2023 Top Austrian League 2-way player, Top 5 ERA, .325 BA, .897 OPS, with European Working Visa Looking for 2024 Opportunity | Baseball Jobs Overseas

2023 Top Austrian League 2-way player, Top 5 ERA, .325 BA, .897 OPS, with European Working Visa Looking for 2024 Opportunity

Name: Will Nahmens

Height: 181cm

Weight: 85kg

DOB: January 6, 1995

Date Available: September 21, 2019

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: Coach, Utl, 2B, 3B, SS, SP, RF, LF

Positions (alt): Coach, Youth Coach, Utl, OF, RP

College: Occidental College

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NOTE: Will currently holds a job in Vienna as a web developer which gives him a working visa in Austria, and intends to find a club where he can maintain residency in the country he is playing in through his job. He intends to take an educational leave from work for the summer in order to focus solely on baseball full-time. He understands that in some leagues this may lead to slightly different “import status” and hopes to join a club as more than just a visiting import.

In 2023, Will led the Vienna Metrostars back to the Austrian Bundesliga Championship. Unfortunately they came up just short, but a run to the finals capped off an excellent season, where Will was one of the top 2-way players for the season. Posting a top 5 ERA in the league, and maintaining a strong offensive performance that was top-15 in the league in categories like SLG and OPS.

Will Nahmens is starting pitcher/UTL out of Occidental College (NCAA III) who took his career overseas for the 2017-2018 winter as the player-coach for the Woden Rebels of the Capital Territory State League in Canberra, Australia. There he won the team batting award and acted as their Ace. 

Will’s fastball sits 85-86 (verified), complimented by a change-up, slider, and cutter. Will can also hit for average and play the infield as well as the outfield.

In 2018, Will played in the Swedish Elitserien with the Leksand Lumberjacks where he lead the team to an Elitserien Championship and was selected as an All-Star. There he also acted as the assistant coach and managed the junior program. Will led the league in most  pitching statistical categories including, but not limited to, ERA (1.52), strikeouts (96), K/BB ratio (4.17), Wins (11), WHIP (.91) and was second in the league in BAA (.182) and third in K/9 (9.71). He also hit for a formidable .300 batting average, hitting .318 and slugging .454 in the playoffs. The stats from the Leksand Lumberjacks can be seen here.

In the 2018-19 winter season, Will played for the Cronulla Sharks of the NSW State League. There he was both a relief pitcher and starting pitcher for the club. After a bit of a slow and rainy start, he finished the season strong on 48 2/3 innings pitched and only 13 earned runs. He lead the team in innings pitched and held up a solid effort from the pitching staff down the stretch.

In 2019 Will played for the Attang-Puchheim Athletics in the first league of Austria as a utility player and starting pitcher. Following that season, he spent the winter in Stellenbosch, South Africa playing for Van der Stel Baseball Club. In 2020, he was slated to join a team in the first division of the Netherlands.

After a setback with an injury in March 2021, will has returned to form and joined the Vienna Metrostars as a utility player. He has filled in around the infield and outfield while triaining to return to the mound. He hit for a nearly .450 average in the Austrian first division for the 2021 season.

Will is open to a player-coach role and/or a role within a youth program of any club that signs him.

Any club in need of a pitcher or player-coach is encouraged to reach out to Will with any expressions of interest.

Playing Experience

2017-2018 Woden Rebels Baseball Club Australian Capital Territory League Starting Pitcher/UTL, 4 Hitter
2018 Leksand Lumberjacks Baseball Club Swedish Elitserien Starting Pitcher/UTL
2018-19 Cronulla Sharks Baseball Club NSW State League Starting Pitcher/Relief Pitcher
2019 Attnang-Puchheim Athletics Baseball League Austria UTL/Starting Pitcher

Coaching Experience

2017-2018 Head Coach 1st Grade Woden Rebels Baseball Club Australian Capital Territory Managed and coached the 1st grade senior team. Ran all practices for senior teams/players. Worked 1 on 1 with senior players.
2018 Assistant Coach Senior Team Leksand Lumberjacks Baseball Club Swedish Elitserien Assisted the head coach with all duties, managed the pitching staff.
2018 Juniors Head Coach Leksand Lumberjacks Baseball Club Swedish Junior League Ran all junior practices and led junior player development.
2019 Assistant Coach Attnang-Puchheim Athletics Baseball League Austria Assisted the head coach of the club as well as helped run all junior practices.


College/Amateur Batting

2017-2018 Woden Rebels 24 85 17 32 9 0 3 14 13 16 3 1 .376 .465 .588
2018 Leksand Lumberjacks 31 120 25 36 10 2 1 29 12 21 2 0 .300 .377 .441
2019 Attnang Athletics 25 101 22 35 5 0 5 24 10 10 0 1 .346 .435 .544
2021 Vienna Metrostars 22 34 10 14 2 0 0 8 2 6 0 0 .412 .436 .471
2023 Vienna Metrostars 33 103 13 27 6 0 2 12 15 20 3 1 .325 .437 .470

College/Amateur Pitching

2017-2018 Woden Rebels 2.92 11 2 89 94 83 18 3 86 29 2 6 0 1.25
2018 Leksand Lumberjacks 1.52 10 2 89.0 58 96 23 2 19 15 11 1 2 .91
2018-19 Cronulla Sharks 3.47 7 0 59.2 56 46 23 1 29 23 1 4 1 1.32
2019 Attnang Athletics (Incl. Finkstonball) 3.96 6 1 59.0 67 47 17 5 38 26 3 6 1 1.42
2023 Vienna Metrostars 3.68 6 1 63.2 65 56 21 12 34 26 6 2 0 1.35

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Luke Wetmore

Head Coach, Occidental College

"Will is a tremendous teammate and leader.  He'll be an asset to any team he's on.  Will works quick, attacks hitters and fills up the strike zone."

Mick Patton

Vice President, Woden Rebels

Additional Info


Education: Cognitive Science

Hobbies and Interests: Hiking, road tripping, visiting national parks, programming

Post baseball career plans: To work in the tech industry

Relationship status: Single and free to travel the world

Recent injuries or illnesses: None

Dual Citizenship: Grandparents born in Germany. Potentially can qualify for dual citizenship

U.S. Phone/Whatsapp: +43 665 65632038


Financial arrangement: If a club offered him a place to stay and a job, Will would be willing to pay part of his flight expenses.

Availability: He is available immediately with no future obligations.

Living arrangement preferences: All living arrangements including a shared bedroom, dorm type setting.

Summer playing preferences: Anywhere

Winter playing preferences: Anywhere