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RH Pitcher who can hit // Pitching coach experience // Seeking club for 2019 seasons

Name: Tana Monk

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 145 lbs

DOB: July 20, 1997

Status Available

Date Available: June 1, 2019

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: 1B, SP, RP

Positions (alt): 3B, OF

College: None

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Mariam Tristana “Tana” A. Monk is a 21 year-old Filipino-American who has 14 years of ball experience under her belt, having played competitive softball in both the Philippines and Canada. She has also taken her career overseas to New Zealand. 

She started out in the Philippines where she played local and national ball from 2005-2013. She was part of the PH Little League Series for four years where she has been a bronze and silver finalist. She moved to London Ontario, Canada in 2013 and played for the London Lightning Softball Club. In 2015, she helped her U18 team win gold at Qualifiers and gold at Provincials earning the title of the #1 Team in Ontario in the Midget II category. They moved on to the Eastern Canadian Championships where they battled against the top teams of the east and took bronze. Tana finished her 2017 Lightning season with an ERA of 2.30 and a 0.413 batting avg (complete details).  For this 2018 season, she has helped lead her London Lightning squad to a 37 win and 8 loss record, 3 undefeated tournaments, a Provincial Championship gold medal, the title of #1 Team in Ontario in the Intermediate II category (article), and finishing 1st in their local league.

During her gap year (2016-2017), Tana signed as an import pitcher with the Kaiapoi Softball Club in Christchurch, New Zealand which ignited the spark to keep traveling and playing ball overseas (newspaper article)


Abilities Summary

Tana pitches at an avg. speed of 56mph. She can throw a fastball, riseball, curveball, dropball, and changeup. Her out pitch is the riseballTana consistently hits 5th/6th in the batting lineup and can hit for contact and power. She admits that she is not the fastest runner, but she is smart on the bases and can slide. For fielding, Tana can play corner infield and though it’s been a while, she has the glove and the arm to play outfield if needed. 

Tana on her coaching… 

Through the years I have gained coaching experience by volunteering at local team practices, starting my own clinics/private sessions, coaching primary and intermediate school kids in New Zealand, and working alongside veteran pitching instructors in London Ontario and the surrounding cities. I am very detailed when it comes to coaching, drawing a lot of attention to the foundational mechanics of a pitcher and developing body awareness through area-specific drills. 

I also have experience in coaching the mental game as well, having been taught by Dr. Patrick Cohn. I believe that the best players don’t only focus on technique but they also work on focus, concentration, and confidence. My job as a Mental Game Coach, is to help players overcome mental barriers that keep them from reaching their full potential. Not only will learning these mental game skills help players on the field, but these can be transferred off the field and into real life situations as well.

Most importantly, I have a deep passion for softball! I love working with youth and seeing them grow and develop in not only their skills, but also in their love for the game.

[Keeping girls in Sport Certification]
[MGCP Certification]


Clubs looking for a two-way player who can hit, has a positive, competitive spirit, and is good with youth, is encouraged to reach out to Tana with any expressions of interest.




2018: London League – First in the league; Second in year end tourney 

2018: Provincial Championships  – Intermediate II Gold Medalist; PWSA Top Player Award; Threw two no-hitters and one shutout; beat defending provincial champions by mercy rule (game footage)

2018: Ancaster Tournament – Intermediate II Gold Medalist  

2018: Port Elgin Tournament – Intermediate II Gold Medalist

2017: Ancaster Tournament – Intermediate II Gold Medalist

2017: Port Elgin Tournament – Intermediate II Gold Medalist

2016: Eastern Canadian Championships – Semi Finalist 

2016: Provincial Championships – Intermediate II; Qualified for Eastern Canadians

2016: Innerkip Tournament – Game MVP

2016: Port Elgin Tournament – Intermediate II Gold Medalist

2015: Eastern Canadian Championships – U18 Tier II Bronze Medalist

2015: Provincial Championships – U18 Tier II Gold Medalist

2015: Provincial Qualifiers – U18 Tier II Gold Medalist

New Zealand

2016/17 Winter: Kaiapoi Premier Women’s Division – Starting/relief pitcher and 3rd baseman

