Catcher/ Coach with 5 Seasons of Experience Playing/Coaching Overseas. Currently in New Zealand (SIGNED IN AUSTRIA FOR 2020) | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Catcher/ Coach with 5 Seasons of Experience Playing/Coaching Overseas. Currently in New Zealand (SIGNED IN AUSTRIA FOR 2020)

Name: Will Swindling

Height: 182 cmcm

Weight: 99 kgkg

DOB: November 11, 1992

Date Available: May 1st, 2019

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: Youth Coach, C

Positions (alt): 1B, 3B

College: University of San Francisco, Arizona Western, Lock Haven University

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Will is currently in a comprehensive, regional development coaching role in Wellington, New Zealand for the 2019-20 winter. His role involves teaching a catcher’s academy each week, working throughout local middle schools (ages 10-14) promoting and teaching baseball skills, working with all ages of players on basic fundamentals (hitting, catching, throwing, and position play) and strategy to baseball, coaching teams, working with coaches, basically hitting all aspects of the game with all age levels.

Will is currently seeking a team for the 2020 European season, and is open to a role as a player, player-coach or even a coaching-only role.

In the fall of 2019, Will Swindling wrapped up a stellar season playing for the Kranjski Lisjake baseball team in Slovenia in both the Euro Interleague and the Slovenia National League. He has had a strong start to the season with 9 homeruns across both leagues in his first month of play.

Prior to Slovenia, Will was in Australia for the first time playing for the Manly Eagles in New South Wales, Australia. Will ended up in the top ten league stats for doubles and homeruns.

During the 2018 Spring in Ennepetal Germany his team won the championship.  Originally Will signed in Germany for the 2017 summer to play for the Rosenheim 89ers (third division) where he left a major impact. President of the 89ers, Ralf Jaeckel,  had nothing but praise about Will’s character and abilities to play and coach. He then went on to play for the Buenos Aires Shankees, in Argentina.   Unfortunately the first two  leagues overseas he has played in do not publish stats. However a good judge of his skill level is his video (below) of Will’s catching and hitting (including an HR in Argentina).

Will is a former All-State high school catcher who received a scholarship to play at University of San Francisco (NCAA I).  He red-shirted his freshman year but decided to move on to Western Arizona College to play his sophomore year.  During that time he did not receive regular playing time due to health issues so he decided to take a break from baseball and focus on his education. Will has since become a fitness instructor and owns his own personal training and bootcamp business called Will Power Training.

After witnessing some of his friends travel overseas to play baseball, in the fall of 2016 Will began training baseball again 3-5 days a week with the guidance of his former high school and colleges coaches.



During the 2017/18 winter, I bullpen caught and trained with two US Major League pitchers, an Independent Ball pitcher and college pitchers.  I can provide contact information if a club would like to verify.

Dan Straily: Miami Marlins

Andrew Moore:  Seattle Mariners

Grady Wood:  Previously Seattle Mariners:  Current:  Sioux Fall Canaries

I have had my current coach record my pop time and it has been between 1.97 and 2.05 unverified.

Previously in Germany my stats were:  Batting:  .607      Fielding. .956

I am extremely versatile for a team as I can play catcher, 1st Base, 3rd Base, and other positions (I just don’t do those as often).  I also have strength training experience as a personal trainer and am educated in good strength training for the baseball player.

I have coached in all of my overseas experiences from small children, women’s softball, and men’s teams.  My fundamental knowledge for hitting, throwing, and catching is very good.  I would be open to a long term coaching position and assist in promoting the game of baseball in any country.

I have been willing to play below my ability to get a “foot in the door” for overseas playing but am looking to move into a position that is more challenging and is a high level of play.


Playing Experience

2019 Kranjski Lisjaki Slovenia, Euro Interleague Catcher 3 or 4 bat US Import
2018-19 Manly Eagles New South Wales State League (Australia) Catcher, Outfield, 1st Base 3 or 4 bat US Import Player
2018 Ennepetal Raccoons German/3 Catcher, 3rd Base 3 or 4 bat US Import Player
2017 Argentina Shankees Argentina/1 Catcher 3 or 4 bat US Import
2017 Rosenheim 89ers German 4 Catcher, 1st Base 3 or 4 bat US Import
2013/14 Arizona Western College JC College Arizona Catcher, DH Scholarship player
2012/13 University of San Francisco Division 1 Catcher Scholarship Plaayer

Coaching Experience

2019 Strength Trainer Mona Vale, Australia Sky Personal Training Strength trainer for individuals as well as a bootcamp instructor
2019 Coach Pittwater Manly, Aus. Youth 11-12 yr olds Co-coached with another player a season of youth baseball
2018 Assistant Coach Ennepetal Raccoons German League Assists with all other levels of the Raccoon Organization from youth to adult teams.
2017 Assistant Coach Rosenheim 89ers German League Worked with catchers for girl's softball team. Helped coach other levels of the organization from youth to adults
2014-2017 Personal Trainer Metroflex Gym and Fitness 1440 Strength trainer for individuals as well as a bootcamp instructor
2019-20 Regional Development Officer Baseball New Zealand All youth ages Teaching a catcher's academy, school program, youth team coaching. Work with all ages on basic fundamentals (hitting, catching, throwing, and position play) and strategy to baseball, coaching teams, working with coaches.


