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Vaccinated French speaking Canadian Power hitting UTL INF in the Process of Getting EU Citizenship

Name: Graeham Luttor

Height: 183cm

Weight: 95kg

DOB: September 23, 1997

Date Available: October 1, 2021

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: Youth Coach, 1B

Positions (alt): Coach, Youth Coach, 2B, 3B, LF

College: Midway University

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Hard-working dedicated player looking to further his baseball career. Well rounded player with 5 years of college baseball experience. Elite bat to ball skills with power. 2018 River-States Conference Freshman of the Year, Second Team All-Conference. Seeking playing and coaching opportunities. Willing to pay for flights


Overseas goals:

  • Extend my career a little longer before hanging them up
  • Experience new cultures and meet new people
  • Gain coaching experience


Playing Experience

2018-21 Midway University NAIA Starting 1B & 3-Hitter
2021 MSG Phoenix Belgian Baseball League

Coaching Experience

2018-20 Assistant & 3B Coach Leaside Baseball Organization Youth Specialized in infield, hitting, and baseball fundamentals. Aided in planning and running a baseball practice
2019-20 Assistant Coach Leaside Baseball Organization High School Taught advanced hitting mechanics while prioritizing the importance of the mental approach
2017-2020 Baseball Camp Director Leaside Baseball association Youth Taught baseball fundamentals to youth aged 5-13 Managed 8 baseball camp employees
2019-2020 Elite Baseball Camp Coach Leaside Baseball Association High School Taught advanced skills and tactics to high school high level players. Set up practice schedules and procedures Managed 8 employees


Pro/Overseas Batting

2021 MSG Phoenix 20 48 16 1 10 7 3 0.333 0.441 0.590

College/Amateur Batting

2018 Midway 43 148 30 48 13 1 7 47 19 38 5 0 .324 .433 .568
2019 Midway 34 120 25 31 4 0 8 31 20 30 3 0 .258 .400 .492
2020 Midway 21 60 17 19 5 0 4 13 11 15 5 1 .317 .474 .600

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These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Luther Bramblett

Midway University, Head Baseball coach

I wish I had a team of Graeham Luttor’s running around the field! He is one of the best kid’s in my 27 years as a college coach. A true leader, both by his actions and his voice – people listen. Not only that, he’s a solid student as well, holding a 3.3+ college GPA.

His work ethic is second to none. We literally built our covered cages this summer because I knew he’d be asking daily for a place to hit. He’s a tireless worker and it shows on the field. His overall numbers reflect that, even though his fought through a few injuries over his tenure here.

He’s an above average defender and understands the game. Arm strength is his main weakness or he could move to the OF. He runs better than expected. He’s an above average base runner, can steal some bags and gets great reads on the bases.

But, above his tools, it’s the person he is. People like being around him, new players, young players and even the bad seeds consider him a great dude. His smile is infectious. He’s been the voice of the players for the past two years, coming to me with concerns, questions, etc. – always in a respectful manner. He’s the true definition of what a leader is.

There’s no person I’d like to see get a shot at continuing his baseball career than Graeham. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

Alex Stewart

Owner of Full Force Fitness, Strength and Conditioning coach 2015-2019

I have been Graeham’s strength and conditioning coach for over 5 years now and I can safely say he is the hardest working athlete I have ever had. He’s an absolute pleasure to coach on and off the baseball diamond too. He’s all about the team. Truly a selfless athlete. He puts his head down in the weight room and is the hardest worker in the room. He pushes himself to his limits every single session. He makes guys better around him just by showing up. His work ethic is second-to-none.

I can’t say enough good things about Graeham both as a baseball player and as a person. He’d be an asset to any roster.

Cam Steinman

Leaside Baseball Association, Director

I have worked closely with and observed Graeham for the past three years. I was the co-chair and board member of the Leaside Baseball Association, a non-profit local baseball association in the city of Toronto that offers house league baseball, competitive/travel baseball, summer camp and off-season clinics to over 1,200 children in the community. Graeham is a 15U assistant coach, association-wide roving instructor, a senior summer camp counsellor and a winter clinic manager. Additionally, I was the head coach of the 2009-born (currently 11U) AAA competitive baseball team and Graeham was also a member of that coaching staff.

It goes without saying that Graeham is an exceptionally knowledgeable and capable baseball instructor. His background as a top local travel team baseball player, and his subsequent experience as a US collegiate player, has exposed him baseball experiences and situations that he very effectively applies in his own teaching. He has a fantastic manner and rapport when teaching and leading younger kids (8-11 years old) as well as more mature youth players (12U-16U). He has a confidence, voice and articulation that far exceeds what one would expect of someone of his age.

I can’t say enough about Graeham’ s maturity, reliability and trustworthiness. He is an exceptional and confident communicator for someone of his age and experience and he is proactive and effective in addressing issues as they may arise between younger and older colleagues alike. He has never once (not once!) failed to be where he promised he would be or do what he promised he would do in the hundreds of instances he was counted upon within the association or on our team (games, practices, early mornings at the summer camp, etc. etc. etc.). Graeham is a guy that you can ALWAYS count on -- which I can’t always say for many of the other “baseball people” that pass through our program. He is also very kind, thoughtful and empathetic. He is truly a high character individual and would serve any team well as one of their leaders – either as a player or a coach.

I am so deeply excited about the potential of these next career steps for Graeham. I have never written a reference for someone from our program so enthusiastically. He is truly one of the “good guys” and I really look forward to what comes next for him. If a phone call would help emphasize any of these points I am happy to chat as well.

Additional Info

Playing Preferences: Europe (Summer), Asia (Summer), Australia (Winter), New Zealand (Winter), South Africa (Winter)


Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with teammates in a shared bedroom, Living with a host family


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Prior engagements: No


Recent injuries/illnesses: No


Traveling with a companion: Perhaps for a short term visit