Available Winter 2024-25: Japanese Starting/Relief Pitcher with Pro Experience in USA/JAP/AUS *SIGNED in France 2024* | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Available Winter 2024-25: Japanese Starting/Relief Pitcher with Pro Experience in USA/JAP/AUS *SIGNED in France 2024*

Name: Chikara Igami

Height: 177cm

Weight: 88kg

DOB: June 14, 1996

Date Available: September 1, 2024

Foreign Pro experience

Bats: L

Throws: R

Positions: SP

Positions (alt): RP


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Chikara’s fast ball averages from the high 80s to low 90s (mph), while his cutter sits in the mid-80s. He has both a two- and four-seam fastball, as well as a curve and change-up.

He has been a starter, middle reliever and closer, so he offers versatility to a team.

Chikara is a very hard worker who wants to get better and reach the U.S. minor leagues.

Since he has already played in Australia and has used up his working-holiday visa, he is looking for a little meal money to get by.

Career highlights

  • Has experience in independent leagues in the U.S., Australia and Japan
    • 9-5 overall record
  • All-star team selection in Empire League (U.S.) in 2019
    • Team won league championship
    • 2-0 with 2.35 earned-run average

Overseas Goals

Chikara wants to extend his career through an overseas opportunity and use that experience as a springboard to a league in the U.S.

He also enjoys experiencing new cultures and environments, as his previous time in the U.S. and Australia attests.



Baseball Challenge League Profile



Playing Experience

2018 Plattsburgh Thunderbirds Empire Pro Baseball League (USA) Starter
2019 Saranac Lake Surge Empire Pro Baseball League (USA) Starter
2018-19 Carina Redsox Greater Brisbane League (Australia) Starter
2021 Ibaraki Astro Planets Baseball Challenge League (Japan) Reliever
2022 Oosterhout Twins Dutch Major League (Netherlands)
2022-2023 Geelong Korea Australian Baseball League Starting and relief pitcher
2023 Drummondville Ligue de Baseball Majeur du Québec
2023 Lobos Liga BIG Starter
2024 Rouen Baseball 76 French Division 1


Pro/Overseas Pitching

2018 Plattsburgh Thunderbirds 5.63 9 1 46.3 60 36 25 4 32 29 5 2 0 1.84
2019 Saranac Lake Surge 5.31 7 0 40.7 51 36 17 5 31 29 2 3 0 1.67
2019 Carina Redsox 2.35 3 0 23.0 21 20 9 1 10 6 2 0 0 1.30
2021 Ibaraki Astro Planets 1.93 0 0 9.3 13 5 7 0 3 2 0 0 0 2.14
2022 Oosterhout 4.39 1 0 26.2 27 23 23 3 16 13 1 1 2 1.9084
2022-2023 Geelong Korea 2.45 1 0 3.2 2 1 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 1.09
2023 Drummondville 1.74 - - 56.3 44 64 16 6 16 14 7 1 0 1.06
2023 Liga BIG 1.38 25.33 21 26 10 0 0 5 1 1 1.22
2024 Rouen Baseball 76 0.64 5 1 28.0 15 30 7 1 6 2 2 2 0 0.79

Video Highlights


Shoji Murayama

Empire League Teammate

Chikara is a player who represents the league, such as a being selected as an all-star in the Empire League.
He throws 93mph fastball, and makes use of a nasty Curve, Slider, Changeup and a two-seam fastball.
In addition, he has a good mind and knows how to behave as a professional. Also knowing how to make in game adjustment on how to get hitters out.
There are not a lot of players that I’ve met that work hard and show commitment to the game like Chikara. He is a great person with very strong leadership. He is a team guy, and knows the game very well. He would be a great addition to any club that picks him up.

Ryan Saunders

Canberra State League Teammate

I was with Chikara in Canberra, Australia in 2017-2018. He is a guy who I want on the mound the whole season and especially in big games. He has a firm fastball, bitting slider, and a nasty splitter. His splitter has made a lot of batters in Australia look bad. He will take the mound and go the distance. I have no doubt in his abilities on the mound.
As a teammate, it’s hard to ask for a better one. He goes out of his way to help his teammates and friends in anyway he can. He is not an “I” guy, he is a team guy.
His work ethic is one of the best I’ve seen as an import player. He is always bettering himself physically and properly recovering after pitching.
He coached our youth players as well in Australia and the kids love him. He has a great way with young kids and gets the most out of them.
He is an import whose main priority is baseball, you will never find him having any issues off the field.

On a personal note, he is a really great guy and a really good pitcher. I would consider him a friend for life. Teams that don’t want a big personality or any issues off the field he would fit in perfectly with.

Additional Info

Playing preferences: Europe Semi-pro (ie. Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France etc.), Europe Pro (Italy, The Netherlands), Australia Semi-pro (State Leagues), Australia Pro (Australian Baseball League), New Zealand Semi-pro, South Africa Semi-pro, Asia Pro (Japan, Korea, Taiwan), Canada semi-pro (Intercounty Baseball League, NBSBL, QSBL, etc.), Latin America pro (Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, DR, etc), American Indyball


Living preferences: Private living arrangement (apartment to self), Shared living arrangement, own bedroom, Shared living arrangement, shared bedroom, Give me a floor, pillow and a mat to sleep on, Host Family


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Recent injuries/illnesses: I did TJ surgery 2 years ago.


Traveling with a companion: No


Educational background: High School Graduation