Available 2023-24 Winter! NCAA Division I Pitcher, MIF/OF/Two-Way with over 300 IP and 80 Career Hits | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Available 2023-24 Winter! NCAA Division I Pitcher, MIF/OF/Two-Way with over 300 IP and 80 Career Hits

Name: Regan Dias

Height: 160cm

Weight: 57kg

DOB: April 15, 2000

Date Available: October 1, 2024

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: 2B, SP, RP, RF, CF

Positions (alt): Youth Coach, SS, OF, RP, LF

College: Santa Clara University

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As an athlete overall I bring athleticism, versatility, intelligence, and competitiveness. I switched between starting pitcher and starting shortstop and occasionally center field my entire career leading up to college. In college, I switched between starting as a pitcher, every outfield position, and second base all throughout my career.

As a pitcher, I am able to field my position very effectively and make heads up plays that others may not. My ability to cover bunts allowed my college team to comfortably have either first base or third base stay home instead of crashing every single time, which opened up possibilities for pick-off plays. Even though I am short, I am strong, quick and explosive which allows me to pitch 60-64mph. With my height, I have to take a different approach to intimidating hitters, so I mix speeds, pitches, and locations to keep hitters uncomfortable and off balance in the box.

As an infielder, I have range, make quick first steps, and am willing to put my body on the line. I am also able to execute the various throws that different plays call for, and am able to make reads on flyballs over my head and into the outfield.

As a hitter, I can hit for power, execute short game, and bunt for hits. My success comes from trusting my hands, hitting the ball where it is pitched, and keeping the ball on a line. I go with the outside pitch well, and I also have speed and intelligence on the bases and am always looking to steal extra bases.

As an outfielder, my speed and willingness to dive allow me to cover a lot of ground and have a wide range. Having infield experience gives me an advantage in the outfield as well, especially in right field, by allowing me to throw out hitters running to first on a ball that goes through the 3-4 hole. I have also made multiple double plays from the outfield by back-picking and doubling off runners that take too far of leads. My college career let me develop confidence in using my voice when calling for balls and gaining a better understanding of my range.

I like to lead by example but also give help and mentorship. I have had many of my teammates tell me that my work ethic and the way I push myself by giving everything I have inspires them to do the same. My teammates do not have to question my passion, effort, work ethic, or commitment. I also care very deeply for those I play with, and feel that grinding alondside your teammates is part of what provides that connection. When it’s time to practice, play, or do anything softball-related we are all a team and I don’t believe that outside issues should carry over.

I am also a believer in healthy competition, and the effort I bring on a daily basis helps foster a competitive environment for those willing to compete with and against me. I also love helping and connecting with people, and have stayed extra and/or come back to give extra reps to teammates many times. Being a coach to young players has taught me how to break down and teach skills in simple yet effective ways, and I have been able to teach some of my younger teammates skills they were trying to learn in this same manner. I also believe the game is and should be fun, and for me, knowing I have put in the work and prepared myself is what helps me trust myself and have fun come gametime.


Career highlights

2020 – Gave my new head coach her first career win as a head coach; 1 hit, complete game shutout
2021 – First program win against Stanford and against a Pac 12 team; I pitched a complete game, 2 hit shutout, issued 1 walk and struck out 4 batters.
2022 – BYU conference series, BYU TV Brady Industries Impact Player
2023 – I came in for relief against Cal Berkely (top 30 team at the time) and pitched 6 shutout innings to keep my team in the game and to take it to the 11th inning.
2023 – Personal lowest career ERA

Team broke the single-season win record 3 of my 5 college seasons (2019, 2022, 2023)
Stole 29 bases and was caught stealing only once.
Over 300 collegiate innings pitched.


Overseas Goals

I want to continue to love, learn, and grow the game. I know in my heart that I am not ready to hang up the cleats even though I am done with college, and that I can and will continue to develop myself as a player and person. I am not satified with how my college career ended, and know I have more to give to the game.

I want to take my career overseas because I think there is always more to learn. I value information and knowledge, and believe that I can expand and improve my understanding of softball by playing in a different country.

After my season ended, I continued to train just as if I still had games to play. I would go to the field with one of my teammates and take reps multiple times a week. I have also stayed in excellent physical shape. For strength training, I have been following Army Special Operation Combat Fitness Programs utilitzed by 3rd Ranger Batallion of the United States Army (access to them provided to me by my significant other). They are various 6-8 week long programs, each with a different focus of fitness, such as power edurance, explosiveness, single-leg power, etc. I also workout with a D1 sprinter to maintain sprinting speed, and run distance as an additional way to keep up my conditioning and endurance.

