Canadian Head Coach with Pro Managerial experience – Signed for 2023 | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Canadian Head Coach with Pro Managerial experience – Signed for 2023

Name: Nolan Cherniwchan

Height: 167.6cm

Weight: 102kg

DOB: August 4, 1982

Date Available: July 14, 2021

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: Coach

Positions (alt): Coach, Youth Coach

College: Williston State College

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From a young age I have always wanted to learn more, to expand my knowledge of the game. I have always enjoyed breaking things down, and helping my teammates get better with advice on hitting or baserunning. I have always been a student of the game.

I wasn’t the best player on the teams I played for, but I was usually one of the more heads up players, taking the extra base, making heads up plays in the field, always being aware of what was going on. I didn’t have colleges knocking down my door, but I attended a Cincinnati Reds Try Out in 2001, and the scouts liked what they saw, and suggested areas in the US to go play college ball.

I am looking for a coaching opportunity to further my career, and stay in the game.  My coaching experience is in the areas of hitting, infielding, baserunning, and 1st base coach. I can also work with pitchers and catchers if needed. I am also the main batting practice thrower for the team that I coach. At this point in my career I am more coach than player. I am also open to signing for multiple years.

Member of the American Baseball Coaches Association

Attended The Baseball Bureau Scout School October 2019

Courses taken from Sports Management World Wide – Baseball GM & Scouting, Coaching at the Next Level

References from former players available upon request.

Playing Experience

2001/2002 Williston State College NJCAA
2002 Sturgeon Rustlers NCABL
2004-05 Edmonton Angels Sunburst League
2006-2007 Weskatenau Chiefs NCABL
2015-16 Sturgeon Paladins NCABL

Coaching Experience

2000 Assistant Hitting/INF Coach Baseball Canada Winter Camp 8-14 Year Olds
2003 Hitting/1B Coach St. Albert Cardinals U15 Hitting/INF/1B Coach of 12-14 year olds
2009-10 Hitting/INF/1B Coach St. Albert Cardinals U18 15-19 Year Olds
2010-11 Assistant Coach Prospects Academy Fall/Winter 10-14 Year Olds
2018, 2019 Manager Garden City Wind Pecos League Hitting, INF/OF defence, baserunning, strategy, recruitment, pitching, catching, BP structuring, 1 on 1 coaching, media interviews
2020 Hitting/Defense/base running coach Edmonton Padres 18u AAA Hitting, team defense, baserunning, catching, BP structuring, 1 on 1 coaching
2021-22 Coach Sherwood Park Minor Baseball Association 15u AA Gold team
2021-23 Head Coach and Baseball Director ATHX Baseball Academy Youth


Phil Ramos

Whitesands Pupfish Pitcher

I played under Nolan Cherniwchan for the Garden City Wind for the 2018 season of the 2018 Pecos League of Professional Baseball. From day one you could see that Nolan’s Love for the game was strong. He was dedicated to working with players and help them to improve to move up to the next level. A terrific players manager with an open door policy, Nolan was very easy to approach and discuss with all aspects of baseball, he highly respects is players input into the game. Whether it was players showing up for early work, or staying after games to work on little aspects of the game, Nolan was always present and ready to hit fungos and throw BP, and was always last one to leave the office. Throughout the course of a long season, Nolan’s support and belief in his players never waivered, and his professionalism was excellent.

David Gallagher

Player at Garden City Wind

I will always consider (Nolan) as a manager I loved playing for. He has a good understanding of the game and trusts his players.

He provides a clubhouse environment that allows players to thrive and excel. His “open door” policy allows his players to take responsibility for their careers but he is also willing to keep his players accountable.

Nolan is devoted to learning and growing as a coach and he fosters a “growth mindset” in his players as well.

It was a pleasure and I consider myself lucky for the opportunity Nolan gave me.

Sean Erikson

Prospects Academy, Assistant Coach

Additional Info

Need to return home by: Anytime

Abilities: Baseball IQ, bunting, fielding, hitting, baserunning

Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with a host family

Salary: Monthly Salary that provides a decent standard of living-living situation will be taken into account

Status: Single

Prior engagements: Not as of yet

Recent injuries/illnesses: No