Speedster OF/Relief Pitcher Seeking Team In Europe or Australia; Willing to Pay Flights | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Speedster OF/Relief Pitcher Seeking Team In Europe or Australia; Willing to Pay Flights

Name: Ryan Chesney

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 186 lbs.

DOB: April 22, 1997

Status Available

Date Available: March 13, 2019

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: CF

Positions (alt): RP, RF, LF

College: N/A

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Preferred Communication Tool: Text

I consider myself a humble person, writing about myself is not something that is a strength of mine. That being said I am an extremely hard working and competitive person. My entire family is in a union, including my 77-year-old grandfather who still goes to work today. I myself have joined a union out of high school because that was the opportunity available to me at that time. I have gotten my hard working personality by being raised by hard working people. Growing up I started playing baseball as young as three years old, and continued to play through high school. I began attending showcases at just eighteen years old trying to make something happen. At twenty years old I signed my first contract to the Old Orchard Beach Surge organization which is a part of the Empire League. The reason I am even writing to you now is because I enjoy playing baseball wherever that may be.

In order to feel confident enough to apply I have made plenty of personal sacrifices. As a union member I would workout at the gym for roughly two hours after my work day, not including cage work. I have hired a personal coach who played for and managed a team out of the CAN-AM League to help my game at a professional level. I have studied and gained my certificate as a personal trainer to understand and maximize my workouts. I have played at multiple professional winter leagues which I funded on my own. When I do practice I focus on working on fundamentals, good fundamentals produce good form and a good performance. When the pitcher releases the ball from his hand all my work goes into aiming my swing, I don’t think I just react. And after I connect, sprint to first base, and catch my breath with my heart still pumping I finally have time to think about what just happened. I live for that moment.

I have been told by teammates that they love to feed off of my energy. I am a high energy person when it comes to winning. When we are down on the scoreboard I remain confident, and use that time to encourage my teammates to change the momentum. I cherish the bonds I have created with my teammates through the years, many of them became so close to me I consider them family. I can not picture myself doing anything else except playing baseball right now, and I have and will continue to put in the work to make that happen. I would like to thank you for your consideration in accepting me into baseball overseas, and if you deem me fit I very much look forward to speaking with you in the future.

Abilities summary: gap to gap hitter/6.4 60 yard dash/four seam, two seam, circle change

Playing Experience

2017 Puerto Rico Islanders Peurto Rico Instructional Baseball League Starting CF, 1-3 in lineup
2018 Old Orchard Beach Surge Empire League Starting RF, Rotation in the lineup
2019 Puerto Rico Islanders Peurto Rico Instructional Baseball League Rotation in OF, Rotation in lineup


Pro Batting

2018 Old Orchard Beach Surge 17 58 8 14 1 1 0 5 7 19 5 1 .241 .323 .328

College/Amateur Batting

2017 Puerto Rico Islanders 12 24 8 9 2 0 0 3 5 7 9 0 .375 .483 .458
2019 Puerto Rico Islanders 21 51 3 13 0 1 0 3 7 14 2 1 .255 .339 .294

Video Highlights


Jim Hayes

Manager, Old Orchard Beach Surge

Ryan is a solid player, outstanding morale character, and has a strong work ethic and knowledge of the game. He has come to our Puerto Rico camps twice and played for me last year in the Empire Professional Baseball League. He will be an asset for whoever he signs with. His level of play is Division 1 for overseas. I have been around the, baseball jobs overseas(IBC) for sometime and have sent players to your program before. I also have had talks with David Burns and recently when he was here on the west coast, dinner with Jimmy Jensen.

Carlos Nunez

GM, Puerto Rico Islanders

Jay Rivera


He’s my good friend from a team I played with in Florida. The guy is a straight up athlete, fast outfielder with a good arm. Won’t be a big homerun guy but will split the gaps and steal bases. Ideally I’d see him as a 1-2 hole guy who starts things up. As a clubhouse guy, he’s always pumped up and wants to win games.

Additional Info

Living preferences: Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with teammates in a shared bedroom, Living with a host family

Status: Single

Prior engagements: no

Ever convicted of a felony? No

Recent injuries/illnesses: No

Traveling with a companion: No