Player-coach (LHP,OF,1B) that throws from 2 slots *Experienced youth and collegiate coach* (free agent for 2022) | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Player-coach (LHP,OF,1B) that throws from 2 slots *Experienced youth and collegiate coach* (free agent for 2022)

Name: Marcus Fukuhara

Height: 5'8"cm

Weight: 72kgskg

DOB: January 12, 1995

Date Available: January 1, 2022

Will Pay Flight

Bats: L

Throws: L

Positions: Coach, Youth Coach, SP, RP

Positions (alt): 1B, OF

College: Menlo College, NAIA (D1)

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I’m a very competitive & passionate player when I step on the mound. By no means am I a flamethrower on the mound; I excel and pride myself on my ability to locate & throw all my pitches for strikes from both arm slots to force weak contact. I was primarily a reliever in college, however I’ve been transitioning into a starter since 2018. When I am hitting, I know my strength is not through hitting HRs, but instead getting base hits or walking to get on base and give my team a chance to score me. I pride myself on being able to lay down sac, push, or drag bunts.

Some highlights from my 2018-20 summer seasons in the States would definitely come from being able to pitch against some of the better collegiate teams in California; the Healdsburg Prune-packers & Yuba Sutter Gold Sox. Whose team rosters were full of all NCAA (D1)/MLB prospect type players. I was able to come out of the bullpen throwing strikes, getting weak contact, and a few K’s; by locating my pitches & keeping the hitters off balanced. The true experience was being able to throw against these MLB prospects in front of crowds of 1000-2000 fans.

A majority of my high-pressure situation pitching came from my 4 years at Menlo College, a small NAIA(D1) program that competed in some of the top conferences (Cascade Collegiate Conference & the Golden State Athletic Conference). I was my coach’s “secret weapon” for my entire college career. He loved to use me against the best prospects, primarily lefties, in the conference. This was because lefty hitters had difficulty picking up the my pitches from the different arm slots. I got some spare innings if the games dictated, but I primarily came out of the bullpen in close-score games/high pressure situations. I got great experience facing teams such as University of British Columbia/Lewis Clark State/Masters College/Westmont College/Sonoma State & Sacramento State. Even though I was a specialist, I got great experience from facing these MLB ‘draft’ prospects or All American Hitters. I was able to produce weak contact by keeping them off balanced with changing my tempo/arm slots.

A big and fun experience for me was pitching in our inter-squad games; primarily being because my teammates are the ones who know my pitches, tendencies, & have already seen me pitch multiple times. Another reason was in both 2016 & 2017 our team ranked top 5 out of all NAIAs in the country, hitting 80 & 97 HRs respectively. During our “prime” years, we had a handful of bounce back NCAA D1 athletes. My coach would make me face these best hitters almost every time in order to force me out smart them on the mound. So I was able to gain experience pitching against players like Lucas Erceg, Max Dutto, Joe Gillete, Julian Jarrard, & Daniel Comstock who all ended up in the MiLB.

Reasons for low stats: 

I ran into some injuries sophomore & junior year, which held me out for most of those falls’ seasons. I came back both years early in the season in order to be ready for playoffs later those years. Also being my coach’s secret weapon came with some flaws. As a lefty specialist/late inning guy; I was mainly coming in for an out or two. This is why I tended to have more appearances than innings pitched.

