jordan is accessible through the in-app team community chat, in-app messaging and weekly review calls. This program also comes with swing and lifting video analysis of up to four videos a month.

$330.00 / month

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