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Canadian Left-Handed Two-Way Player with Professional and Overseas Experience

Name: Ryan Johnson

Height: 193cm

Weight: 104kg

DOB: September 29, 1992

Date Available: March 15, 2021

High-Level Indy Pro experience

Bats: L

Throws: L

Positions: SP, RF

Positions (alt): 1B, CF, LF

College: Lubbock Christian University

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What specific skills do you bring to the ball field?

Bring a good mix of pitches with a FB averaging 91, a big curveball to compliment it as well as a changeup that can be thrown in hitters counts and to both sides of the plate.  From the hitting side, there’s good pop that can cover both sides of the plate as well as discipline, a sort of calmness with RISP, and a solid approach with 2 strikes.   

Summarize any career highs, achievements, recognitions, awards

2019 NCAA All-American honors, 2019 Heartland conference pitcher of the year, 2019 CBN Canadian college pitcher of the year (most 1st place votes ever), 2020 Prague Baseball Week HR Derby champ

Describe yourself as a teammate

I believe in my core that baseball is more fun with friends,  Baseball is always more fun when you’re winning with your friends.  It’s a complicated sport and it takes a village to be an elite baseball player.  I try my best to be whatever I have to be to every teammate, whether it’s a guy who is struggling with their mentality or mechanics, or someone who is on a hot streak and that involves us talking about the weather before the game.  I try to be that guy for the boys.

Explain your experience and abilities at your secondary positions

I went to Germany for the 2020 season not having hit in a competitive game since 2013.  My history of hitting is quite great if I do say so myself, Canadian junior national team, 2 way player throughout my first couple years of university with some regional awards during that time. When I started hitting again in the Bundesliga 1 for the Solingen Alligators. Thankfully it was like riding a bike, I hit .387 and tied for most homeruns on the team. Positionally a leftie can only play 1st or OF.  I’ve been shagging balls for a long time so that was an easy transition.

Why do you want to take your career overseas?

I want, need, desire to play high-level ball… COVID was tough for me, I need numbers so that I can get back on the horse and give this game all I have for the remainder of my career.

If you have not competed recently, explain what you have been doing to stay sharp and in shape

It’s currently the offseason but I’ve been blessed with good people around me as well as good facilities that allow me to perform at the best level that is available in Vancouver.  We organize Friday live at-bat sessions and I’m able to throw my bullpens at the facility that I also lift and workout.  Luckily Vancouver is a city that I can be outside almost all year, rain permitting.

In a paragraph or two, summarize what you bring to the table as a coach

A fundamental understanding of the game.  Half of it is meant to be fun and enjoyed and the other half is understanding and trying to understand what your athletes are able to bring to the table with hard work and perseverance. 




Overseas goals:

  • Extend my baseball career
  • Use overseas as a stepping stone into a professional league in the U.S.
  • Experience new cultures and meet new people
  • Use my knowledge and experience to help grow the game globally
  • Stay active during the offseason in a winter league


Playing Experience

2010-11 Crowder College NJCAA DI Starting 1B (Top 5 JuCo )
2012-13 College of Southern Idaho NJCAA DI #1 Starting PItcher in Rotation - All-Region Honors
2013-18 Weyburn Beavers Western Canadian Baseball League Starting Pitcher. Franchise Records- Games Played: 41, Innings Pitched: 237.2, Wins: 23, Strikeouts: 253, SO/G: 9.58
2018-19 Lubbock Christian University NCAA DII #1 Starting PItcher in Rotation - Pitcher of the Year, All-American, All-Regional (Current Record Holder of Most Consecutive Wins: 13)
2019 Winnipeg Goldeyes American Association Starting Pitcher
2020 Solingen Alligators German Bundesliga 2020 Prague Baseball Week - HR Derby Champ

Coaching Experience

2018-21 Coach Homerun Sports Training Facility Youth Pitching Coordinator and Hitting Instructor
2019-21 Coach White Rock Tritons BC Premier Baseball League Pitching Coach
2019-21 Coach North Delta Blue Jays BC Premier Baseball League Pitching Coach


