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International Veteran Two-Way Player and BBJO Scout Looking to Grow Game Globally

Name: Jimmy Jensen

Height: 6'3"/190cm

Weight: 190 lbs/85kg

DOB: September 20, 1991

Date Available: October 1, 2019

Indy Pro experience

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: SP

Positions (alt): Youth Coach, Utl, 2B

College: Chabot College and Menlo College

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Despite being cut from his high school baseball team, Jimmy worked his way onto one of the top junior college programs in California, Chabot College. Although he did not receive much playing time, his time at Chabot prepared Jimmy to play at the next level. When Jimmy transferred to Menlo College, a small NAIA school with 650 students, their baseball program had never won a playoff game in school history. He figured it would be a good opportunity to get some playing time while simultaneously earning a marketing degree from Silicon Valley’s Business School.

In the two seasons Jimmy spent with the Oaks, Menlo became a powerhouse in the Cascade Conference. He led the team in complete-game shutouts (6), was named NAIA West Pitcher of the Week, was selected to the All-NAIA West Team, recognized as an All-American Athleader and NAIA Champion of Character, and helped the team to their first Conference Championship in school history.

After graduating from Menlo, Jimmy was not yet ready to give up on his baseball career. He signed with the Las Vegas Trainrobbers in the infamous Pecos League for a season where they lost in the championship to the Roswell Invaders. The following year, Jimmy opted to pursue a full-time job and play in a local men’s league with friends for fun. That season he pitched 95.1 innings, posting a 0.38 ERA while batting .456 with a bat he made in woodshop class in high school. This reignited Jimmy’s passion for the game.

In 2015, Jimmy signed to play with the Attnang Athletics in Austria which launched his international career. After being named Pitcher of the Year in Austria, Jimmy went on to play with the Macarther Orioles in Sydney, Australia, the Senart Templiers in France, the Newport Rams in Melbourne, Australia, the Stuttgart Reds in Germany, the Saint John Alpines in Canada, and the Waitakere Bears in New Zealand. After traveling and playing around the world for 5 years, Jimmy compiled an impressive list of awards including 3 MVP Awards, 3 Pitcher of the Year Awards, 1 Best Hitter Award, and 5 All-Star selections.

As the Director of Operations for Baseball Jobs Overseas, Jimmy is currently living in Salzburg, Austria, and is now committed to helping players continue their careers and growing the game of baseball around the world.





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Playing Experience

2010-11 Chabot College CCCAA Relief Pitcher
2012-13 Menlo College NAIA - Cascade Conference Starting Pitcher (Team Captain, 2012 Champion of Character Award, 2013 1st-Team All-Conference, 2013 All-American Athleader)
2012 St. Cloud Rox Northwoods League Relief Pitcher
2013 Las Vegas Trainrobbers Pecos League Relief Pitcher
2014 Castro Valley Braves Tri-Valley MSBL Starting Pitcher/UTL (League MVP)
2015 Attnang Athletics Austrian Baseball League (Austria) Starting Pitcher/SS (Pitcher of the Year; All-Star)
2015 International Stars Prague Baseball Week Tournament (Czech Republic) Relief Pitcher
2015-16 Macarthur Orioles NSW State League (Australia) Starting Pitcher (Team MVP, All-Star)
2016 Senart Templiers French Division 1 (France) Starting Pitcher/OF (All-Star Starter)
2016 International Stars Yoshida Challenge Tournament (France) Starting Pitcher; Player of the Game vs French National Team
2016-17 Newport Rams Victorian State League (Australia) Starting Pitcher/UTL (League MVP, Team MVP, Best Hitter, and "Mackrell" Award Winner for Best Clubman)
2017 Stuttgart Reds Bundesliga (Germany) Starting Pitcher/UTL (All-Star Pitcher)
2018-19 Saint John Alpines New Brunswick Senior League (Canada) Starting Pitcher/Closer/2B (2019 RHP of the Year)
2019-20 Waitakere Bears Auckland Baseball Association (New Zealand) Starting Pitcher/UTL (League MVP)

Coaching Experience

2014-15 Pitching Instructor TPC Private Academy Taught pitching classes to young players ranging from 7-18; Private Lessons; Camp Instructor
2015 Pitching Coach Attnang Athletics Youth Coached youth players and private lessons
2015 Camp Instructor Macarthur Orioles Youth Taught the pitching portion of a youth camp
2016 Head Coach/Manager Newport Rams Juniors Managed an 18u baseball team in Melbourne, Australia
2017 Pitching Coach Stuttgart Reds Youth Taught pitching to the youth players in Stuttgart; 2017 German Champions
2018-19 Assistant Coach Saint John Alpines Juniors Assist in practices. Focus in pitching, hitting, and infield.
2019-20 Pitching/Fielding Coach Waitakere Bears Juniors Run practices and manage games. Focus in pitching and fielding


