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Canadian Two-Way Player Looking to Extend Career Overseas in 2021

Name: Michael McKay

Height: 183cm

Weight: 75kg

DOB: March 5, 1997

Date Available: April 1, 2021

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: L

Positions: OF, SP, RP, RF, CF, LF

Positions (alt): 1B

College: St. Clair College

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2 years of college ball for St Clair College in Ontario. Lifetime 0.327 hitter with a 0.478 OBP. Final year hit 0.415 with a 0.529 OBP leading to teams Top Hitter award and OCAA League All-Star. Helped team to National College Title.

Final year of U21 Baseball hit 0.433 with a 0.541 OBP in 23 games. While hitting 2 homeruns along with 14 rbis, also helped team by throwing 35.1 innings racking up 45 strikeouts with a 4-2 record.

Rookie year of Senior Baseball in the New Brunswick Senior Baseball League 0.267 average with a 0.566 OBP good for second in the league. Started in left field during the Men’s Baseball national helping the team to win the title on home soil hitting 0.275 with a 0.471 OBP.

Left-Handed pitcher willing to start or come off the bench.

  • 2 seam (82-83 mph)
  • Cutter
  • Change up
  • 12-6 curve

*(velos to be updated)

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Can hit for average to all fields, with surprising pop. On-base percentage always highest thought due to base running threat.


Overseas goals:

  • Extend my career a little longer before hanging them up
  • Experience new cultures and meet new people
  • Use my knowledge and experience to help grow the game globally
  • Stay active during the offseason in a winter league

Playing Experience

2016-18 Junior Ironmen New Brunswick Junior Baseball League Starting CF/ Starting Pitcher, Leadoff/3- hitter
2017-20 St. Clair College Ontario Colleges Athletic Association Starting 1B, 3 hitter
2019 Chatham Ironmen New Brunswick Senior Baseball League OF/Relief Pitcher, 9-hitter

Coaching Experience

2016 Head Coach Miramichi Minor Ball Youth Ran own summer camp for kids ages 10 to 16
2018 Assistant Coach Miramichi Valley High School High School Hitting/Pitching coach, First Base Coach


College/Amateur Batting

2018 St. Clair 18 45 16 10 2 0 0 9 10 2 9 1 .222 .422 .267
2018 U21 Chatham 23 67 22 29 8 3 2 14 11 6 10 0 .433 .541 .731
2019 Chatham 32 60 12 16 5 0 1 12 8 N/A 5 N/A .267 .436 .400
2020 St. Clair 18 53 19 22 3 2 1 7 8 7 9 1 .415 .529 .604

College/Amateur Pitching

2019 U21 Chatham 3.57 - - 35.1 33 45 12 2 31 18 4 2 0 1.27
2019 Chatham 5.25 - - 10.2 8 11 10 - 8 8 0 1 0 1.76


These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Dave Cooper

St Clair College, Head Coach

Michael McKay played for me at St. Clair College in the fall of 2017 and 2019. He was highly recommended by a former player who had moved to New Brunswick for baseball and job opportunities.

In 2017 Michael arrived and enrolled in power engineering, which was academically more demanding than the average course load.
He excelled, as well as meeting all the athletic requirements.

He proved to be a throwback style player as far as work ethic and skill set.

He is very versatile on defense. He can play any outfield position because of his speed and arm, he is a talented first baseman who proved to be a weapon with everything he brought to that position.

As well he is a pitcher (left-handed) who can throw good strikes with an off-speed and breaking pitch to go along with 82 to 83 mph fastball.

Offensively he batted 3rd in our lineup, where is consistent barrels up balls to all fields, his walk to strikeout rate is 5 to1.

He has far above-average speed and runs the bases well.

He has a very high baseball IQ which is another asset that makes him an above-average player at any amateur level.

We won the Ontario College Championship and the Canadian College Championship with him being a major part of our success.

Michael went into the work world in 2018 and actually won a senior men's championship with his local team from Chatham NewBrunswick, then returned to me in 2019 to further his education.
Again, with a year of body development and maturing got even better and led our team in 4 offensive categories.

As a person, Micheal is a great teammate with a fine personality and great morals. His work ethic and focus are impeccable. He will bring many attributes to any community. Wherever he ends up he will do a great job on and off the field.

I would highly recommend Michael Mckay.

Tristan Bouchat

St Clair College, Assistant Coach

Terry Leggatt

Chatham Junior Ironmen, Head Coach

I coached Michael for 3 years from when he was 18 until he was 21 years old. I have had the opportunity to coach hundreds of kids in New Brunswick throughout the years but I can honestly say that Mike was probably the best kid I've had the opportunity to coach!

Even when Mike was in his rookie year he was obviously the best athlete and player on the team but was very modest about his attributes. His work ethic was second to nobody on the team, he was always the first one at the field... in fact, we had to give him his own key to the park because he was there most times an hour before practice. To this day he still has his own key and can be easily trusted with access to the facilities.

I am sure through the league websites that you can access Mike's offensive and pitching numbers but they do not say enough about him. He always batted in the 1, 2, or 3 hole in his entire career as a young adult. I know the term five-tool player gets thrown around a little too much but Mike is honestly very close to a five-tool player and his power numbers are just starting to rise over the last two years. To go along with being a five-tool player he was always one or two in the pitching rotation and would give you a very gutsy and clutch innings.

As you can see I am very high on Michael as a baseball player but one of his bigger assets is that he shows such great quiet leadership. Every player would look up to Mike for guidance and that even happened when he was a rookie. He is a very coachable young man with a fantastic attitude and probably one of the best baseball IQs I have ever dealt with...he would be a huge asset to any program!

Additional Info

Playing Preferences: Europe (Summer), Asia (Summer), Australia (Winter), New Zealand (Winter), Latin America (Winter), South Africa (Winter)


Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with a host family


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Prior engagements: N/a


Recent injuries/illnesses: N/a


Traveling with a companion: Perhaps for a short term visit