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OF/2B Seeking Team Overseas for 2020; Willing to Pay Flights

Name: Neiko Sigona

Height: 5'11"cm

Weight: 185 lbskg

DOB: September 3, 1993

Date Available: October 1, 2019

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: Coach, OF, RF, CF, LF

Positions (alt): Youth Coach, 2B

College: Holy Names University

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Finally putting together all the pieces it requires to be a well-rounded ball player. I grew up idolizing Eric Byrnes for how hard he ran 90’s (went to the same high school as him and played under the same coach) and how he threw so hard that he would fall/roll over. I was always a contact hitter/small-ball player but recently developed pop at the batting cages/work (went full-in on the launch angle hysteria and came out much better/more powerful) and am now a gap-to-gap power threat. Speed has always been my favorite attribute (ran as low as a 6.61 60 and intend to beat that with my current training) as is small ball; I have been obsessed with drag bunting since I was 9 years old after learning how to handle that bat to avoid all the strikeouts I had the year before.  
    Fielding used to be an afterthought to hitting (which got me benched in college) and it wasn’t until making a diving catch in adult league softball that I finally realized how fun defense is. Then, after studying a myriad of videos of the big leaguers, I finally learned how to properly dive which allows me to look to take away hits every time I am in the field.  My arm has drastically improved from the old wet noodle I used to have, thanks in part to Jaeger bands, youtube throwing drills and a plethora of baseball shoulder workouts. I have also changed my footwork at the behest of scouts/coaches in order to be more fluid and “smoother” when receiving/getting rid of the ball. I love to run the bases and wreak havoc on the base paths as long as I don’t distract my teammate batting. A walk to me is an invitation to get myself to 3rd base and I love getting the pitcher in the stretch/weakened for my teammate.
  Baseball is my life. I study, practice, eat, talk and sleep baseball. I stupidly walked away from the sport in college after injuries and my mental issues kept me from ever being 100% on the field. In December 2017, I changed my diet as a mental/physical challenge and went vegan and drastically cut down on my inflammation and excess body weight while packing on more lean muscle than ever. Being in the best shape of my life helps tremendously with my hitting, throwing and start/stop speed and ties in directly to me being a better ball player. When I take cold showers, I picture the dirtiest curveball coming to me in a hitters count just to prepare for that inevitable moment. Short story long, everything I do now is with baseball in mind and I would love to be allowed to have that be the case this upcoming season! Thank you

Abilities summary: Speedy Outfielder with pop and good arm. Love to dive and take away hits as much as stealing bases and putting myself in scoring position. Student of the game (recently restructured my entire mental approach/batting/throwing mechanics off of hours of youtube research), extremely competitive, gym/cage rat and overall baseball addict. 6.61: fastest 60, 400+ foot HR’s to LF, LC and RC in last 2 years.

Videos: Multiple videos through this link. Updated videos coming soon.


Playing Experience

2012-13 St. Martin's University NCAA DII Backup OF (Injured)
2013 San Mateo Rounders Pacific West Baseball League OF
2013-14 Holy Names University NCAA DII Backup OF/Pinch Runner

Coaching Experience

2004-09 Assistant Coach Little League
2014-18 Coach Private Lessons Private Coach in SF Bay Area
2014-18 Coach JCCSF Teeball
2016 Head Coach Town School for Boys 5th Grade
2016-18 Assistant Coach SF Junior Generals


College/Amateur Batting

2013 Rounders 20 53 6 9 3 0 0 3 10 25 5 1 .170 .313 .226

College/Amateur Pitching

2013 Rounders 0.00 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1.00


These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Ernie Sarinana

Head of San Jose Baseball Training Center

This is a great idea for Neiko to go play overseas. Neiko played for our club team in his high school years. Was a quick fat outfielder with an average arm. He was a strong kid with potential in his bat. Overall he is a good kid and he has potential. Work ethic and hard working player is what he has. He would be a good pickup for any team.

Kyle Stewart

GM/minority owner of Batter's Box SF/Head Coach of Junior Generals

Neiko is a true gamer who bleeds baseball. He has coached in my batting cage for 3 years and has played on my team for just as long. His work ethic on and off the field is strong, especially in the gym as he has taken his body to new heights within the past year via diet and exercise. From a scouting standpoint I would peg Neiko as the following: + power + speed + arm + defense +/- approach We just played in the amateur world series last weekend, facing pitchers in the low 80's and Neiko had solid contact majority of the time and was not over matched at all. Neiko and I will continue to make a few adjustments to his swing tailored to more elite pitching but I am confident he can play ball at a high level when given the opportunity. Let me know if you have any other questions, I am happy to help in this process.

Adam Koontz

Diving Ducks Wiener Neustadt, player/coach

I’ve had the opportunity of coaching and playing with Niko and no player has made bigger strides in the past 3 years than this guy. He has completely reworked his game, is hitting for more power and has far more mental toughness. Great player and person. Would also be a big help with coaching.

Additional Info

Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with teammates in a shared bedroom, Living with a host family


Status: Single


Prior engagements: no


Ever convicted of a felony? No


Recent injuries/illnesses:


Traveling with a companion: No