Pro/Overseas Batting

2015 Attnang 20 83 15 27 3 3 2 12 5 12 2 0 .325 .370 .506
2015/16 Macarthur 2 7 1 2 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 .286 .286 .571
2016 Senart 19 60 7 18 0 3 0 9 2 7 1 0 .300 .313 .400
2016/17 Newport - 103 12 37 3 0 0 10 4 15 11 0 .359 .389 .388
2017 Stuttgart 19 59 14 17 3 0 2 12 9 9 4 0 .288 .417 .441
2018 Saint John 32 94 12 27 4 0 1 16 7 11 7 0 .287 .349 .362
2019 Saint John 32 100 22 33 2 0 1 6 8 - 1 0 .330 .376 .380
2019/20 Waitakere 14 56 16 25 6 3 1 18 8 5 5 0 .446 .530 .714

Pro/Overseas Pitching

2013 Las Vegas 4.68 0 0 32.2 38 16 7 4 23 17 3 2 0 1.39
2015 Attnang 1.25 8 6 79 47 86 7 1 15 11 7 2 0 0.68
2015/16 Macarthur 1.32 9 3 68 51 68 7 3 14 10 7 1 0 0.85
2016 Senart 1.55 13 5 110 81 111 13 3 28 19 9 1 3 0.85
2016/17 Newport 2.83 14 7 130.1 121 142 17 11 48 41 8 9 0 1.06
2017 Stuttgart 2.60 14 7 100.1 100 93 9 2 43 29 7 3 0 1.09
2018 Saint John 2.43 13 9 75 83 66 12 3 36 26 5 6 2 1.26
2019 Saint John 1.42 8 6 59.1 46 55 7 0 19 12 6 2 5 0.89
2019/20 Waitakere 1.10 11 5 82.2 60 132 8 1 30 13 7 2 2 0.82

College/Amateur Batting

2014 CV Braves - 68 13 31 6 3 0 21 6 5 1 0 .456 .500 .632

College/Amateur Pitching

2012 Menlo 3.25 7 3 74.2 76 30 18 6 31 27 5 1 2 1.26
2013 Menlo 2.34 10 4 84.2 78 53 14 8 31 22 6 4 0 1.09
2014 CV Braves 0.38 10 9 95.1 49 110 16 4 9 4 10 2 1 0.68

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These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Stefan McGovern

Head Coach of Menlo College

Jimmy is probably the best kid I have ever coached, as far as getting the most out of his skills and pure determination. Jimmy was a two year starter on the mound for me in the Cascade Conference (Lewis & Clark State, British Columbia, College of Idaho, etc.). The level he competed at was great for NAIA, as we had a good conference, and played a strong non-conference against the GSAC in California. His primary pitch is his cutter/slider, which he locates better than he does his FB. He also has a 2 sm and CH.
Jimmy led the team in wins and ERA his senior season, and I had two guys get drafted from that staff. I believe he had 4 complete games that season, and 2 of them were shutouts. I’ve never had the pleasure of coaching a better kid which more grit to figure out ways to win in my coaching career. He wants the ball every day, and he has a plan for every at bat. His character is unmatched, as he worked a full time job while going to college to pay for his tuition, and he was awarded the NAIA Champions of Character award in 2013.
He loves to play and continues to get better, and he is a great guy to have in the clubhouse. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Ben Portelli

President of the Newport Rams

Quite simply, Jimmy was amazing. He exceeded all of our expectations on and off the field. He is an outstanding pitcher who has great variety, control and stamina. But what make him so good is that he is just such a great competitor.
He hates being beaten and he never gives up. He loves a contest and he thrives in any competitive situation.
When he wasn’t pitching he played middle infield. He had such a dominant season that he not only won our club champion player award, he also won our league MVP.
The added bonus for any club lucky enough to sign Jimmy is his personality and willingness to be involved around the club. He was great with our club members and supporters. We miss him greatly and would love him to come back one day.
If you do decide to sign Jimmy you won’t regret it for a minute. He is a great, humble guy who sets a great example for his team mates. He is also an outstanding baseball player and would be an asset to any team.
We wish him all the very best on his continued baseball journey.

Kye Hislop-Dewar

Player/Manager of the Macarthur Orioles

My name is Kye Hislop-Dewar, I represent the Macarthur Orioles out of Sydney Australia. I’m very pleased to be asked to write this recommendation as I highly regard Jimmy Jensen as both a player and a teammate.
I have been the recruitment manager for the Orioles for 5 years now, each year we sign and host 3 imports. I follow a thorough recruitment process but still it can be difficult to understand a persons character until they’re on your roster. I find that former imports fall into one of a few categories, those that you wouldn’t have back, those you would welcome back and those that you would do all you can to have back. Jimmy definitely falls into that last category.
He is the ultimate competitor. He has a presence on the hill. He is a hard worker. He knows what it takes to get the best out of himself and doesn’t cheat himself. He buys into a team culture and brand. On the field he is a constant supporter for his teammates. Off the field he is very talented at promoting the game and club.
Jimmy has visited Sydney since playing with the Orioles and when he does he has an endless list of former teammates and coaches opening their homes to him. He is a very respectful, loyal and likeable guy.
I wish you all the best with your recruitment planning, if you sign Jimmy you have one hell of a player and clubman on your hands.