College Team Captain looking to take a leadership role overseas. Can play anywhere on the IF or OF. Can be utilized as a hitting and fielding coach | Baseball Jobs Overseas

College Team Captain looking to take a leadership role overseas. Can play anywhere on the IF or OF. Can be utilized as a hitting and fielding coach

Name: Emerson Gross

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 185 lbs

DOB: December 16, 1994

Status Available

Date Available: May 11, 2018

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: Coach, Utl, 2B, 3B

Positions (alt): 1B, SS, RF, LF

College: St. Andrews University

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I am an extremely hard worker whether that is on or off the field. Throughout every baseball every team I have played on, I was always looked at as a leader and mentor for players. In being that type of player I am always the first person to practice whether its on the field or in the weight room and the last player to leave. I am a 2 Time Captain in my college career, along as an All Conference player in my Junior Year. Playing at both the Highest Level in competition in the JUCO and NAIA Conferences I have learned how to make adjustments on the fly, how to make myself a better ballplayer, and most importantly how to prepare myself daily for the grind.

As a team first type of player, I will do whatever it takes to help the team win. That being as in playing any position on the field and taking on any role that is needed. My coaches always viewed me as a person who can relay a message across to someone/team when they can’t achieve the goal and as a person who has respect of others.

Words connected to me as a player would be determination, perseverance, commitment, and character. These words have been said by coaches I played for and against, teammates, umpires, and even parents/fans who attended our games. When it comes to me as a player, you’re getting more than a great baseball player who will give it their all each and everyday but you’re going to get a person who respects the game,their team they are playing for, their fans, and most importantly the community. I would be interesting in helping the youth in the community whether it would be coaching, camps, or volunteer work.

Contact Info:

Phone- +1 631-834-8805

Email –

Playing Experience

2014-15 Jefferson Community College NJCAA 3rd Base and 3/4 Hitter
2017-18 St. Andrews University NAIA 3rd Base, 2nd Base, and 1st Base and the 4/5 Hitter

Coaching Experience

2013-15 Assistant Coach Akadema Blue Devils Youth Baseball 12u


College/Amateur Batting

2014 JCC 14 36 2 8 2 0 0 3 4 4 0 0 .222 .317 .278
2015 JCC 24 73 13 23 7 0 0 8 4 7 0 0 .315 .378 .411
2016 SAU 34 75 11 20 6 0 1 11 4 14 3 0 .267 .345 .387
2018 SAU 41 118 11 37 5 0 0 25 11 12 4 2 .314 .390 .356
2018 Coachella 6 16 3 5 1 0 0 4 3 3 - - .312 .421 .375

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These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Greg Bottari

Hitting Coach

I have had the pleasure of being Emerson Gross’s hitting instructor for the past four years. I have been beyond impressed with his overall work ethic and ability to persevere through adversities. He is a powerful young man who is an extremely tough out for any pitcher and has a line drive approach at the plate. Emerson’s ability to use all fields is a tremendous plus, as pitchers have difficulty figuring out any weaknesses with his hitting approach. If he does not drafted in the 2018 MLB draft, any independent league would be fortunate to have him as a player. A true born leader, Emerson’s presence in any dugout is immediately noticed and admired. An absolute pleasure to coach, Emerson Gross would never disappoint any coach who believes in his abilities.

Cliff Allred

College Hitting Coach

My name is Cliff Allred and I’m the hitting coach and recruiting coordinator here at St Andrews University. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emerson Gross for 2 years. The kind of player you are getting with Emerson is a kid that will battle and is not afraid to be in the situation that can make or break the game. The tools set he has is honestly the thing that stands out is the ability to hit. He understands the things that make him successful. The kind of teammate Emerson is, he is the type that will lead by example and is not afraid to hold a players only meeting as well as speak up when it’s called for. His teammates enjoyed him both on and off the field. He’s a great kid and a good baseball player.

Mike Pisaniello

Assistant Coach, Lehman College

I find Emerson to be an asset to any team He is a strong presence on the field in the locker room. He has the ability to leader mentor and educate. His baseball IQ is above average. He has a keen eye at the plate has the ability to adjust on the spot. Being a versatile player gives a team the ability to play him in several positions. He has good speed and runs the bags with intelligence. I find him to be very poised with a strong demeanor and the ability to absorb a coach’s direction

Additional Info

Need to return home by: n/a

Abilities: Power Hitting Right Handed Hitter, Above Average Defender, Ability to spray the ball line to line, low strikeout high walk/HBP total

Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with teammates in a shared bedroom, Living with a host family

Status: Single

Prior engagements: no

Recent injuries/illnesses: no