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Player-coach LHP that throws from two slots.

Name: Marcus Fukuhara

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 155 lbs

DOB: January 12, 1995

Status Available

Date Available: May 24, 2018

Will Pay Flight

Bats: L

Throws: L

Positions: Coach, SP, RP

Positions (alt): RF, LF

College: Menlo, NAIA

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Playing Experience

2018-19 Player-coach Orewa Sharks (Auckland, New Zealand)
2018 San Carlos Salty Dawgs Bay Area Collegiate League I primarily came in the game for long relief till the end of the game. I started in two games. This was a league where pitchers had to hit in some situations. I got a few at bats during the summer as well.
2014-2017 Menlo College NAIA Relief pitcher/closer. was used in many close game/high pressure situations. I was used as a lefty specialist against the best hitters in the league.
2014 St. Louis Captains Lewis & Clark League Relief pitcher/closer. tended to be used in high pressure situations or late in the game due to my ability to throw strikes.
2013 San Mateo Rounders Pacific West Baseball League Long relief/short relief/spot starter. Got my first spot start but was really the first out of the pen in close games. A lot of the times i came in after a starter had to come out early in order to bridge the gap to the closer.

Coaching Experience

2018 Head Coach San Carlos Salty Dawgs Bay Area Collegiate League I was in charge of: -field maintenance -writing lineups -sending team texts out -creating the roster -managing the game -holding practices
2018 Pitching Coach BACL Blues Bay Area Collegiate League I was in charge of: -sending pitchers texts out -creating a throwing program -keeping their arms healthy w/ arm care programs -managing the starting rotation & bullpen
2016-2017 Assistant Coach Menlo Park Legends Travel ball I was in charge of: -younger talent development -1 on 1 in depth training drills -help with the lineup & managing of the games -help setup & maintain the field


College/Amateur Pitching

2018 Salty Dawgs 3.75 2 1 36 33 21 15 5 27 15 2 1 0 1.47
2017 Menlo 1.69 0 0 5.1 3 2 1 2 1 1 0 0 0 1.1765
2016 Menlo 9.00 0 0 2 7 2 0 2 3 2 0 0 0 4.5
2015 Menlo 1.50 0 0 6 7 5 2 2 1 1 0 0 1 1.833
2014 Menlo 8.44 0 0 5.1 7 3 3 0 8 5 0 0 0 1.96
2013 Rounders 3.92 1 0 39 45 25 13 0 29 17 2 3 1 1.4872

Video Highlights


Jake Mckinley

Head Coach, William Jessup University

Marcus is a great person and player, he is very competitive when he steps on that mound. Early off he was a side arm pitcher whom i used for all the lefties in our conference, I felt comfortable using him in tense situations because i knew he could throw strikes.His Junior year he started to develop different deliveries towards the plate; both with his arm action and timing. Once he did this he was a lot nastier to hitters he faced.

Scott Price

Head Coach, Palo Alto Oaks

Marcus is a very good coach and player. He is a young coach so he still has some things to learn about managing the game as a coach and not a player. As a coach he knows his stuff, he has great understanding of the game and how its been and being played. As a player i've had the pleasure to coaching him for two years in 2013 with the rounders and 2018 with the blues. Marcus commands the zone really well & is able to control the run game fairly well. a plus is he has fairly quick reactions and can field his position very well.

Additional Info

Education: B.S Business Marketing Degree

Hobbies and Interests: My common hobbies are fishing, swimming/surfing, & hiking

Post baseball career plans: To find a marketing job with some sort of company/firm, if possible, also involving baseball

Become a pitching coach at a Junior College/University and eventually become a head coach.

Become some sort of an agent/recruiter for baseball players.

Relationship status: Single

Recent injuries or illnesses: all injuries have been rehabbed