RHP Out of Dayton, Ohio Seeking Australian Team for 2019-20 Season | Baseball Jobs Overseas

RHP Out of Dayton, Ohio Seeking Australian Team for 2019-20 Season

Name: Josh Young

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 165 lbs

DOB: May 15, 1994

Status Available

Date Available: April 1, 2019

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: SP, RP

Positions (alt): 1B, RF, LF

College: Clark State CC

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Love the game. Work fast and attack hitters.  Very successful during high school years and college freshman year. Elbow injury in ‘15 required TJ surgery which took long rehab process. Arm feeling stronger and better each year resulting in very good college summer league season 2018. I would love an opportunity to pitch overseas to enjoy playing the game and meeting new teammates while working hard to achieve my goals of playing at the highest level possible.

Abilities summary: 87 mph. 4 seam, 2 seam, change up, curve, cutter.

Playing Experience

2015 Clark State CC NJCAA Starting Pitcher
2016-17 Miami Valley Wolverines Columbus Independent League Starting Pitcher and Reliever
2018 Dayton Diamondbacks Southern Ohio Valley League Starting Pitcher and Reliever


College/Amateur Pitching

2015 2.18 5 0 33 14 26 10 1 12 8 3 1 2 0.73
2016 4.80 0 0 15 16 8 7 2 8 8 0 0 0 1.53
2017 2.61 3 0 31 15 28 10 0 11 9 2 0 0 0.80
2018 2.25 4 0 44 18 49 13 2 13 11 2 0 2 0.70

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These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Austin Feeser

Pitching Coach

I am very happy to hear that Josh is pursuing to continue his baseball dreams and could have this opportunity to be a part of your program. I have known Josh for 10 years now and it all started with his father John. John was my summer/winter training coach through high school and part of college and then took me under his wing to help coach with him and travel with the summer team. I became the summer pitching coach/player where I was able to work with Josh day in and day out through the summer. Josh has a ton of natural ability as a pitcher which was showing right away when I started working with him. He has the ability to lock in a focus when the pressure is on him. Also, he has the natural gift of being a great teammate and bringing life into the dugout when things aren’t going as planned. Josh has a very outgoing personality during the games and can get heated but this showed me the passion he has to perform at the highest level possible and expected that from the team as well. There wasn’t a day that Josh didn’t want to step up onto that mound and let it fly and get the W. Josh would be a great addition to any team looking for starting pitcher with an arm that never seems to give up. In my opinion Josh needs a good mentor/strength training coach in which he trusts and can look up to. Josh has great understanding of his pitches and being able to locate them in the strike zone. Continue to develop his understanding of the game/situations and when to throw certain pitches and you have yourself a pure ballplayer. He has all of the naturally ability to be molded into the pitcher that you are looking for. Best of luck to you this upcoming season and I hope Josh is able to have this opportunity to continue his passion for baseball at a high level. I know he would take this opportunity to show that he deserves to be there and when given the chance for him to show his talent, you will not be disappointed. Thank you and best of luck in your decision making.

Scott Jones

Pitching Coach

I worked with Josh when he was 12 -14 yrs old. He displayed potential then. Long loose arm, plenty of flexibility. Mechanically sound. I coached him in college briefly as well. He was 85-88 with good command, little effort in mechanics. Fb has plus run and depth. Change - up is excellent, probably his best pitch. Breaking ball is serviceable, could be better. Note that I haven't seen him throw in a couple of years. He was always really thin, few lbs added on wouldn't hurt anything. Ball has always come out of his hand well and he was a good strike thrower. Hope this helps you

Dave Freese

Private Coach

I've known Josh since he was a young kid. He's quiet and well-mannered, keeps his composure on the diamond, and is a good teammate. He has developed a lot throughout the years by working hard on his mechanics and arm action. (Summarized from a phone conversation)

Additional Info

Living preferences: Living with teammates with my own private bedroom


Status: Single


Prior engagements: No


Ever convicted of a felony? No


Recent injuries/illnesses: Tommy John surgery 2015


Traveling with a companion: Yes