2x All-American Softball Player out of University of Hawaii at Hilo Seeking Opportunity Overseas in 2020/21 | Baseball Jobs Overseas

2x All-American Softball Player out of University of Hawaii at Hilo Seeking Opportunity Overseas in 2020/21

Name: Bailey Gaspar

Height: 170cm

Weight: 79kg

DOB: October 26, 1995

Date Available: October 1, 2020

Will Pay Flight

Bats: R

Throws: R

Positions: 2B, 3B

Positions (alt): Youth Coach, 1B, SS

College: University of Hawaii at Hilo

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2x All-American
3x All PacWest Team
3x All-West Region Team
2x University of Hawaii at Hilo Female Athlete of the year
UH – Hilo all-time Home Run Leader (35)
UH – Hilo single-season home run leader (15)
UH – Hilo single-season rbi leader (54)
.404 batting avg senior year (2018)
.768 slugging % senior year (2018)
2x Team Captain
UH – Hilo Student-Athlete Advisory Committee President (2016-2018)
PacWest Conference SAAC president (2017-2018)

Overseas goals:

  • Use overseas as a stepping stone into professional ball in the U.S.
  • Experience new cultures and meet new people
  • Use my knowledge and experience to help grow the game globally
  • Stay active during the offseason in a winter league
  • Gain coaching experience

Playing Experience

2014-15 AIB: College of Business NAIA Starting DH and 4- Hole
2015-18 University of Hawaii at Hilo NCAA DII Starting 3B and 3/4-Hole Hitter (Team Captain)

Coaching Experience

Head Coach TF Invaders Travel Ball
Head Coach Reynolds High School High School
Student Coach University of Hawaii at Hilo NCAA DII


College/Amateur Batting

2016 UH-Hilo 49 135 29 56 9 0 6 36 25 15 1 1 .415 .500 .615
2017 UH-Hilo 48 145 43 54 14 0 14 53 38 13 3 0 .372 .503 .759
2018 UH-Hilo 46 151 46 61 10 0 15 54 21 11 1 0 .404 .477 .768


These Testimonials Have Been Verified

Callen Perreira

UH - Hilo, Head Softball Coach

Bailey is one of the best and feared power hitters that I have coached in more than 30 years at the college level. She has won numerous awards at the conference and regional level as well as many all-time hitting records at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

She has a lot of passion for the game is very reliable and well organized. Her drive, desire, and work ethic allows her to reach beyond her goals. This along with her leadership qualities makes her an outstanding teammate on and off the field.

Pat Guillen

UH - Hilo, Athletic Director

Bailey is a person of determination, well balanced and driven for success in everything that she does. She is highly motivated to be and do the best in whatever she puts her mind to. Bailey was a wonderful teammate that was well liked and respected by the squad. She led by example and has excellent communication and leadership skills.

Bailey possesses great character and willingly volunteered numerous times while here at UH Hilo within the community serving our youth while mentoring and educating through a myriad of programs. This has greatly enhanced her development as a well-rounded person through service learning and led to great maturity that no doubt has assisted her well beyond graduation.

Athletically, Bailey was one of the best softball players I have ever watched in my 27 years in collegiate athletics. She broke numerous hitting records here at UH Hilo. She hits for average, power and plays solid defense on the corners. Any team would benefit with her in the starting lineup.

In short, Bailey is an impressive person that is highly motivated, focused, unselfish, will always give her best, and work effectively with others at all times.

Fred Entilla

UH - Hilo, Assistant Coach

Bailey has been a member of our University of Hawaii at Hilo Softball Program from 2016-2018. I have been Bailey’s assistant softball coach those three years she has been at UH Hilo. During those three years, I have had the privilege of working with and coaching Bailey on and off the field. As a student-athlete, she excelled both academically and athletically.

On the field, I considered Bailey to be one of the better players. Through sheer determination, her willingness to work hard, and setting her standards high, Bailey became a faster, stronger, and more athletic softball player. Bailey has always had a positive attitude and has always gone the extra mile; always looking for ways to improve. She also brought the same mindset of an athlete to the classroom. She also studied hard and excelled academically.

You can expect Bailey to be dependable and responsible in all aspects of her life. As a team leader, Bailey has built lasting relationships with her teammates and gained their respect through her patience and willingness to understand their different personalities. She was kind, respectful, and compassionate toward everyone on the team; which made her well-liked.

In community projects, Bailey always contributed with a great attitude and with a personality that always made volunteer work fun and enjoyable for all. She was a leader; a position well earned and she was a person everyone was willing to follow.
Without hesitation, I strongly believe that Bailey would be an excellent choice and I highly recommend her based on her many positive attributes which will continue to make her successful throughout her life.

Additional Info

Playing Preferences: Europe (Summer), Canada (Summer), Asia (Summer), Australia (Winter), New Zealand (Winter), Latin America (Winter), South Africa (Winter)


Living preferences: Living on my own, Living with teammates with my own private bedroom, Living with teammates in a shared bedroom, Living with a host family


Return home: I can stay as long as it takes to complete a season


Prior engagements: 


Recent injuries/illnesses: 


Traveling with a companion: No