Power-hitting outfielder with speed who can pitch seeking European team for 2020. (SIGNED IN SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA) | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Power-hitting outfielder with speed who can pitch seeking European team for 2020. (SIGNED IN SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA)

Name: Stuart Eurich

Height: 5'11"cm

Weight: 205 lbs. kg

DOB: September 14, 1996

Date Available: May 1st, 2019

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: OF, CF

Positions (alt): RP, RF, LF

College: Bellevue University

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Preferred Communication Tool: Call, text, or email

I am looking to play in Australia or Germany in hopes to extend my career a couple seasons if not more. I am a hard worker that will be a great teammate no matter the situation. I am quick on the base paths and will turn singles into doubles. I have pop in the bat so also will have some baseballs that leave the yard. I am almost always in a good spirit and will pick up teammates. I cover a lot of ground in the outfield and get the ball in quickly with a good arm.

I have been first team all conference all four years of college with a career batting average over .300. Have 3 years of college playoff baseball and one year of world series experience. I also know how to manage my time with work and baseball because I had to work during school.

I recently graduated with a degree in Health and Human Performance and will be getting my certification soon for Strength and Conditioning. I will eventually down the road get my masters in Athletic Training.

Abilities summary: Pitches: 4seam 88 mph topped, 2seam, Changeup 76 mph, Slider 80 mph
Throw upper 80’s to low 90’s from the outfield
Hit for singles but have pop and will hit some out
60 time: 6.6 is the fastest

Playing Experience

2016-17 Western Nebraska CC Junior College Batted Lead off, 9, and 3 - Captain
2017 NoCo Roughnecks Mile High Collegiate League Starting CF - Batted lead off, 2, 3, and 4 - Pitched every now and then
2018-19 Bellevue Universiry NAIA Starting CF - Bat 9, occasionally 7

Coaching Experience

2018 Assistant Coach Lightning Baseball High School Specialized as an outfield coach


College/Amateur Batting

2016 Western Nebraska CC 41 94 23 28 2 2 1 16 16 29 5 3 .298 .398 .394
2017 Western Nebraska CC 54 145 30 35 4 1 5 31 21 45 13 1 .241 .341 .386
2018 Bellevue University 53 116 40 42 7 1 6 29 23 26 9 5 .362 .479 .595
2019 Bellevue University 64 187 39 62 14 5 0 42 28 44 16 5 .332 .414 .460


These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Mike Jones

Head Coach, Western Nebraska CC

Mitch Schmidt

Assistant Coach, Bellevue University

Stuart is one of my favorite players all-time – he gets it on and off the field – he will be and do something special when baseball is done. He is an extremely professional individual that gives his best and responds to all opportunities on and off the field. He is always trying to better himself by being open to new ideas and strategies that are going to benefit not only himself but also everyone he is going to be a part of. Stuart has a strong desire to be the best on and off the field that will and has taken him to the next levels of life and will continue to do so in the future. He is Two-Time NSAA First Team All-Conference player that predominantly he controlled CF every game for the last two years. He is a career .340 hitter that has the knack to hit to all fields when needed or simply put pressure on the defense with his running game. If you research his stats you will see Stuart did a great job for us his Jr season and played and even bigger role for us on and off the field his Sr season. As I said Stuart is one of my favorite players all-time – he is the type of guy I want my daughters to date and marry when they get to that point in life.

Dave Tucker

Preident/Head Coach, Lightning Baseball

Stuart is someone that I would hire, regardless of what I was the hiring manager for (and I was a hiring manager at Hewlett-Packard for many, many years). He is one of those citizens that you simply want on your staff. He’s responsible, high character - making great decisions, thoughtful, pays attention to detail and more. He’s great with kids, he’s energetic, makes things fun and is therefore able to get kids to develop because they enjoy the time they have with him. Stu had some injury issues when he was younger, and coaches that didn’t believe in him…and he never complained, never placed blame, he just persevered. He played for us thru the end of his HS career, and coaches with us if/when he’s home on breaks from school. Our organization is built upon development - it’s not about wins, and patting ourselves on the back…it’s about helping to create great young men and using baseball as the main mechanism to accomplish that. Stuart is one of our favorite young men, in 25 years of business. He would be a great addition to any staff that can get him.

Additional Info

Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with a host family

Status: Single

Prior engagements: No

Ever convicted of a felony? No

Recent injuries/illnesses: No

Traveling with a companion: Possibly