Peruvian National Team Head Coach with over 15 Years as a Former Pro looking to Coach in 2021 | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Peruvian National Team Head Coach with over 15 Years as a Former Pro looking to Coach in 2021

Name: Kenny Rodríguez

Height: 190cm

Weight: 95kg

DOB: March 17, 1985

Date Available: July 10, 2021

Affiliated AA experience Will Pay Flight



Positions: Coach

Positions (alt):

College: Universidad de La Habana

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For more than 15 years as a former professional player (Toronto Blue Jays, Japan, Mexico, Cuba, Italy, Brazil) I have had the opportunity to work and learn a lot about the game and I have been accumulating that experience and developing my own style of coaching. I have coached the Peruvian National Team since 2017 to date in very important events, such as the Pan American Games Lima 2019, and the 2nd Caribbean Cup where we earned a silver medal. My way of managing is to create teams that work hard with good fundamentals, where each player has a specific roll on the team and is ready to execute it. I like to give every player on the team a specific responsibility in the game, and we work hard everyday to prepare them for it. My teams are based on good pitching, good defense and knowing how to manufacture runs. Something very important is that we work as a family and we never give up.


Interests and Sporting Achievements 

▪ Develop and raise the level of national teams in minor and major categories, as well as spread baseball in Peru.

▪ 2013 Participation as a pithing coach in Bolivarian Games, with the national team of  Baseball (Senior category) – Lima / Trujillo – Peru.

▪ 2015 Bronze medal as a pitching coach in South America, with the National Baseball  Team (Senior Category) – Cuiaba – Brazil

▪ 2016 Bronze medal as coach of pitching in South America, with the national team of  Baseball l (Major Category) – Lima – Peru.

▪ 2017 Fourth place as a pitching coach in the World Come to West Palm Beach  International Championship, with the National Baseball Team (Senior Category) – USA

▪ 2017 Participation as a pitching coach in Bolivarian Games, with the national team of  Baseball (Senior Category) – Santa Marta – Colombia.

▪ 2018 Bronze Medal as Head coach in World Come to West Palm Beach International  Championship, with the National Baseball Team (Senior Category) – USA

▪ 2019 Head coach at the Pan American Games – Lima 2019.

▪ 2019 Sub champion as Head coach in the second Caribbean Cup, with the national team of Baseball (Major Category) – Dominican Republic.



Selección nacional obtuvo el subcampeonato en Copa del Caribe 2019

Kenny Rodríguez: “El béisbol peruano sigue mejorando con miras a torneos internacionales”

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Playing Experience

2002-06 Vaqueros de la Habana Cuban National Series Starting Pitcher (Strikeout Leader in 2006)
2008-10 Tigres Callao Peruvian Baseball Federation Starting Pitcher
2008-10 Toronto Blue Jays MiLB - Reaching AA Starting Pitcher
2011-12 Liga Tabasqueña - Mexico Pitcher
2011-14 Black Hawks Peruvian Baseball Federation Pitcher/2B
2013-17 Padova Italian Baseball League Pitcher
2015-19 Leones Peruvian Baseball Federation Pitcher/3B

Coaching Experience

2002-06 Trainer High-Performance Center - Cuba Youth Physical trainer of multiple disciplines, basketball, volleyball and baseball (children’s category and pre junior) in high performance center - CUBA.
2017-present Head Coach Peruvian National Team WBSC Develop and raise the level of national teams in minor and major categories, as well as spread baseball in Peru.
20 Head coach Club leones U12 Champion of peruvian national championship
20 Head coach Club taiyo U15 Champion of the peruvian national championship


Pro/Overseas Pitching

2002-06 La Habana 4.98 46 1 325 340 270 170 13 201 180 17 22 7 1.57
2008-10 Toronto Blue Jays 4.32 55 3 289.2 294 113 31 11 163 139 22 20 0 1.41

Video Highlights


Ernis Arias

Head Coach, 23U Peruvian National Team

My name is Ernis Arias. I am the Head Coach of the 23U Peruvian National Team, active member of the ABCA, former college baseball player in the USA. I have had the pleasure to work with Kenny Rodriguez for the last three years of my coaching career, and it has been a consistent learning experience. He is knowledgeable of the game, in all the areas, regardless of his pitching background. His expertise allows him to work with the infielders, hitters, and pitchers with the same level of quality and insight. When it comes to baseball, he is tireless. He is the first on the field, and the last to leave. Additionally, he is a great combination of the old school and the new trends, he can, and will work with both. On top of that, he brings an amazing networking with him, he knows players and coaches everywhere, many of them active MLB players. Without a doubt, Kenny will be a priceless addition to any team out there.

Gino Maruy

General Manager, Leones Baseball Club

I know Kenny for a long time , we work together in Leones BBC , he was in charge of the little league team and he really made a great job with the young players teaching them baseball fundamentals with patience and dedication , then we work together in the Peruvian Baseball Federation , i was the Technical Office Chief and hired kenny as a pitching coach , he made again a great job at this level working with the best prospects of the Country, most of them after a couple of year are already pitching in the First Team.
Kenny is a winner , very professional , he really knows the game and he have and special gift : he knows how to motivate young players .
I hope this words helps kenny in his future carrer .

Additional Info

Coaching preferences: Europe Semi-pro (ie. Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France etc.), Europe Pro (Italy, The Netherlands), Australia Pro (Australian Baseball League), New Zealand Semi-pro

Living preferences: Shared living arrangement, own bedroom, Shared living arrangement, shared bedroom

Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season

Prior engagements: No

Recent injuries/illnesses: No

Traveling with a companion: No

Educational background: University