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Utility Player with Experience in the Dutch Major League Seeking Team for 2020 Season

Name: Johnny Schmook

Height: 6'1"cm

Weight: 200 lbskg

DOB: July 7, 1996

Date Available: May 1st, 2019

Will Pay Flight

Bats: L

Throws: R

Positions: OF

Positions (alt): Utl

College: Ohio State University at Lima

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In college I started as a freshman, I play hard from the start of each season to the finish. I am a long season player. These are the awards I received throughout my college career

  • 2015 freshmen of the year. 2nd team
  • 2016 ORCC MVP, 1st team
  • 2017 honorable mention, all academic ORCC
  • 2018 All-Academic ORCC


As for batting, I can be put anywhere in the lineup and get the job done. I mostly have been a leadoff batter, this is because I am a player who finds ways to get on base. I am more of a hit for contact player, but I still have power in my swing. On the bases I move quick and steal bases, I am a player who has good reads and makes pitchers think. In the field I am a strong outfielder who can track baseballs very good, I have a good arm from the outfield as well. I am a smart player out there and make good plays. I have infield experience as well, I can be put just about anywhere.

Overall I see myself as a baseball player who has respect for the game. I get along with teammates and coaches, I am someone you do not have to worry about. I play hard and always have a good attitude on and off the field. I believe I can be a good attribute to any organization.

Also, I have a brother who has an account on here. The reason I mention him is because we play very good together and are the same player. Us playing together would be very good for any team.


Playing Experience

2015-18 OSU Lima NAIA Starting CF and top of the lineup hitter
2015 Ohio Sting Tri-State League OF, bounced around in the line up
2016-18 E80 IronPigs Tri-State and Diamond League Starting CF, Lead off hitter
2019 Silicon Storks Dutch Major League Starting CF, Lead off or 2 hole hitter

Coaching Experience

2019-present Assistant coach Normandy high school High school
2018-present Baseball coach I9 Sports Youth


Pro Batting

2019 Storks 13 48 5 10 0 1 0 2 3 8 1 1 .208 .255 .250
2019 (Playdowns) Storks 9 36 6 11 2 0 0 0 1 6 1 1 .306 .324 .361

College/Amateur Batting

2015 OSUL 27 99 25 34 4 2 1 16 7 14 4 2 .374 .414 .495
2016 OSUL 35 104 26 30 6 3 4 25 19 25 8 0 .288 .373 .471
2017 OSUL 39 123 25 41 6 3 3 27 16 19 7 4 .333 .401` .455
2018 OSUL 30 90 12 25 4 2 1 19 9 20 6 0 .277 .307 .322

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These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Bryce Sedio

College Coach

I am very glad to have coached Johnny. He was a pleasure to have and was a hard worker. One of those that just can’t get enough baseball, as his desire to continue to play exemplifies that. He’s not afraid of putting in the time and effort required to get better. Off the field, I never had any issues and didn’t ever worry about him. Not a guy that will find himself in trouble. On the field Johnny runs well and played an excellent centerfield for us. He would have probably been one of our better infielders too, but he is better in the outfield and would be the best fit for someone else in right or centerfield. Can make all of the throws from the outfield and is smart with the baseball. I only coached Johnny for two years, and from what I saw offensively, he had good power to all fields, but could occasionally get pull-happy and needed to work on pitch selection. One thing specifically we worked on his senior year was being more aggressive at the plate, early in the count, because he had a tendency to see too many good pitches and put himself into a lot of 2 strike at bats. He’s got good bat speed, and I’ve seen him compete against some top-notch pitching, never with the feeling he was overpowered or over matched. Wherever Johnny ends up, he is going to be focused on playing baseball and competing at the highest level he can. He would be a great addition to any team. Please let me know if I can help further,

Kash Beauchamp

Independent League Scout

I can totally vouch for this kids attitude, make up, and character. He is a solid all around player that is just a tad short in his all around skills to be a MLB organizational sign. He was a very solid D-2 player. He plays hard and is a guy that will leave it all on the field and will be a good team mate and a guy that a manager will like. He is driven and hungry. Has some strength and instincts. I would classify him, at this stage as a guy that could be a solid lower level Indy player. Or a rookie OF that could come of the bench the higher levels of Indy ball and hold his own in all aspects of the game. A coach or manager would love having him. He plays with an edge and will get his uniform dirty.

Joe Pepitone


Johnny Schmook is a great kid he got to play me two years ago down here in Florida I like the kid a lot he’s got great tools above average speed on the bases he knows what he’s doing . He’s got a quick bat and a good throwing arm I like him better in the outfield he covers more ground he can also play some infield I think he can be an asset to your club and organization and hope one day get into the back door back into pro ball over here.

Additional Info

Need to return home by:


Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with teammates in a shared bedroom, Living with a host family


Status: Long term relationship


Prior engagements: Not at the moment


Ever convicted of a felony? No


Recent injuries/illnesses: