Aspiring Pro Coach Membership

$50.00 / year

Ideal option for those looking to gain experience as a head coach. You should have some experience as a volunteer coach at the high school or collegiate levels. Head coaching jobs overseas are typical with clubs in lower-level leagues in Europe.

Youth development opportunities in Asia, Oceania, Europe, Canada and South Africa also offer a great experience and resume builder.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after registration?

After you purchase your BBJO membership, you will be auto-emailed a link to your profile form. Once you submit the profile form, it will be forwarded to us and we will start putting together your profile. As soon as we publish your profile, we will send it to you with instructions on where to go from there.

Here are three major benefits of our service:

1. Our support in attracting offers

  • The key is having an informative, professional profile. We put that together for you and draw out information that will improve your chances of finding a club.
  • Support with video editing, putting together fancy cover photos, formatting, etc.
  • The finished profile is handed over to you to edit as you see fit.
  • BBJO staff are continuously in contact with clubs and proactively recommending our members.
  • After logging in, there is a database of clubs at your disposal if you want to be proactive.

2. Our support in evaluating offers

  • Introductions to former imports of a club you are considering playing for to pick their brain.
  • 24/7 access to BBJO knowledge about leagues, clubs, countries (ie. cost of living, rural v urban).
  • Help reviewing contracts items, advising.

3. Our support while abroad

  • Picked up for tournaments for more exposure or simply for fun (Prague Baseball Week, Finkstonball)
  • Post signing exposure on social media (ie. clips, highlights of you)
  • Added to the private Facebook group called BBJO Couch Surfers for that season. Used for cheap travel, BBJO tips, opportunities during that season
  • BBJO staff updates profiles with new stats, video, info.
  • Released? Help finding a new club in that country or nearby country

Our support is not limited to these three steps throughout the duration of your membership. Many former members are now close friends and what we consider part of the “BBJO family”. Sometimes we never meet them but do manage to form a bond with them throughout our correspondence over the years. Not all remain on as members as opportunities fell in their lap once they established themselves overseas. However, we continue to support them in their careers and have remained as mentors to many, often providing letters of recommendation for their post-playing career pursuits and advice when needed.

Members also enjoy a personalized profile URL (ie. and high Google rankings for their profile.


How can I be sure I will get any offers?

You can't be sure, but there are some factors that can help you determine your chances.

1. Your financial expectations

Since many clubs are operating on a tight budget to bring over import players and coaches, they often try and bring in player-coaches. If you are no longer playing, it helps a lot if your financial expectations are reasonable. Sometimes this means offering your services for just enough to cover your expenses. Better yet, if you can offer to pay your airfare, your chances of receiving an offer for a head-coaching position increase dramatically.

2. Your expectations on the level of play

Many clubs looking for import head coaches come from lower leagues overseas. Reason-being, clubs who compete at higher levels often are in leagues that have been established since just after World War II and therefore have experienced local coaches who a) can speak their native language and b) don't need a special visa to stay there year-round. Clubs that compete in lower leagues have typically only been in existence since the 1990s and therefore do not have a wealth of knowledge former players to choose from as their next head coach.

3. Your ability to still lace them up 

Now that we have established that most coaching jobs are within organizations that compete at relatively lower levels, your washed-up old body may actually be able to help out as a player. Joking aside, we have many former members who assume head coaching positions overseas who still come in on occasion to play. Some even play and coach regularly, such as 42-year-old Luis Camargo, head coach of the Wr. Neustadt Diving Ducks in Austria.

4. Your ability to qualify for dual citizenship. 

Depending on the visa your club can obtain for you, typically a coach cannot stay year-round with their club overseas. This obviously is not ideal for a club and therefore is the biggest hindrance to a club in bringing over a foreign coach. However, many coaches with European routes have been able to obtain dual citizenship with a European country, allowing them to work anywhere in the EU and stay there year-round, long term. If you think you may qualify for dual citizenship in Europe, this can be a major game-changer in bringing in more and bigger offers!

If you want some feedback on where your opportunities may lie should you register, we invite you to fill out the pre-registration feedback form (link).

Do I need to have professional experience?

No, you do not. But you should have at least a couple of years of volunteer coaching at the high school or collegiate levels. The more coaching experience the better.

In which countries do your members sign?

Coaching opportunities mostly come out of Europe, but we have had members sign to coach in Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan and Korea.

Am I guaranteed placement in a league?

By registering with us you are showcased to clubs around the globe through your profile. Clubs then decide on who they want to make an offer based on what they see within the individual profiles. It is not our decision who the clubs sign and who they do not, therefore we cannot guarantee a signing. With that being said, coaches are desperately needed in many countries overseas simply because there are not enough home-grown, knowledgeable baseball people that can inherit coaching roles. More and more organizations are finding the resources to bring over import coaches—in addition to import players—in order to make a long-term impact on their development.

Can I contact clubs as well?

Of course. We have an extensive database of clubs for our members to browse (430+ baseball, 335+ softball) and growing. Included are links to their social media, emails and video. We are regularly in contact with clubs making recommendations, however, being proactive on your end is also a good approach.