I have contacted local colleges to throw batting practice to their players to keep my arm live and in pitching shape. I am also consistently thinking critically about pitching, fielding, and hitting skills when I create drills for my players to do, and I save those same drills for myself as well. I utilitze tennis balls to work on short-hops and picks, and have a 4 seam spinner to practice my spins to keep the spin and movement on my pitches efficient.



Playing Experience

2018-23 Santa Clara University NCAA Division I Starting pitcher, relief pitcher, starting RF, starting CF, starting LF. Labeled as utility, so my positions changed throughout my career.

Coaching Experience

2018-23 Camp Coach SCU Recruitment Camps Youth/High School Worked with youth player ages 10-18 to teach and develop various softball skills including pitching, hitting, bunting, proper outfield and infield footwork, baserunning, throwing on the run, and communication.
Summer 2023 Volunteer Coach San Jose Sparks Youth Worked with girls ages 8-10 to teach throwing, hitting, catching, fielding, softball intelligence, and confidence.
2021-Present Instructor Private Lessons Youth Work individually with players ages 8-14 to develop pitching, hitting, fielding, throwing mechanics and skills, power, explosiveness, and confidence.


College/Amateur Batting

2019 Santa Clara University 48 130 18 34 4 2 0 21 21 25 12 1 .262 .372 .323
2020 Santa Clara University 7 20 3 7 2 0 1 3 1 1 1 0 .350 .381 .600
2021 Santa Clara University 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000
2022 Santa Clara University 49 126 18 25 2 1 1 11 18 15 11 0 .198 .299 .254
2023 Santa Clara University 41 80 11 16 1 1 0 7 9 14 5 0 .200 .301 .238
Total Santa Clara University 155 356 50 82 9 4 2 42 49 55 29 1 .230 .331 .295

College/Amateur Pitching

2019 Santa Clara University 4.15 21 6 118.0 159 34 50 14 93 70 9 9 0 1.771
2020 Santa Clara University 1.05 2 2 20.0 14 4 7 1 3 3 3 0 0 1.050
2021 Santa Clara University 5.33 7 4 44.2 58 12 18 3 36 34 1 6 2 1.719
2022 Santa Clara University 5.83 11 3 66.0 105 20 29 5 71 55 4 10 0 2.030
2023 Santa Clara University 4.16 6 2 62.1 71 19 17 9 49 37 2 5 0 1.417
Total Santa Clara University 4.48 47 17 311.0 407 89 121 32 252 199 19 30 2 1.698

Video Highlights


These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Lisa Dodd

Santa Clara University Softball, Former Head Coach

Bri Kanz

Santa Clara University Assistant Athletic Director, Sports Performance

Regan is a highly driven individual. Her work ethic is unmatched. She was always the first and last person in the weight room and always looking to put in extra work. Her passion for the sport is shown through her actions and accomplishments. She has the ability to problem solve and think outside the box to get things done. Regan would be a huge asset to any team she is a part of.

TJ Jolicoeur

Santa Clara University Softball, Former Coach

I often told other coaches I would take a roster full of Regan Dias clones. There are lots of versatile players, but then there is Regan Dias. She can dominate in the circle, the outfield and the infield. Arguably my best outfielder and at the same time our best infielder at Santa Clara University. Versatile enough to excel at virtually any position except maybe catcher. And with her competitiveness, I wouldn’t be shocked to see her volunteer to strap on the gear and have a go at it. Her level of passion to not just succeed, but to do so at a high level is a defining trait. Disciplined, committed, persistent and intelligent. Regan is a joy to coach and to be around on the field, off the field, in the dugout and in the weight room. Dedication to her teammates and willingness to help anyone on the roster is also of great importance for her. I can say with complete confidence that any team who passes on Regan Dias will regret it when they are in the other dugout. After her playing career is over, I would hire Regan in a moment to be an assistant coach. I would hire her in a moment to represent my company. I would want her on the front line to defend my country. Regan has outstanding character and she will succeed at whatever she chooses to do.

You may be filling 1 roster spot and a starting position with Regan Dias, but you are getting a quality backup for virtually EVERY starting position. Do not pass on adding her to your team.

Additional Info

Playing preferences: Europe Semi-pro (ie. Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France etc.), Europe Pro (Italy, The Netherlands), Australia Semi-pro (State Leagues), Australia Pro (Australian Baseball League), New Zealand Semi-pro, South Africa Semi-pro, Asia Pro (Japan, Korea, Taiwan), Latin America pro (Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, DR, etc)


Living preferences: Private living arrangement (apartment to self), Shared living arrangement, own bedroom, Shared living arrangement, shared bedroom, Give me a floor, pillow and a mat to sleep on, Host Family


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Prior engagements: No


Traveling with a companion: No


Educational background: B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in Classics