Strike-Throwing, Sidearm Pitcher with a 2.63 collegiate ERA Seeking Team in Europe for 2020 season. | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Strike-Throwing, Sidearm Pitcher with a 2.63 collegiate ERA Seeking Team in Europe for 2020 season.

Name: Matthew McDonald

Height: 5'9"/175.26 CMcm

Weight: 165 lbs/75 KGkg

DOB: November 25, 1996

Date Available: June 1, 2019

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: SP, RP

Positions (alt): Utl, SP, RP, RF, LF

College: Linfield College

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Abilities Summary: Sidearm Right-handed pitcher. 2-seam fastball (80-83), change-up (68-72), and slider (70-74)

2019 Advanced Statistics:  Strike Pct. .696; First-Pitch Strikes Pct. .720; First-Pitch Strike Resulting in Out Pct, .699; First Pitch Strike Resulting in BB Pct. .010; Pitches Per Inning 14.0; Leadoff BB 0

Personal Statement: In the big game, I want the ball. And I have proven that I’m willing and ready to put in the work to be prepared for that moment.

Having attained my goal of being a collegiate pitcher and NCAA student-athlete through years of commitment and hard work, I am excited for the opportunity to play at the next level following the end of my collegiate career. I want not only to extend my competitive baseball career, but have the opportunity to see the world, have new experiences, and meet interesting people. An opportunity to play overseas is my No. 1 goal.

I am proud that my coaches will universally say that I’m both hard-working and coachable. I have earned every opportunity I have been provided, especially as an undersized pitcher who has always had to prove myself on the mound. I am also a supportive teammate with an absolute passion for the game.

I have extensive coaching experience at youth camps and with private instruction of young players. My ultimate career goal is to stay involved in the game as a coach and a teacher.

I have been playing baseball since I was 6 years old. When I began working with my cousin, a longtime minor league player, as a kid, my passion for the game grew, and it never waned.

I’m proud to say that I was two-time most valuable pitcher, and overall most valuable player on our high school team, with two all-league selections in the Diablo-Foothill Athletic League in Northern California. I was recruited by former World Series MVP Scott Brosius at Linfield College and took advantage of the opportunity to play for one of the nation’s best Division III baseball programs in a small-college setting that was the perfect fit for my academic goals.

In my first year at Linfield, the coaches asked me to drop my arm slot from a low 3/4 to sidearm, where it is currently. It was a challenging transition, but I worked diligently to make the change and found consistent success on the mound in my first two years in the program on the developmental roster. As a junior (third-year), I was promoted to the varsity roster and came in as a spot reliever and finished with a team-best ERA of 1.23. In my senior season, I appeared in 21 games which hasn’t been done at Linfield in the last 25 years. I also finished with a team-best ERA for the second year in a row. I’m a right-handed sidearm reliever who attacks hitters, throws strikes, and gets a ton of ground balls.


I enter the game in the 7th at 2:08:10. The 8th inning starts at 2:21:00, and the 9th inning of work begins at 2:36:04.



Playing Experience

2016-19 Linfield College NCAA DIII Relief Pitcher
2017 ThunderSox Baseball Club Collegiate League/Connie Mack Relief pitcher, Starting pitcher
2016 California Bees Baseball Club GSCBL Relief pitcher, Starting pitcher
2012-2015 Dublin High School North Coast Section Division II Starting pitcher, Outfielder Utility
2014 East Bay Rep Baseball Club Pre collegiate Starting pitcher

Coaching Experience

2016-Present Instructor Private Instruction Individual pitching and hitting instruction for youth players ages 12-18
2018 Camp Instructor Total Players Center (TPC) Pleasanton, CA Training Facilities Fall camp instructor for players ages 6-12
2016 Camp Counselor Skyhawks Sports Camps Dublin Recreation Department Worked as a summer camp counselor for baseball camps for youth ages 6-12
2012-2015 Camp instructor Dublin High School Baseball Camp Worked as a summer camp instructor for baseball camp for youth ages 8-14


College/Amateur Batting

2014 Dublin 18 40 33 12 0 0 0 8 4 10 2 0 .300 .383 .300

College/Amateur Pitching

2014 Dublin 2.78 10 4 58 56 19 15 14 36 23 4 3 0 1.22
2018 Linfield 1.23 0 0 14.2 18 6 6 3 10 2 1 0 0 1.64
2019 Linfield 3.24 0 0 33.1 37 17 5 4 18 12 1 0 0 1.27


These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Stan Manley

Linfield College, Head Coach

Matt McDonald has earned everything he’s achieved here at Linfield College both athletically and academically. His hard work and perseverance are shining example of what can happen when someone puts there mind, heart and soul into something. I appreciate him as a teammate, student and as someone I can count on to get the job done. I believe Matt would be an outstanding addition to Baseball Jobs Overseas as a player, youth coach and mentor to young athletes.

Andrew Lonsdale

Former ThunderSox Baseball Club Head Coach/Executive Director and Current San Lorenzo High School Head Coach

Matt McDonald is a side arm/submarine RHP pitcher. He is highly competitive when on the mound and will do anything to win. His FB is only 80-83, but it has a ton of arm side run, sink and deception due to his unique arm angle. He commands the fastball very well and has a slider and changeup to go with it. Matt has never been a problem and you would enjoy coaching him.

Jason Brosnan

Former Minor League Baseball Player/Former Director Colt45s Baseball Club

Through the years, I have worked with Matt McDonald on a regular basis on his pitching mechanics, game planning and preparation. He was and continues to be a student of the game, always striving to improve. He would be an asset to any organization he is part of, and would also continue to be a great teammate. Any organization that gets Matt would be a getting a great person, hard-working, smart young man. I highly recommend him.

Additional Info

Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with teammates in a shared bedroom, Living with a host family

Status: Single

Prior engagements: No

Ever convicted of a felony? No

Recent injuries/illnesses: No

Traveling with a companion: No