College/Amateur Batting

2019 Lisjaki 10 29 18 19 2 0 7 16 11 1 3 0 .655 .741 1.489
2018-19 Manly Eagles 21 79 11 21 9 1 2 10 1 7 1 0 .266 .333 .481
2018 Ennepetal Raccoons 14 46 34 22 13 3 5 27 8 3 .478 .603 1.067

Video Highlights


These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Bill Ferrari

Mentor and high school baseball coach

"Will Swindling was an excellent high school baseball player during his three year varsity experience at Marist High School. Will accepted a scholarship to play at the University of San Francisco when he graduated, and is easily one of the best players I coached in my high school coaching career.
Will is an exceptionally hard working, motivated, and competitive athlete. He pushes himself to improve constantly and he expects to succeed. This is certainly understandable because he has had a lot of athletic success. I have always known Will to be a young man of genuine character, and Will was always one of the most respected and well liked players in our locker room.
Will hit for power and average in high school and was a natural 3-4 hitter. Will had genuine power and bat speed, and when I saw him workout recently, I was again struck by how easily he hits the ball hard. Will was our catcher throughout his Marist career, and he was a steady receiver who blocked balls in the dirt well and called a good game. Our pitchers always enjoyed throwing to Will. In high school, Will battled some arm injury issues, but when healthy, Will possessed a strong and accurate arm.
I thoroughly enjoyed coaching Will, and he was instrumental in helping us win a lot of games during his career. He's a fine young man, and he's eager to resume playing baseball competitively. I am sure he will prove to be a valuable asset to a club."

Joe Mancuso

 Long term coach, teach and family friend

"I have known Will from age 7 until now.  I have also known and enjoyed the friendship of his parents and his brother over this period as well. Will has consistently been respectful of individuals and groups of individuals with whom he has been in contact with.  I have had many opportunities to observe his respectfulness personally at athletic events, family gatherings, and in personal baseball training sessions. Will always demonstrates his acceptance of personal responsibility by diligently pursuing his life-long goals, family duties, employment, and personal growth, while continuing to increasingly excel as a baseball player. 

As a teacher and coach for Will, I have had the privilege of working with him for over 20 years. During that time, I have seen Will as a determined baseball player with qualities and abilities that make him a great candidate to join your baseball program. Will’s admirable traits carry over to the baseball field. His strides of improvement have been impressive, and his skill advancement in baseball has resulted in great success. Whether it’s late nights in the cage, or early morning bull-pin sessions, Will is as dedicated as anyone I have ever met or coached in the game of baseball. Will has great arm strength. He has a 45 arm and can block with good fundamentals behind the plate. He receives the ball well and has soft hands. He has amazing footwork too. His feet work well on the transitions, and are they light upon rise and extension which explode through to his target. At the plate, Will has amazing mechanics of his swing and the bat speed. He tries to get into every pitch, with precise visual recognition of what is being thrown (curve, slider, fast-ball, etc). With this plate discipline, Will is one of great power and a run producing machine.

Baseball is where his true talents lie, and his leadership qualities will be critical to the success of your team during each season. Will's work ethic on the field mirrors that of a professional. He is a versatile player who has a strong arm and swings the bat with power and can play pitcher, catcher, 1st base or outfield.

It is with highest regard that I recommend Will Swindling as a future professional baseball player. Without question, he will be a successful at any level. If you should have questions regarding Will, please contact me at +1 (541) 520-9759."

Ralf Jaeckel

Rosenheim 89ers

What should I say… Will is probably the best thing that could have happened to us. He is a very polite, educated young man, smart and even has perfect table manners (he lives with my family).

Having him with my family is just great, since he knows so much about baseball and has quite some stories to tell, also aside from sports.

My family liked him right away, even the cat (and believe me, this is the toughest judge you could possibly face), since he is such a nice guy.

As a player he is just amazing. We had him play for our men´s 2 team one day after he arrived. This is really low level ball. He fit in perfectly (was able to adopt to this kind of ball right away), it was a great baseball day.

It was more to get him to know the guys, as you can imagine we had a lot of people there who wanted to see him play. He had no problem with the level of ball (of course I mentally prepared him).

His impact was great, just by his presence (also due to his physics). This is exactly what I was hoping to happen.

He is swinging a hot bat, jacked one over the fence during the BP. It´s been a long time since I have seen a bat speed like this. His arm is also very good.

His attitude is absolutely professional, no alcohol, soft drinks etc. at all, very impressing.

He started some 1 on 1 coaching on my swing yesterday, after only one hour I was a different hitter. He knows how to coach and to motivate people to give their best.

Never had so much fun with baseball (and sports in general) since I was in the USA back then. We work out together a lot, and everything is improving quickly.

The club management also likes him and thinks he is the perfect guy for us. Within this week he will create an improvement plan together with our coaches and step into conducting the trainings.

Additional Info





Education: Bachelor of Science, Lock Haven University

Hobbies and Interests: Lifting weights, hiking, rafting, skiing, camping

Post baseball career plans: Firefighting, open my own gym

Relationship status: Single and free to travel the world

Recent injuries or illnesses: None