By Baseball Jobs Overseas Career Counselor, Michael Calkins.

Traveling the world playing baseball is an incredible experience. It can be full of baseball/softball, traveling, partying, exploring and so much more. But even with all these opportunities, you may find yourself with a surplus of extra time. If you ever thought about getting a graduate degree, why not receive it from the comfort of your couch while traveling abroad?

BBJO has partnered with Troy University to help you do just that. If have ever considered a graduate degree, read on and feel free to reach out with any questions!

Why get a master’s degree?

There are many reasons to get a master’s degree. Some fields require it, and many fields will pay you more if you hold a graduate degree. If you desire to eventually work in a management position within an organization having an MBA or similar degree can put you ahead of others for the position. While a graduate degree is not for everyone, it may just be for you!

Why Troy University?

Troy is a well-known, accredited university that will allow you to not only achieve your degree at your own pace but its also affordable! Their pricing is one of the best out there (I should know. I am currently getting a master’s degree from Troy University now!). The overall pricing depends based on specific degree and length but you can find more information out about that by visiting Troy’s website or contacting either me or Sylvie Rhodes, Troy’s representative at or

How long does it take to get a masters?

Most master’s degrees take between 1- 2 years to complete. They work on a 5-term basis rather than 2 semesters, so each class is only 9 weeks long allowing you to complete more classes yearly than a normal institution.

What type of degrees do they offer?

Troy offers more than 30 graduate degrees. These degrees include subjects like: Education, MBAs, Nursing, Criminal Justice, and Sports Management. If you are interested in learning more about the programs you can visit the website: for more information. (Some students have had trouble visiting this site while overseas so if that is the case for you reach out to me or Sylvie Rhodes at or

How hard/long is the application process?

The application process is incredibly simple. All you need to do is complete an application that takes no more than five minutes and then get your transcripts sent to Troy University for review. When they receive your transcript, they will let the student know if they require an entrance exam or any other documentation.  It is a very simple process and many students are eligible for entrance exam waivers.

The entrance exam can be taken overseas as well at one of the hundreds of testing facilities worldwide.

When is the next application deadline?

Troy University has run on a five-term system rather than two semesters. This means that each class is 9 weeks long with a two-week break in between terms. Due to the expedited nature of the terms, you can apply at any point and begin classes within a month or two if you desired.

Any other questions?

Feel free to reach out to either me or Sylvie Rhodes at or with any other questions. Sylvie is the admissions counselor for Troy University so she is the best resource to reach out to pertaining more information on programs and the application process, but I can help out with simpler questions as I have gone through this process and am currently enrolled at Troy University.

Travel the world using baseball or softball as your ticket

Our baseball and softball members get paid to play or coach overseas year-round, mostly in Europe and Australia.

There are a variety of levels overseas which present opportunities for both the college grad and the established professional.