2017 Winter: Premier Women’s National Club Championships with Hutt Valley Saints – Placed 7th out of 16 

2016 Winter: Jubilee Cup with Otago – Tournament third place pitcher


2013: National Little League Series – Coached by Div I pitcher Kelly Lovato

2012: National Little League Series – U15 National Bronze Medalist

2010: National Little League Series – U13 National Silver Medalist

2009: National Little League Series – U12 National Bronze Medalist

Playing Experience

2014-Present London Lightning Intermediate Women's Fastpitch (Canada) Starting pitcher, relief pitcher, 1st baseman, outfielder, 5th/6th batting lineup
2016-2017 Kaiapoi Softball Club Premier Women's Division (New Zealand) Starting pitcher, relief pitcher, 3rd baseman, 5th/6th batting lineup
2016-2017 Otago Premier Women's Division (New Zealand) Jubilee Cup pick up player, starting pitcher
2016-2017 Hutt Valley Saints Premier Women's Division (New Zealand) Premier Women’s National Club Championships pick up player, 1st baseman, hitter
2004-2013 Muntinlupa Little League National Little League Series (Philippines) pitcher, outfielder

Coaching Experience

2017 - Current Private Pitching Coach Self employed All Ages Organizing group pitching clinics; Coaching one on one pitching and batting sessions; Running team pitching clinics and camps
2017 Pitching Clinic Instructor Allstar Pitching Clinics All Ages Working with multiple players in London, Springfield, and Dorchester Ontario; Creating clinic plans; Giving groups of boys and girls pitching instruction
2016-2017 Softball Instructor Canterbury Softball Association New Zealand Working in primary and intermediate schools in Christchurch, New Zealand; Taught all basic softball skills to classes of 25+ kids at a time (pitching, hitting, fielding, throwing)
2016-2017 Pitching Instructor/Assistant Coach Kaiapoi Softball Club U11/U16 Running pitching clinics for KSC juniors; Assisting in practices and 1st base coaching


College/Amateur Batting

2017 London 26 75 13 31 8 4 0 17 7 6 1 1 .413 .463 .627
2016 HV Saints 8 20 2 4 1 0 0 5 1 3 0 0 .200 .333 -
2016-17 Kaiapoi 14 43 6 16 2 0 0 1 - 3 0 0 .372 .409 -

College/Amateur Pitching

2017 London 2.31 19 - 85 89 88 22 2 36 28 12 2 0 1.306
2016 Otago 3.32 - - 19 25 15 4 0 18 9 - - - -
2016-17 Kaiapoi 4.83 - - 62.1 74 40 37 5 70 43 1 8 - -

Video Highlights


Terry Woods

Club President, London Lightning

I have coached Tana Monk for 1 year and have known Tana for the past 3 years. First and foremost Tana as a person is second to none. Tana is a respectful, hard working person, always the first to cheer on her teammates and as I reflect back on my first season coaching Tana she was always in a good mood, I honestly don't know if she is ever not happy. From a coaches perspective she was always open minded to suggestions on how to improve her game, she never questioned a coaching decision about position or playing time and she always pitched in after games to ensure equipment was picked up. The best example of Tana's character for me was during games when I was debating making a pitching change and if Tana told me she was fine I knew she would do what it took to finish the game and on those rare occasions where she didn't have it she was the first to admit that too. As far as Tana's skills on the field go I will start with talking about her hitting. During our off season workouts and any time in the batting cage I have never seen a girl square up the ball and display such perfect fundamentals with her swing as Tana. Tana was one of our better hitters all year and regardless of the competition she was never over matched. Tana consistently hit 5-6 in our order and surprised us with how much power she had. Tana is known first and foremost for her pitching. Tana's mechanics are excellent; the movement she gets on all her pitches is second to none. Her out pitch is her rise ball but she has an equally effective drop ball and curve. Tana's change up is good but not excellent like her other pitches, she throws the ball hard and compared to our competition in Eastern Canada she throws an above average fastball. The previous two years Tana consistently struck out most of her competition and this year moving up in competition the strikeouts were still there but not at the same rates. Tana is a fierce competitor and this year was a transition to learning how to pitch to contact versus battling to try and strikeout every batter. In Canada I am confident Tana could pitch for any College or University team and would be one of the better pitchers on any of those teams. Defensively Tana has a high ball IQ and when not pitching we felt very comfortable playing Tana at 1st or in the outfield. Tana doesn't have great speed so her range in the outfield is a little less than average but she makes up for that by always getting great jumps on balls and her arm from the outfield is above average. We are always trying to recruit our older girls to become coaches for the younger girls and after sending out my blanket email this year asking all the girls to consider coaching I went to two girls on the team and had private conversations asking if they would be interested in helping coach. Tana was one of those 2 girls and I went to her because I believe she has the right make up to be a good coach and role model for the younger girls and her softball knowledge is unquestionable. In closing if it's not obvious I am a huge Tana Monk fan and as great a ball player as Tana is she is an even better person.