Playing Experience

2021 Hard Bulls (Hard, Austria) Baseball Bundesliga (D1) Starting OF, relief pitcher, and spot starter: -Game 1 I was the leadoff hitter and starting LF or RF. -For the second game I was a relief pitcher. -The one start I had this season came when we had a 3-game weekend.
2018-20' Orewa Sharks (Auckland, New Zealand) Premier League (D1) 2018-19 = Starting pitcher and OF: -Main position was the starting pitcher, when I came out of the game I was moved to centerfield. I also hit for myself, primarily in the 8 hole. 2019-20 = Starting pitcher, relief pitcher, 1B, and OF: -Main position was whatever the team needed me to do. We had a lot more pitchers this year so I primarily filled in to relieve and got a few spot starts to give our main starters a break. When I was not starting on the mound I was at 1B and occasionally in the OF. I hit for myself, generally in the 8 spot.
2018-20' Palo Alto Oaks Bay Area Collegiate League 2018 = Relief pitcher for the travel squad. -came in with the lead or in save situations as needed. 2019 = Relief pitcher and spot starter: -My main role to start the season was coming out of the pen in winning situations. After I established myself as one of the more consistent pitchers, I was given more opportunities to start. 2020 = Starting pitcher: -This year the BACL was not publicized due to covid-19. However we were still able to play 30 games and I was the game 2 starter for our top Oaks team. We entered one non-league game against the Oregon Rogues and I was a closer in 2 of the 4 games. ***unfortunately there are no stats for this season due to the league's covid-19 regulations***
2018 Palo Alto Oaks Bay Area Collegiate League Head coach of the Salty Dawgs, relief pitcher, starting pitcher, and centerfield: -I was the head coach of this team and only put myself in when we had no pitching left or needed to give some position players a rest. I primarily relieved but got a few spot starts when a pitcher no-showed. I only played OF to give a few 2-way players rest.
2014-17' Menlo College NAIA (D1) Relief pitcher and lefty specialist: -Came into the game during high pressure situations against the 'best' lefties in our conference. -Once I started to mix up my arm slots & was given opportunities to close out innings.

Coaching Experience

2021 Pitching Coach Hard Bulls Professional I managed and developed the: -daily plans -individual throwing drills -defensive drills -in game management of the bullpen
2020-21' Developmental Coach TKB Baseball Youth Handled practice plans and in game coaching: -created the dynamic warmup -developed training for infielders and outfielders -oversaw the pitchers' bullpens and throwing plans -managed the hitting drills -was 3B coach when needed
2021 Varsity Pitching Coach Carlmont Scotts High School I managed and developed the: -Daily plans -individual throwing drills -bullpen plans -pitch development sessions -defensive drills
2019-21' Developmental Coach NCS Baseball Academy Youth I managed the: -younger talent development -1 on 1 in depth training drills (pitching, hitting, and fielding)
2018-20' Head Coach Orewa Sharks (Auckland, New Zealand) Professional 2018-20: I managed to create a new system for the entire club. For the Sharks, I created the warm-up and practice plans for their: -Men's Premier team -19 under -16 under -and the 13 under A and B teams. Managed the field maintenance and field improvements for the club. For our youth games managed the line ups and gave signs from 3B. In 2019 I was chosen to help out with the Auckland 13U little league team as a pitching coach.
2018-20' Pitching Coach Palo Alto Oaks Collegiate I managed the Palo Alto Oaks' main team's pitchers. Aided with their daily: -dynamic warm ups -arm care routines -pitch development -pitching mechanics -in between innings I would chat with them and develop their game plan if needed.
2018 Head Coach Palo Alto Oaks Collegiate Was the head coach of the Salty Dawgs team (1st in league). -managed the practice plans and game day lineup. -I oversaw the team chat and had to send out report times with the dress code.
2016-17' Developmental Coach Menlo Park Legends Youth I managed the: -younger talent development -1 on 1 in depth training drills (pitching, hitting, and fielding) -helped with the lineup and managing of the games -help to setup and maintain the fields


Pro/Overseas Batting

2021 Hard Bulls 8 27 11 5 0 0 0 3 12 5 2 1 .185 .476 .185
2020 Orewa Sharks (regular season) 13 48 11 7 2 0 0 7 6 12 8 1 .146 .241 .214
2019 Orewa Sharks (national tournament) 4 10 0 3 0 0 0 2 2 0 4 0 .300 .417 .300
2019 Orewa Sharks (regular season) 14 46 8 9 1 0 0 5 13 15 2 4 .196 .393 .217

