(SIGNED IN GERMANY) Catcher with .309 Batting Average Senior Year at BYU-Hawaii | Baseball Jobs Overseas

(SIGNED IN GERMANY) Catcher with .309 Batting Average Senior Year at BYU-Hawaii

Name: Makaela Williamson

Height: 176cm

Weight: 86kg

DOB: April 26, 1995

Date Available: September 15, 2021

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: C

Positions (alt): 2B, 3B

College: BYU Hawaii

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I played four years of varsity high school softball, one year in Huntington Beach, California and three years in Austin, Texas. I continued my softball career into college at Brigham Young University Hawaii. I absolutely loved my time playing college ball. While there I was an anchor for the team playing in 130 games. When I wasn’t on the field, I was helping my team by keeping a catcher’s book and looking for patterns to help my teammates. I hold the school record for most runners caught stealing, most hit-by-pitches and most walks. We had three different coaching staffs while I was a part of the program, which helped me grow my leadership skills on and off the field.

Since graduating from college, I served a mission for my church for 18 months. So I am working on getting back into playing shape with kick boxing classes, catching for a childhood friend who played at University Hawaii-Manoa, and helping coach at the local high school. Coaching at the local high school has been beneficial to keep up the mental aspect of the game. I work with the varsity catchers on there game and softball knowledge and I am an assistant coach for the junior varsity team. I am working on making an updated player video.

**Recruitment video posted to YouTube on: 23 November, 2011

Playing Experience

2014-2017 Brigham Young University-Hawaii NCAA Division II As a freshman/sophomore, I split time with a junior as the starting catcher. As a junior/senior, I was the starting catcher. Throughout those years I hit in the 4/5/6 hole.
2010-2013 Lake Travis High School 5A I played third base when I first moved to the school but was able to move to catcher half way through the season. I was the starting catcher after that.
2009-2010 Ocean View High School Division 5 As a freshman I started as third base and batted in the 6/7 hole.

Coaching Experience

2019-2021 assistant coach Huntington Beach High School Sunset League I help with both Varsity and Junior Varsity. I work with varsity catchers, expanding their softball knowledge and being more vocal on the field. On junior varsity, I work with the team as a whole but specialize in the battery.


College/Amateur Batting

2014 BYU-Hawaii 34 74 3 13 2 0 1 11 7 21 0 1 .176 .271 .243
2015 BYU-Hawaii 33 73 15 18 3 0 0 12 14 13 0 0 .247 .417 .288
2016 BYU-Hawaii 27 57 8 15 3 0 0 9 8 10 0 0 .263 .432 .316
2017 BYU-Hawaii 43 110 10 34 5 1 0 19 16 13 0 0 .309 .408 .373


Whitley Haimin

Former Teammate, Current High School Coach

I had the privilege to play college ball for a couple years with Makaela (Mak). She is a great teammate and someone who has become a lifelong friend. Mak is a true team player who puts the team before herself in all her actions and words. Whether it was practice or a game day, she came prepared and gave her 100%. She is skilled, has a lot of knowledge about the game and was a leader even as a freshman. She is also someone who is very humble, who strives to learn more everyday. You won't regret giving her the opportunity to extend her softball career. She will work hard to accomplish goals and make the team better. Now that my playing career is over, I've been coaching and trying to get Mak to come coach with me because she is not only knowledgeable about the game, but she is a leader off the field and has the gift to naturally make positive impacts on those she comes into contact with. I've always known that without a doubt, she'll continue to go on and accomplish great things in softball and life.

Lominga Layu

Head Softball Coach for BYU-Hawaii

Makaela has been a great blessing in my life and through my own observations, everyone else that she comes into contact with. She is definitely a born leader. She is a team player and is always putting in the extra work to improve her game. She's great at motivating and encouraging. Some of her greatest assets are great work ethics and positive outlook. That is first and foremost, but she'll reinforce that with communication. She knows how to help others and make them feel understood. With her leading the team it was easier for them to focus or see and understand what was at stake.