Shaun Winship

Private pitching coach

This letter is in reference to Mariam Tristana Monk - "Tana", to whom I have had the pleasure of working with as her pitching coach over the last 3 seasons. I was introduced to her when she first arrived in Canada from the Philippines. She was 16 years old at that time and looking for an instructor. Tana had become a very accomplished pitcher in the Phillipines, playing at a National Championship Level. It was evident when we began working together. She had a wide variety of pitches, including fastball, change-up, dropball, curve and rise. Over the past 3 years Tana has matured and strengthened each one of her pitches. She is constantly seeking advice and guidance on how to evolve on the mound. Tana is fully committed to take every aspect of her game to the highest level possible. During the 2015, and 2016 seasons, the London Lightning Fastpitch Club welcome Tana to their roster as their number one pitcher. During her time with this team, she also show cased her natural athletic abilities, playing a strong first base. She’s a versatile defensive player (infield and out), and will step into any position assigned, fully committed to do her best. We all know in sports it’s not just about skill. One of the most important factors in the success of a player is their attitude, teach-ability and work ethic. In all these areas Tana is very much at the top of the class. Coaching Tana has been a privilege. She is truly a team player. Tana has very high goals for her softball carrier – including the 2020 Olympic Games. I am certain she will continue to push herself in these coming years. She is truly a young lady of dedication and commitment. She is very capable of teaching younger girls all aspects of the game. Not only can she help develop their skill, but her sportsmanship and character is something young players would benefit from

Mark Sloat

London Lightning assistant coach

Let me start by saying that I have had the pleasure of coaching Tana for the past 2 seasons. What I admire most about Tana is her compete level. Whether things are going well or not, she gives her best effort. And all this with always having a smile on her face and willing to learn. As a coach she is willing to try new ideas to always get better. An example of this is Tana generally pulled the ball while batting. In the batting cage we worked on taking outside pitches to right field. Tana has taken that into games and had many extra base hits by going to right field. As a coach it is a thrill to see a player grow and new skills to abilities. With regards to pitching Tana. is coming off a great season. The test of a pitcher is how they compete when things are not going well. Tana has a great attitude and does not get down when teammates make errors or mistakes. She seems to buckle down more to help get out of jams. Tana has many skills for this game but her best skill is her attitude. Her love and desire to play softball is a pleasure to coach but also a pleasure to watch.

Additional Info

Signing Preferences

Financial arrangement: Tana would like to have her accommodations/food provided, have her flights paid (negotiable), and a small salary or a side job to cover her living expenses. Tana has an online ESL teaching job which would require her to have strong wifi and a private room in which the household would not be disturbed by or mind her teaching and singing.
Availability: Summer 2019 and Winter 2019/2020
Living arrangement preferences: Tana is open to teammate or host family living arrangements. Tana is currently unable to drive a car but is trying to get her license this year.

Winter playing preferences: Anywhere

Summer playing preferences: Anywhere




Additional Coaches Information


Catherine Arthur (Lon. Lightning head coach, club director/secretary) – Email: arthurcatherine@hotmail.com

Terry Woods (Lon. Lightning head coach, club president) – Email: Terry.Woods@td.com Phone Number: 519-639-8140

Mark Sloat (Lon. Lightning assistant coach) – Email: marksloat@sympatico.ca Phone Number: 519-533-7547

Shaun Winship (private pitching coach and pitching clinic employer; current Team Canada Jrs. pitching coach) – Email: shaun@homerunsports.com


New Zealand

Mike Mcdowell (Kaiapoi head coach) – Phone Number: 027-427-8491

Sandy Wallace (Otago head coach)

Naomi and Kiri Shaw (Hutt VAlley Saints coaches, former NZ National Team captains, current NZ Junior National Team coaches)



Hernando “Kulafu” Posadas (MLL head coach, former Team Philippines #1 pitcher) – Contact: https://www.facebook.com/hernando.posadas.3