Pro/Overseas Pitching

2021 Hard Bulls 4.22 1 1 32.0 38 28 13 7 25 15 2 1 0 1.59
2020 Orewa Sharks (regular season) 4.50 2 0 14 18 19 9 0 14 9 1 1 1 1.93
2019 Orewa Sharks (regular season) 3.42 9 4 75.2 69 110 30 4 52 37 5 2 0 1.32

College/Amateur Pitching

2019 Palo Alto Oaks 2.74 2 0 23 15 25 11 2 18 7 0 3 0 1.13
2018 Salty Dawgs 3.75 2 1 36 33 21 15 5 27 15 2 1 0 1.47
2017 Menlo College 1.69 0 0 5.1 3 2 1 2 1 1 0 0 0 1.18
2016 Menlo College 9.00 0 0 2 7 2 0 2 3 2 0 0 0 4.50
2015 Menlo College 1.50 0 0 6 7 5 2 2 1 1 0 0 1 1.83
2014 Menlo College 8.44 0 0 5.1 7 3 3 0 8 5 0 0 0 1.96

Video Highlights


These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Jake Mckinley

Head Coach, William Jessup University

Marcus is a great person and player, he is very competitive when he steps on that mound. Early off he was a side arm pitcher whom i used for all the lefties in our conference, I felt comfortable using him in tense situations because i knew he could throw strikes.His Junior year he started to develop different deliveries towards the plate; both with his arm action and timing. Once he did this he was a lot nastier to hitters he faced.

Scott Price

Head Coach, Palo Alto Oaks

Marcus brings high energy everytime he steps on the field. He takes great care of his throwing arm and shares his knowledge with his teammates. Marcus always shows genuine interest and cares for his teammates. Marcus throws consistent strikes with all of his pitches and competes with all of his heart everytime he takes the mound. Marcus doesn't only bring a competitive energy to the field but thorough knowledge on pitching and arm care. He's a great addition to any team.

Blair Hussey

Orewa Sharks

He has been asset for the club , we hope he will continue to come back in seasons to come.
As a player his pitching has been dominant in our competition. He has been playing 1st and centre field as well. We have some teenagers on our premier team and they have all benefited by
playing alongside him.
As a coach he has worked with all our age grades and the kids have responded well. He has provided good insight into what it takes to get to college and beyond. A few families have taken private lessons with him as well and feedback from parents has been really good.
Marcus has been staying with me and my family I have 3 sons and 3 daughters and coupes with our busy household. It has been excellent for my sons baseball on and off the field, he gets along with the whole family.
He is easy to live with , clean and tidy.

Additional Info

Education: B.S in Business Marketing & M.S in Human Health and Performance

Hobbies and Interests: My common hobbies are hiking, going to the beach or lake, and trying new foods

Post baseball career plans: Become a pitching consultant or player development coach for the MiLB, becoming a head coach at a University, and primarily creating a way for overseas youth players to get recognized and play baseball in the states.

Relationship status: Single

Recent injuries or illnesses: all injuries have been fully rehabbed

Additional Testimonials:

Dan Palladino
General Manager
Palo Alto Oaks Baseball

I am writing this letter to formally recommend Marcus Fukuhara as a baseball
player, leader and coach. Marcus has played on collegiate teams that I have managed
since he graduated high school in 2013. During this time Marcus has proven to be a great
asset to my teams and pitching staff.

Marcus has shown to be an accurate and consistent pitcher with a strong arm out
of the bullpen or as a starter. His movement on his pitches allow him to get ground balls
and strike outs. This year for the Palo Alto Oaks, Marcus filled the roles of closer,
starting pitcher and team leader. In addition to exemplary play on the field he has also
helped guide out pitching staff as a player-coach. When he’s not pitching he works with
our pitching staff on their mechanics and pitching mentality.

I highly recommend Marcus Fukuhara for your baseball organization. Please reach out to
me if you have any additional questions.