C/1B and Power Hitter with 12 HR in 2023, College Team Captain with Coaching Experience available 2023 | Baseball Jobs Overseas

C/1B and Power Hitter with 12 HR in 2023, College Team Captain with Coaching Experience available 2023

Name: George Cutler

Height: 179cm

Weight: 91kg

DOB: June 23, 2000

Date Available: June 1, 2023

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: C

Positions (alt): Youth Coach, 1B

College: Cornerstone University

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Exit velo (off tee): 101 mph
Catcher velo: 83 mph
Catcher pop: 1.91
60 time: 7.1
Type of hitter: gap to gap hitter power to all fields
Type of catcher: I try to be a second pitching coach on the field, prioritize receiving and blocking.

I dealt with an injury in 2021 and played the whole season at first base while only committing 2 errors all season.

I’m the type of teammate that is always willing to help others and try to be a consist energy guy. I play with a lot passion and energy. I speak up when needed and try to be the same guy everyday. I’m also the type of guy who is constantly getting extra work and try to bring at least one teammate with me every time to get the whole team better.


Career highlights 

  • 3 year team captain at Cornerstone University
  • Started 48 out of 50 games in 2023
    • Only allowed 6 passed balls all season
    • Threw out 13 runners
    • Team high in homeruns with 12



As a coach I believe every player is different. This means I deal with every player separately. I don’t believe in making all players be the same; rather each player should play the game to their strengths.


Overseas Goals

I will like to continue to play baseball while also hopefully getting a chance to end up playing affiliated baseball.

I recently just finished my season and have continued lifting, hitting, and throwing in hopes of an opportunity.

Playing Experience

2021-23 Cornerstone University NAIA Starting catcher, batted middle of the order, team captain for 3 years.

Coaching Experience

2020 Assistant Coach 15U travel team Youth Worked specifically with hitters and catchers.
2020 Assistant Coach Birmingham Groves High School High School Worked with hitters, catchers, and infielders while also leading strength and conditioning.


College/Amateur Batting

2021 Cornerstone University 26 108 13 33 8 1 4 24 14 26 0 0 .306 .386 .509
2022 Cornerstone University 41 127 6 34 12 0 3 26 23 46 1 0 .268 .389 .433
2023 Cornerstone University 48 173 13 38 9 1 12 34 14 72 0 0 .220 .303 .491


Chuck Lowitzki

Cornerstone University, Head Coach

Chad Cook

Cornerstone University, Assistant Coach

Throughout my college coaching career, George was one of, if not, the most cerebral players I've coached. His continuous work ethic and leadership helped elevate the team in many facets. We could trust him to make sure that things were being done the right way and was an extension of the coaching staff.

Shawn Morrison

Birmingham Groves High School, Head Coach

I personally have played baseball on four continents and am knowledgeable about what that experience entails. Obviously I understand the importance of having a high-quality baseball player added to rosters. That said, playing baseball overseas carries an additional requirement. It is equally important to have a high-quality, high-character person act as an ambassador and representative of the United States in the process of playing ball overseas. George was one of my most respected high school players from 2016-2018 and was set to coach with me in 2020 before the world was hit by Covid. I am really excited for George to pursue an opportunity overseas as well as being excited for any team lucky enough to add him to their roster. He will also help build any younger level programs during his time playing in your system. I recommend, without hesitation, George Cutler as both an amazing addition as a catcher to an international team as well as someone who will represent our country well. Please feel free to reach out with any questions about George’s baseball abilities or the type of person he is.

Additional Info

Playing preferences: Europe Semi-pro (ie. Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France etc.), Europe Pro (Italy, The Netherlands), Australia Semi-pro (State Leagues), Australia Pro (Australian Baseball League), New Zealand Semi-pro, South Africa Semi-pro, Asia Pro (Japan, Korea, Taiwan), Canada semi-pro (Intercounty Baseball League, NBSBL, QSBL, etc.), Latin America pro (Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, DR, etc)


Living preferences: Private living arrangement (apartment to self), Shared living arrangement, own bedroom, Shared living arrangement, shared bedroom, Give me a floor, pillow and a mat to sleep on, Host Family


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Prior engagements: No


Recent injuries/illnesses: A minor knee surgery to stop my kneecap on my right knee from dislocating. Surgery was July 2021


Traveling with a companion: No


Educational background: Graduated from Cornerstone University with a bachelor’s of Science in Ministry