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NCAA DI Softball Catcher with Extensive Youth Coaching Experience Seeking Team Overseas

Name: Olivia Huffman

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 155 lbs

DOB: January 21, 1997

Status Available

Date Available: October 15, 2019

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: C

Positions (alt): 1B, OF, RF, CF, LF

College: Ball State University

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I have many strengths in the game of softball and have as many mental assets as I do physical, if not more.  I see the ball very well; I use this to my advantage and get on base a lot. I am also able to steal bases, often making a lead-off walk as good as a double.  My on-base percentage combined with my ability to hit for power makes me a very productive hitter and a threat at any spot in the lineup. I am a threat on the bases, as well, because I steal bases and am a smart baserunner who gets great jumps and reads. 

I am an excellent receiver and I am able to get a big strike zone behind the plate.  I’m also great at stopping the ball, whether with my glove or my body, to keep runs from scoring or runners from advancing.  I have a great arm and a quick transfer; my pop time gets as low as 1.78 and in-game I generally live 1.85-1.90. I also bring knowledge and experience in pitch-calling and am able to work to my pitchers’ strengths.  I work well with a diverse pitching staff and am proficient in managing different skill sets, personalities, and playing styles. I also have strong leadership ability and was a team captain for my Junior and Senior years. 

In addition to playing, I have extensive youth coaching experience, both on teams and in lesson/clinic settings. I am passionate about coaching and teaching young people about this great game, and I would be an asset to any program looking to stimulate a love for softball in young players.

Abilities summary: Strong defensive catcher with superior blocking, receiving, and throwing skills. 

Pop time: 1.85.

Strong pitch calling ability, high-level game knowledge, leadership skills.

High OBP with good speed, hits for power.

Playing Experience

2015-16 University of South Dakota NCAA DI Backup Catcher/DH
2016-19 Ball State University NCAA DI 3 Year Starting Catcher

Coaching Experience

2014-16 Softball Clinic Instructor S&C Sports Services Academy Coached groups (10-30) young girls ages 5-16 in throwing, base-running, outfield, and catching. Altered the level of instruction to that of the players
2015-18 Assistant Coach 10U/12U Hudson Boosters MN Fastpitch Softball helped coach young girls on a specific team in fielding, hitting, and base-running during their summer seasons
2016-19 Softball Clinic Instructor Ball State University NCAA D1 Collaborated with other instructors to create a cohesive, thorough learning environment and equipped 15-60 players per clinic with a complete understanding of each softball drill
2018-19 Hitting/Catching Instructor 5 Tool Academy Academy Designs and hosts individual lessons, small group classes (3-5 athletes) and team practices (10-12 athletes), ages 7-13, with programs to help improve athletes hitting, catching, and mental skills in the context of softball
2016 Assistant Softball coach - 16U Midwest Speed Summer Club Softball - PGF Helped design and run practices for athletes ages 14-17, also coached first base and assisted with administrative details for team.


College/Amateur Batting

2016 South Dakota 22 43 3 9 1 0 1 5 4 14 0 0 .209 .292 .302
2017 Ball State 56 102 17 13 2 0 2 11 24 29 9 0 .127 .355 .206
2018 Ball State 51 112 22 25 4 0 3 15 33 32 9 2 .223 .436 .339
2019 (in progress) Ball State 42 59 14 5 1 0 2 7 21 22 6 0 .085 .357 .203

Video Highlights


Megan Ciolli Bartlett

Ball State University, Head Coach

Olivia is a dream to coach. She is hard working, helpful and has great leadership skills. She is a very smart player! Olivia is an excellent defensive catcher and can call her own game. She is also a powerful hitter and understands the mechanics of the swing. She is well traveled and will assimilate into any culture; she’s very easy to get along with.

Josh Johnson

Ball State University, Associate Head Coach

Mitch Roberts

Ball State University, Assistant Coach

Additional Info

Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with a host family


Relationship status:


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Prior engagements: Yes: graduation. July 20, 2019


Recent injuries/illnesses: September 2017 – December 2017: Concussion due to car accident
May 2017 – torn labrum, right shoulder. Treated with physical therapy.


Traveling with a companion: No