Power Hitting Utility Player with experience Overseas available in October 2022 | Baseball Jobs Overseas

Power Hitting Utility Player with experience Overseas available in October 2022

Name: Brianne Lint

Height: 5'5"cm

Weight: 160 lbskg

DOB: May 31, 1996

Date Available: October 1, 2022

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: Coach, Utl, 3B, C

Positions (alt): 2B, OF

College: Rollins College

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Rollins College: NCAA DII (2015-2018):

Multiple named Sunshine State Conference Player of the week.

2017 First Team All- Conference

2017, 2018 Conference Homerun leader with back-to-back double digit homerun years

Recognized in the Sunshine State Conference for top numbers in slugging percentage,

Homeruns, RBI’s, and sac bunts.

Maintained status on the Rollins Athletic Director’s and Sunshine State Conference

Commissioner’s Honor Roll.

Career Highlight Stats: 118 Hits, 24 Home runs, 21 Doubles, 101 RBI’s, 67 Walks, 70 Runs Scored, .283 Batting

Average, .381 On-Base-Percentage, .520 Slugging Percentage.


High School Stats:           

2012, 2013, 2014 First Team All-Conference Honors

2013, 2014 All County and All Area Honors

Led the County in Homeruns and Batting Average and top in RBI’s.

Career Highlight Stats: .468 Batting Average (.574 in 2014), .956 Slugging Percentage, 26

Homeruns, 125 RBI’s

I coached youth travel players every summer in college, as well as coaching the Babe Ruth youth softball team in Winter Park. This has given me additional experience that I bring to my game and those who I coach and play with. Since graduating in May, I have continued working and conditioning not only because I love to do so but to keep this opportunity open for me to achieve.Since I was five years old, softball has occupied a special place in my life. My love of playing the sport has transformed into a combined love of playing, coaching, and understanding the sport. I learned early in my softball career that going above and beyond was the secret to success. I’ve committed years and years, and hours upon hours, to playing the game, practicing outside of team practices to improve my skills in all areas, both mentally and physically. I’m confident in my playing ability, my coaching skills, my knowledge and IQ of the game, and my internal will to push myself. I love working hard, challenging myself, and dedicating the necessary time and effort to reach new heights and help my team succeed.


Abilities summary: Power hitter for average and high OBP, true utility player with experience at multiple defensive positions, high softball IQ in regards to aspects of the game.

Playing Experience

2015-18 Rollins College NCAA Division II Starting OF/DH/Corner and power/RBI hitter
2019 Dornbirn Sharx Austrian Softball League Played 3rd most games and a few where I caught and played 2nd. Mostly hit clean up, sometimes 5th or 6th
2021, 2022 Sundsvall Mosquitoes Swedish Softball League

Coaching Experience

2021-2022 Assistant Coach Neosho County Community College College Assistant Coach and aided in responsibilities on and off the field; heavily focused on pitching and catching, hitting, and strength and conditioning training.
2015-2021 Softball Skill Instructor N/A Private Lessons All Upon request and interest, individual and private softball skill lessons are held with players of any/all ages and levels in any of the following areas: hitting/slapping, catching, defense, conditioning/training (sport specific).
2019-2021 Assistant Coach Suncoast High School High School Assisting the head coach in all practice and games matters including practice planning and execution in individual, small group and full team areas of evaluation, skill instruction and development and strategy with a large focus on hitting, catching and infield. This also included assistance in game preparation such as conditioning, pre-game and field preparations, decision making and management.
2019-2021 Assistant Coach Gators Jackson 14U- 16U Assisting the head coach in all practice planning and execution in individual, small group and full team areas of evaluation, skill instruction and development and strategy with a large focus on hitting, catchers and pitchers, conditioning and fundamentals and outfield. This also included assisting in a game matters including, warm-ups, decision making, in-game coaching and management.
2019 Head Coach/Player Austrian Softball League I was the acting Head Coach (and full-time player) for the 2019 Season which included all the duties for practices, games as well as community engagement, fundraising and organization planning. With the assistance from an Austrian teammate ( for translation and clarification for country specific rules) I was in charge of planning and executing all practices for skill and strategy development as individuals, groups and full team for all hitting, defense and pitching and catching areas. Also included game decision making, in-game coaching and management for both the Varsity and JV teams. Included community organization events to help in bringing softball awareness to the youth community in Eastern Austria.


Pro/Overseas Batting

2021 Sundsvall Mosquitoes 11 26 18 10 3 1 1 19 12 4 5 1 .385 .692 .581

College/Amateur Batting

2015 Rollins College 19 46 4 13 4 1 0 13 1 15 0 0 .283 .298 .413
2016 Rollins College 39 85 10 23 4 0 4 20 9 20 0 0 .271 .327 .459
2017 Rollins College 52 156 32 44 10 1 10 38 31 43 5 1 .282 .402 .551
2018 Rollins College 51 130 24 38 3 1 10 30 26 39 1 1 .292 .415 .562

Video Highlights


Michelle Frew

Rollins College, Head Coach

Christine Stephens

CS Sports Productions, Hitting Coach of 10+ Years

I am excited for the opportunity for the world to meet Brianne Lint (Bri). Being a professional instructor I see many athletes and watch them grow from their first years in a sport all the way through reaching their goals of playing at the highest collegiate levels and on. Brianne is one of the exceptional athletes I’ve worked with and who has ever played the game of softball.

Brianne has an uncanny way of committing to whatever she decides is important. As a youth she demonstrated a work ethic that had her succeed above and beyond her peers. The greatest thing I witness, is that even though she was excelling she was more concerned with her whole team excelling. There are many athletes who are great but like to be the stand out center of attention. Brianne’s commitment to a team is stronger than her need to be the superstar. I’ve also watched her face challenges where she was strongly faced with fear. Time after time she leaned into the fear and conquered conquered each challenge. On the field she is a brave, courageous and smart risk taker. She challenges her opponents, her teammates and herself to be greater. This makes her an outstanding leader.

Brianne stands out as an athlete as well because she is a student of the game. As she played she strives to understand all aspects including physical movement and strategy. Because of this she was able to play the game a few plays ahead. This ability to play 2 plays ahead is a quality that not all softball players or coaches learn. But the great ones have this skill and know how to execute it effectively. Brianne is one of these great ones. She will be an asset to any team she plays with or coaches.

Brittany Johnson

Rollins College and Saint Leo University of 2 Years and former teammate of 2 years

Additional Info

Living preferences: Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with teammates in a shared bedroom, Living with a host family. 

Status: Single

Prior engagements: No

Recent injuries/illnesses: No

Traveling with a companion: No