Pro/Overseas Batting

2020 Solingen Alligators 13 31 9 12 2 3 13 4 5 0 0 .387 .457 .742

Pro/Overseas Pitching

2019 Winnipeg 5.00 9 0 45 48 19 31 0 25 25 1 4 0 1.76
2020 Solingen Alligators 5.79 5 1 18.2 21 29 19 1 19 12 0 3 0 1.93

College/Amateur Pitching

2013 Weyburn 2.91 8 1 46.1 38 50 31 3 19 15 4 0 0 1.49
2014 Weyburn 4.26 9 1 57 60 44 17 9 35 27 5 3 0 1.52
2015 Weyburn 3.94 8 1 45.2 45 38 17 4 26 20 4 2 0 1.36
2016 Weyburn 4.03 5 0 29 32 29 12 1 15 13 3 1 0 1.52
2017 Weyburn 2.70 6 0 33.1 23 41 23 2 10 10 5 1 0 1.38
2018 Weyburn 2.80 6 0 35.1 26 57 18 2 19 11 3 1 0 1.25
2018 Lubbock Christian 3.30 13 - 79 58 59 34 7 37 29 6 5 0 1.17
2019 Lubbock Christian 2.54 16 - 106.1 83 117 39 7 36 30 13 2 0 1.15

Video Highlights


Phil Curtis

Calgary Bucks, Organization Head

Nathan Blackwood

Lubbock Christian University, Head Coach

Ryan is one of the best LHP’s we’ve ever had come through this program. His work ethic combined with his ability and character are what makes him so good. His fastball usually sits around 90-91, but he touches 94 and certainly has an outstanding slider and changeup to go with his velocity. He won 13 games in a row for us in one of the toughest NCAA D2 conferences in the nation and achieved All-American honors as well as the conference pitcher of the year. He knows how to work hard, and always did, yet his ability to have fun and be an outstanding teammate are among the things that I admired the most about him. He was always a fun guy to be around and yet was very respectful not only to me but to all of his coaches and his teammates. I can see Ryan being successful at whatever challenge is put in front of him, just because of who he is.

Wayne Ough

Solingen Alligators, Manager

I have no problem recommending RJ to any club! He would be in my mind one of the best two-way guys in Europe this season.

It was a bit of a rush job getting him over here last year so I would have loved to give him more time preparing for his starts so I felt a bit bad just throwing him in the fire straight off the plane.

But he was a champ, never complained, and always did what was best for the team.
Then he told me he hits a little and so we took a look at him the next practice and man he blew my mind.

Some of the easiest pop I’ve seen from a left-hand hitter. Plate discipline was so impressive considering he hadn’t hit in a game for 1 year and a half.

Hit around .400 and was equal leader with 3 hr ( only hit in 10 games )
The dude is an athlete

We had him 88-92mph on the gun tops 93-94 mph I believe.
Good change and plus breaking pitch.
Has the potential to be a top starter in any league and with his bat I can see RJ hanging around Europe with top teams for a while if he chooses to.

Off the field he was never a problem, always asking to help out in the club. Can also coach a youth team. Just your typical all-round super nice, highly competitive, and denim-wearing Canadian. 😀😀

But honestly, I told him before he left he is crazy if he doesn’t come back to Europe. We just can’t afford another import this year due to corona but he would be one of the first guys I would contact if we change our situation

I think a team like Draci or maybe Ostrava ( ball flys out ) would suit him. He would love the setup at Draci for sure.

Additional Info

Playing Preferences: Europe Semi-pro (ie. Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France etc.), Europe Pro (Italy, The Netherlands), Australia Semi-pro (State Leagues), Australia Pro (Australian Baseball League), Asia Pro (Japan, Korea, Taiwan), Latin America pro (Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, DR, etc)


Living preferences: Private living arrangement (apartment to self), Shared living arrangement, own bedroom, Shared living arrangement, shared bedroom


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Prior engagements: If borders open up(USA) I’m in a wedding party for a family member.  late June.


Recent injuries/illnesses: no


Traveling with a companion: No


Educational background: 5 years of education with Biology/education background.