The International Baseball Community (IBC) ranking is a bi-annual recognition of the members of the Baseball Jobs Overseas website who were playing around the globe during the most recent season.  For this top pitchers ranking, we take a look at the 2018-19 winter season where most BBJO members were in Australia while some were in New Zealand and Argentina. 

Assigning the Australian Baseball League a rank of 10, we ranked all other leagues and from 1-10 in order to measure the strength of performance of each pitcher. We used the following algorithm for the ranking:

(League rank – ERA) x (SO/BB)

Other qualifying criteria:

  • Must have been a member of Baseball Jobs Overseas who signed overseas using the website as a tool, directly or indirectly resulting in their 2018-19 signing. 
  • Must have pitched > 45 innings

Congratulations to all of our members for a great season overseas and for doing a great job at growing the game internationally.

Top 15 IBC Pitchers: 2018-19 Winter Season

*Based on regular season stats other than when playoffs stats were summarized with regular season stats. ABL stats were only considered if the pitcher accumulated 45 + innings. 
















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